Progressive lenses price in Malaysia

Prices of progressive lens in Malaysia

The progressive lenses price in Malaysia can vary a lot due to many factors. In this article, you will learn what determines the price of progressive glasses in Malaysia, and learn the cost involved to manufacture one.

By the end, you will know how progressive eyeglasses look like, and you will know the costing of progressive lenses price in Malaysia.

How do progressive lenses look?

Progressive lenses appearance looks like normal lenses on glasses. Only a trained optical technician, and general opticians can identify the difference of them.

Yet even though they may appear like any additional lens, there are several big difference that distinguishes them from one another. Progressive glasses come equipped with multifocal lenses that is used to correct distance, mostly near view and intermediate view. Commonly used for difficulties in reading on a computer and searching for a small text from a screen.

progressive lenses price in malaysia
The view after wearing progressive lenses. Progressive lenses price in Malaysia

The majority of progressive lenses have laser beam etchings within the lens that are virtually invisible towards the wearer and may only be spotted by experienced opticians.

These laser etchings inform the optician of the associated added power which are

  1. The strength needed to correct for reading,
  2. Particular area of the distant power, intermediate power and additional power,
  3. Lens material,
  4. Manufacturer of the specific lens.

What determines the progressive lenses price in Malaysia?

Progressive glasses
Progressive glasses price in Malaysia mainly determined by type


The material utilised for your glasses will likewise decide the cost.

Standard Plastic lenses are thicker, heavier, less scratch-proof and are not guaranteed to be non-shatterable.

Polycarbonate lenses are affordably priced inexpensively. These glasses are more slender, lighter, and more strong than plastic, suitable for half frame or rimless glasses.

Glass lenses are slowly phased out due to its heavy weight. However, there are wearers who love glass lens because it is clearer compared to others.


Coating Coating is the core protective layers of the lens. It makes the lens more scratch resistant so that it can last longer.

Besides, coating also provides other function for the lens such as UV reduction. A better quality lens has coating that does not peel off easily. This is important as we do not want it to lose the function due to peeling off.

Functional lens

You may have heard of transition lens that change color under the sun, or computer lens that helps to protect the eyes from harmful blue light. These are additional features of lens that can cost more than ordinary lens.

Thickness or Index

Index has no unit, and it’s used to reflect the thickness. In simpler form, you may call it category or group. Generally there are 4 indexes ie 1.56, 1.61, 1.67 and 1.74. The higher the index, the thinner the lens is.

Most important part : Design of progressive lens

You can read more about design of progressive lens here. Basically a better design lens will give you smooth power progressive so that distortion and waviness is minimised. Here are the attributes that we will look into :

  • Wide visual fields
  • Wide corridor
  • Comfortable reading
  • Stable vision
  • Easy to adapt

It is somehow like buying AirAsia ticket, you can opt for add on. Every additional increment in attribute will contribute to better quality lens but may also increase the buying price.

In addition, the best benefit about progressive lens is to be able to customise the lens according wearer’s needs. In fact, the premium digital progressive lens type is manufactured from scratch.

At the end of the day, you get what you pay for. Don’t be obsessed with progressive lens prices in Malaysia!

To sum up

So the most compelling question: how much does a pair of progressive glasses cost?

Here at Pott Glasses Malaysia, we always recommend to start with something of medium range and beyond. For medium range we are looking at RM659 for frame and lens, and the premium on can go up to RM3000. It is not so much of being particular about the exact range of lens, rather the design that suit your lifestyle.

We are also giving additional RM35 discount when you make an appointment to visit us.

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