3 Pott Glasses Picks For Christmas

Tis’ the season to be shopping! With Christmas arriving in a matter of weeks, we decided to ease your gift shopping dilemma and gather up some picks that would make a pretty present. Whether it’s for your family members, colleagues or friends, we’re sure they would love these babies. 

If she’s a fan of anything and everything minimalist with a retro twist, this red hottie is here to save the day with its shiny metallic temples and thin frames.  

Suited for the man who loves to sport the smart look, this slightly oversized thick frames makes it easy for him to transition from workwear to play.

For the cool girl who refuses to be anything but ordinary, you couldn’t go wrong these vivacious frames and its metal nose bridge.

Why Are Custom-made Reading Glasses Better Than Pre-fabricated Ones?


Off the shelves/pre-fabricated reading glasses are much cheaper and convenient to get. So you might even consider getting multiple pairs – one to be left in the car, one in the living room and one in bedroom. However, one downside about this type of glasses is that they are “one-size-fits-all” items. Most people do not have same prescription for both eyes and the pre-fabricated ones do not address this issue. So what’s so good about custom-made reading glasses?

1. Reading power is made according to your individual eye’s prescription.
A custom-made reading glasses will take into consideration of your habitual reading distance. Remember, reading glasses are supposed to blend into your lifestyle seamlessly, meaning you should feel comfortable using the reading glasses rather than changing your lifestyle to fit the glasses you buy.

2. Correct astigmatism
Astigmatism will be taken into account when making your reading glasses. In such cases where astigmatism is necessary, the reading glasses will have it.

3. Optical center
A custom-made one will have your pupil centre measured and made accordingly. Headaches and eyestrains can arise if the optical center deviates too far from the actual one.

4. A proper eye check
Lastly, sometimes vision blurs may happen due to factors such as glaucoma. Issues like this cannot be solved by simply increasing the power of the reading glasses instead it has to be addressed appropriately.

So, how long has it been since your last eye-check? We hear a very long time, well maybe it’s about time. Did we also mention that you can have really cool frames to make reading glasses?


A Gentlemen’s Affair

Gentlemen's tonic styling

Men Glasses Styling

It was all about happiness at Gentlemen’s Tonic, Publika last Wednesday when Lifestyle Asia Kuala Lumpur teamed up with the cool salon to give invited guest a night to remember. Besides sipping on champagne and nibbling on canapés, the dapper looking men got to enjoy style lessons from a few brands. Amongst them was Pott Glasses, who had to opportunity to perform men glasses styling to the guests. Talk about having a guys night out!

gentlemen's tonic

gentlemen's tonic2
Photo: Lifestyle Asia Kuala Lumpur

gentlemen's tonic3 Photo: Lifestyle Asia Kuala Lumpur

gentlemen's tonic4
Photo: Lifestyle Asia Kuala Lumpur

 For more information on the event, click here.

My Family Is What Keeps Me Motivated

“Some people are driven by passion or what they see in their banks at the end of the month, but to me the satisfaction of being able to give back to my family is what keeps me motivated. That is why I chose to major in a field that would help me run my family business over my passion – photography. In economics there’s a term called a marginal benefit.  So when you apply that to a non-tangible thing, it is still related closely even though it’s less accurate as compared to ‘tangibility’. The marginal benefit if I resumed the family business would be the longevity of the business and the happiness from seeing my parents smile.”

9 Things Only People With Glasses Will Understand

Credits: via GIPHY

We all know the struggle is real for those who wear glasses every day and all day! We’ve gathered up some of them which we go through. So don’t you worry sister, we know how it feels!

1. Always having to clean your glasses. If there’s no cleaning cloth, your t-shirt works well too.

2. Having to readjust your glasses ALL. THE. TIME.

3. Walking in the rain without getting a drop or a ton on your glasses.


4. When people ask “How blind are you?” and then try on your glasses.

5. People telling you you’re hipster just cause you wear glasses.

6. Looking for your glasses in the middle of the night for a toilet break without turning the lights on.


7. For the girls, trying to figure out if you used the shampoo or conditioner first in the shower.

8. Drinking a hot cuppa without getting your glasses fogged up.

9. When people say, “You’re so pretty/ cute without your glasses on!” Your point is?


Pott Glasses New Store Alert!

Loyal followers of Pott Glasses rejoice! We are looking to open the doors to our new store on the 16th of October, Sunday.  

new store 3

Located in the heart of Petaling Jaya, Ss2, the new space emphasizes on a shopping experience like no other. The cozy space that covers over 2500 square feet is surrounded with a contemporary and an artistic interior. Designed to make you feel as if you were in the comfort of your own home, it features luxe materials such as pine wood finishes and sleek textured cabinets showcasing the latest sunglasses and eyewear pieces. Including a coffee machine and a photo wall for customers to enjoy with their newly purchases eyewear.

 img_1828 new store6 new store 2 new store 5


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