Reasons To Own Two Pairs Of Glasses

If you’ve always thought of getting an extra pair of glasses, whether it be a pair of prescriptive glasses or sunnies, here are five reasons to own two pairs of glasses. After all, two is better than one. Cue the Boys Likes Girls song…

1. In times of need. If you decide to have clumsy hands on any particular day and accidentally break the cooler pair, trust us when we say you’ll give yourself a pat on the back for getting that additional pair. It would be your lifesaver for the day.

2. For the sake of fashion. Okay, so most of us still prefer being old school and sticking to prescriptive glasses instead of wearing contacts, the second pair comes in handy for days you want to switch up your style. Whether it’s to spruce it up with some colour or an oversized frame, you’re all good.

3. Same, same but different. We’re all guilty of liking the same thing more than we should. Just like how we have the same song on repeat. So it’s not wrong to have the same exact pair in 3 different colours.

4. Sporting it up. While it may be all fun and games (literally!) with outdoor sports activities, not having UV resistant glasses can be quite harmful to the eyes. Hence, getting a pair that protects your peepers.

5. Here’s a potato. For you.

A picture of a love-shaped potato.

There’s so many more reasons for you to own two pairs of glasses at hand. It gives you a sense of security as well as something to switch up your style or mood on certain days. Pick one now!

Celebrities Who Make Wearing Prescriptive Glasses Cool

Beauty and the Geek.


Just when you thought you had a serious case of geek with your prescriptive glasses and braces on, these celebrities prove that you can look stylishly chic in them as well. Whether it be on or off screen, even at the oscars, we feel so much better nerding out now that we’re not the only ones who chose to be labelled four eyes. Let’s have a look at how the celebrities make wearing prescriptive glasses cooler than usual!


Photo credits: Thick frames, check. White tee, check. Red lippie, check. Is there really anything else you need?


Photo credits:

I’m not sure if it’s just us, but we think Cara is acing her fiercely chic look.


Photo credits:

Whoever said you couldn’t look flawless behind glasses surely hasn’t seen this gorgeous brunette in it.


Photo credits:

We don’t know about you, but Emmy Rosum’s monotone pair is giving us the chills.


Photo credits:

Is there ever a shot where our American sweetheart doesn’t looks sweet even in a pair of oversized glasses?

Who says wearing prescriptive glasses is not fashionable and could make you look somehow too nerdy for a formal occasion? We hope these celebrities have change your thoughts about styling with prescriptive glasses. We could look as fashionable as the celebrities who are also wearing prescriptive glasses! Check out our latest arrivals to spice up your look now!