MAKEUP tips for GLASSES wearers : PART 1

Wearing contact lens for long hour is not healthy for the eyes. On the other hand, wearing glasses can sometimes destroy the makeup and make you uncomfortable. We think that as much as aesthetic look is important, it is even more crucial to take good care of the eyes. Thus for long working hour, it is better to wear glasses. In addition, proper selection of glasses can complement your overall look. There are few problems encountered when you wear both makeups and glasses. Here, we have some tips on how to use makeups with glasses.

1. Avoid thick makeup foundation

The foundation gets smudged and caked up easily especially at areas in contact with the glasses such as the nose bridge and cheeks. To avoid such situation, reduce the amount of foundation at areas in contact with the glasses. Also, liquid foundation is preferred. Make use of makeup brush or sponge to spread the liquid foundation. Then use compact or finishing powder to settle the makeup so that the makeup last longer. This also helps to reduce slippage and glasses marks.

2. Get rid of dull face

Some of us have the misconception that wearing glasses makes us look dull. The frame tends to overshadow our facial features and in turn reduces the natural radiance. Aside from covering the black eye circle, one should focus on highlighting the forehead, cheekbones, area under the eyebrows and the jawlines. Not only does this reduce the glass shadow, it also helps in brightening up the face. Use bright color lipstick too!

3. Wrong fake Eyelashes

Wearing the wrong fake eyelashes alongside glasses can be disastrous. The falsies may constantly sweep against the lens. Instead, one should simply curl the lashes and apply a thin layer of mascara that can give similar enlarging effect. You should avoid exaggerating fake eyelashes and replace with the natural ones instead.

4. Avoid colorful eyeshadow

One should avoid using colorful eye shadow to pair with glasses. Colorful eye shadows takes away the limelight of the glasses and makes the makeup look messy. We think that generally one should avoid heavy eye makeup when wearing glasses.

5. Use volumising mascara not curling mascara

Curl eyelashes will hit the lens easily. Therefore, use volumising mascara to get thicker eyelashes instead of curling.

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