One For You, One For Them

one for one

When Pott Glasses first started out, we aimed to be more than just an eyewear brand. A brand that could reach out to people in many way. One and a half years later, we have done up to four donations drives and it feels finger lickin’ good.

This time we collaborated with DUN Ampanagan, Seremban to do a ‘Buy While Donating’ campaign. Thanks to Yang Berhormat who supported us and at the same time wanted to help the community. We had the opportunity to perform eye test for 60 people out of which 56 needed glasses. Driving up to Seremban at 7am to set up at the DUN office was all worthy after seeing the warm smiles the kids gave us at the end of the day. Not to forget, a big thanks to Cik Marhizah and her team who facilitated and were so patient with us throughout the event.

Since a new year is upon us, we hope to spread the love as much as we can.

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