I Welcomed Failure

welcomed failure

Part 1

It was hard for me to kickstart my business since I’m from the outskirts of Kuala Lumpur, Terengganu. My manager told me that I have to be very hardworking or else I wouldn’t be able to sustain in the industry for a long period of time. All I did was go door to door, meeting strangers everyday for a year and a half. I know that it’s a number game. If the closing rate is 1% then I need to meet 100 people to have one sealed deal. I know there will be rejection but between rejection and feeding my family, my family weighs much more than rejection. I welcomed failure, because I had no experience and no skills, I welcomed failure. That made me grow and to be better at what I do.

Family Is What Keeps Me Motivated

“Some people are driven by passion or the number they see in their bank accounts at the end of the month. However, to me, the satisfaction of being able to give back to my family is what keeps me motivated. That is why I chose to major photography which would help me to run my family business while keeping my passion.”

“There is the term “marginal benefit” in economics which used to describe the additional advantage when doing something. While it will be hard to point out the tangible benefits that what I am pursuing will bring about but it still does apply. To me, the marginal benefit that I would be able to obtain if I resumed to the family business is the longevity of the business and the happiness from seeing my parents’ smile. Therefore, I would say family is what keeps me motivated, to go further, to grow stronger.”