Number 1 matter expected because of the a great Colombiana on the web: Los cuales te dedicas?

Number 1 matter expected because of the a great Colombiana on the web: Los cuales te dedicas?

You to definitely “Que te dedicas?” are a genuine connect-all of the. It will understand a good amount of factual statements about you if the you let it.

Various other countries it’s normal for males to help you connect with younger girls. Easy except for the feminists. Mine is age young than myself, good Rolla—Sweet to understand at this late phase she been using me all these earlier ages. Just an unaware old man which could not choose one from your very own many years—–(she comes with the girl U.S. passport very was indeed very taken to the new cleaners)

Better to find an awful clueless barrio lady to experience that have, (rich women can be tough to see from inside the Colombia) next performing suitable thing of the help the girl, this lady children along with her parents. having a near future., (So what does an awful barrio woman have as a common factor for the wealthy lady —where ‘s the money??)

Today the matter out-of changeover from the barrio category in order to an effective a great deal more affluent class. Perhaps surmountable because of the knowledge a table manners, (blade and you will hand group) ways overall,, tips dress yourself in nice dresses, an effective make-up, and you may refining this lady words in order to a diploma, as soon as when you look at the proximity of your “affluent group” they could assume she is actually a little knowledgeable. (Eliza pops into their heads and you will Teacher Higgins)–of course the new Professor,–Ah sure this new Teacher– several other filthy old man getting installed out to dry.

Por los cuales dichas en Colombia?

Blenheim and you may Electricista . Spot-on. Yep, the individuals all are the first something it ask. However , many “newbies” may well not realise why it inquire those concerns, so right here is the translation, and its particular Not simply idle curiosity or small-talk .

1. Donde vives. When you inform them, it instantly know what estrata you are in, and exactly how far in the financial hierarchy you’re. $$$

5. Estas divorciado?a good. window of opportunity for marriage/eco-friendly credit? orb. Your primary salary continues on repair to have ex spouse and infants.? $$$

Now, all the questions you may well ask the lady . Unimportant, to have she will merely inform you what you want to tune in to. And you may can you worry whether she is inspired by Bogota, Cali or Manizales? Hahaha

The age differences was north american/ Eu mentalities

Colombian girl, prevent meColombian woman, mama i want to beDon’t already been hanging out my personal doorI do not want to see your head no moreI got more critical what you should doThan spend my go out growin’ old to you

Now woman, stay awayColombian lady, pay attention what i sayColombian lady, get away from meColombian woman, mommy let me beDon’t come knocking around my doorI do not want observe their shade no moreColored lighting can hypnotizeSparkle someone else’s eyesNow lady, get away

Colombian woman, tune in everything i sayColombian girl, We told you get wayColombian lady, pay attention the things i sayDon’t started loitering my personal doorDon’t have to that individual don’t

Colombian womanYou’re no good having meAnd I’m no-good for you(Colombian girl) I’m searching correct straight in the eyeI’ll show exactly what I am browsing carry out(Colombian girl) I am likely to leave you girl

You will be which have anyone ten or 2 decades your own ages otherwise any. they score body weight and you may slovenlly, and eventually it however runs out which have 1 / 2 of your money

As to why feel that have an old battle-axe might have been? Most hardly carry out they kept in tip-top contour inside Colombia, possibly the so-called “higher estratas. “Hypergamy is present . Sure the probably ask you for frequently otherwise as low as you desire tospend. In the event your young hottie wants to runs out and go with some other man allow them to. A whole lot a lot more nowadays They more often than not become moving back anyhow(my personal sense).