9 Things Only People With Glasses Will Understand

Credits: via GIPHY

We all know the struggle is real for those who wear glasses every day and all day! We’ve gathered up some of them which we go through. So don’t you worry sister, we know how it feels!

1. Always having to clean your glasses. If there’s no cleaning cloth, your t-shirt works well too.

2. Having to readjust your glasses ALL. THE. TIME.

3. Walking in the rain without getting a drop or a ton on your glasses.


4. When people ask “How blind are you?” and then try on your glasses.

5. People telling you you’re hipster just cause you wear glasses.

6. Looking for your glasses in the middle of the night for a toilet break without turning the lights on.


7. For the girls, trying to figure out if you used the shampoo or conditioner first in the shower.

8. Drinking a hot cuppa without getting your glasses fogged up.

9. When people say, “You’re so pretty/ cute without your glasses on!” Your point is?