It all started with a conversation with our customer.
Since establishment of our brand, we have been carrying out glasses donation for underprivileged community. These communities include students from B40, refugees, old folks homes and orang asli.

We go to them, do a proper eye check for everyone, and for those who need glasses, we will send them with the right prescription.

We have been posting updates about the glasses donation drives on website and social media, and also whenever our customers ask. So one day there is one customer who asked if she could just donate the old glasses for us to refurbish and donate out.

That was when we realised that there are a lot of people who change new glasses due to prescription changes while the frame itself is still in good condition. Since then we start to collect used glasses starting from customers to now extend to general public.

According to Malaysia Investment Development Authority (MIDA), every year, there are 38,427 metric tonnes of solid wasted being produced in our country and 82.5 percent goes into landfill. These includes our cloths, furniture, packaging and every single thing we use. 

From our end, we see that we can help to reduce the environment impact by refurbishing old glasses and giving them a new life. For those that are in good condition, we will fit them with new prescription lens before giving out to the recipients.

So here is the process of refurbishing old glasses.

To date, we have collected over 1000 glasses and counting. We hope to continue this effort and involve more individuals to make this world a better place. 

We are also having this campaign where you get RM100 cash vouchers when you donate your old glasses to us.

Head over to our outlets to pass us the glasses.