Looking for new pair of glasses?

Time to say goodbye to old glasses. For new glasses, we promise that it will look nice on you, more comfortable, the shape that suit you, and of course, sharper! 

What we can offer

Recommend Frame

If you are not sure what type of frame suits you, we can provide recommendation for you. Some say that round face with square frame or so, we go few steps beyond. We look at your lifestyle and your jobs too!

Thorough Eye Test

Do you know why your power or astigmatism change? Do you know why your eyes get tired easily? In the eye test, we will find out all these “WHY” and prescribe a suitable prescription for you.

7 Days Trial

We understand that it takes time to get used to new glasses. That’s why we give you a grace period of 7 days to try out. If you cannot get used to it, we will re-do a new pair for you. Peace of mind 😀

Customer Testimonial

The best consultation I have ever had. Period. These guys are genuinely passionate about fashion, very very knowledgable and truly care for your vision. The attention of detail put into adjusting my prescription is astonishing.

– Jie Sheng

I went to the SS15 branch, thank you Sunny for the top notch, very detailed and personalised service. Finally found a plastic frame that can sit on my nose bridge… Asian cut indeed! Prices are very reasonable too.

– Gwen