I then started upcoming writing the book text you to definitely recorded the brand new embroidery as well as relationship to the newest Konavle part people

I then started upcoming writing the book text you to definitely recorded the brand new embroidery as well as relationship to the newest Konavle part people

And so i attempted to show them that it’s not the latest exact same, on the Konavle region which hands embroidery tailor progressed into a most sophisticated issue. It’s unbelievable just how really perfect and you can systematically 350 bits might be divided in to five organizations.

Antonia Maintain Traditional Konavle Hand Embroidery

You find, the latest custom and you will technique were not from the decoration. This embroidery is the earliest information placed on any costume outfit. There is nothing imaginative the girl could add in order to this lady embroidery. All of the girls, for their dowry, make very similar things to one another. It is very particular and you can she has to make for her dowry a piece for any points from the lady lifetime – if you are old, if you are young, having browsing chapel, getting browsing really works, for every day, to have special events, to possess matrimony, to be tucked. She also needs to build one to possess when you will find sorrow inside the household.

One of the traditional embroidery patterns displayed on in the Konavle County Museum, a memorable day trip regarding Dubrovnik. Photo: Meg Pier

Antonia: Isn’t really they? Think of oneself making it give embroidery once the a lady: including the pieces to have when you are certain to get having an event if you’re an old lady, sixty, 70 years of age. Understanding if the in advance of you to big date comes, your own father otherwise your own partner dies, then you’ll never don any of these parts, just like the custom determines you to definitely you then simply wear good widow’s development.

Antonia welcomes an award on Chairman out-of Croatia to the behalf of all of the in the Konavle Area who have been in retaining the newest region’s materials. Photo courtesy of Konavle Condition Art gallery

We been a great 20-woman embroidery category. For the Saturday evening, during my studio, we stitched for a couple of decades. I would offer him or her an alternative stitch and provide it homework, thus the next time brand new participants came back the entire one to. Next, we might pick the fresh filling tone, then your people do go back and perform the 2nd portion from work. two years off embroidering all of those parts.

Visions Changing into Fact

Antonia: Sure. However, From the my pals using this category explained, 2 yrs afterwards, “Antonia, I will let you know how we experienced the first day when you desired all of us. We had been all the observing both you and you used to be talking about using stitches on originals and in addition we was indeed eg ‘What exactly is it girl these are?!’

I recently realized it had been a good thing, yet not. The women out of this group was today volunteers and you will teaching for the the latest colleges.

Antonia: It was a myriad of individuals, years twenty-five to help you 70. The participants was just about profitable within their pattern development however, up coming try complete, the fresh stitched activities would have to be eliminated and ironed, and you can, next, read on the guide. The fresh book’s addition text message is one hundred users as well as together with her, it is 650 profiles.

Which had been the original a portion of the guide, explaining the distinctions ranging from Konavle stitches or other stitches. Up coming 2nd, the very first region and area you to shocked me, is actually exactly how which venture became beneficial for everyone else. Everybody else read something.

This new World’s Very Ancient Sew

And you may, finally, I made the decision I need to tell you how so it stitch is performed out of the reverse front side, the really primitive sew you to can be acquired to your planet earth. It is really not something that you is also draw and you can do. It is far from something that you will perform watching also exactly what another person’s over. It is something you want to do of the depending or enjoying out-of somebody’s contrary front side.