Note : Multifocal glasses and progressive glasses are the same, just different name


How much should I pay for multifocal glasses

When it comes to multifocal, there are a lot of doubts about it. Two main doubts you have are

  1. Is multifocal glasses really helpful?
  2. How much should I pay for multifocal glasses?

The answer to the first question : it depends on your lifestyle and expectation. In general, it’s a lot more convenient to read small words especially phone, and helps to see far clearly.

The golden question : How much is it?

Once you’ve decided to get a pair of multifocal glasses, you will start doing survey on the price. After all, there are so many optical stores around. Some are selling at RM300 and below, while some are selling at RM1000 and above.

We have received a lot of inquiries and finally we think by writing a comprehensive article, we will help to clear your doubts.

p/s : we try to simplify the explanation as the theory behind multifocal glasses can be very complicated compare to normal glasses you wear when you’re younger.

When we are asked to prescribe multifocal glasses, we emphasise on two things : Sharpness and Comfort

Here’s a price table to help you to gauge the price you should be paying for a pair of multifocal glasses, inclusive of frame and lens

There are two factors that cause the price to increase :

  1. Age : For elder wearer, it is advisable to get better lens so that it’s more comfortable.
  2. Power : For higher power wearer, it is advisable to get thinner lens so that it is lighter.

This is a general guide for gauge the price. If you’d like to find out more about multifocal glasses, you may schedule an appointment with our optometrist.

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