History of progressive lenses in Malaysia

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Let’s ponder upon the history of progressive lenses. When were progressive lenses engineered? They go back in history once upon a time when older people generally can’t see near distance.

But before that, a small intro on the uniqueness of these glasses and what are they for. Progressive lenses are glasses mainly made for presbyopia sufferers, so that they can relieve their symptoms and achieve normal lifestyle.

History of progressive lenses by Pott Glasses Malaysia
History of progressive lenses by Pott Glasses Malaysia

History of progressive lens – when was it made?

The main patent for a progressive lens was conceded to Owen Aves with a 1907 date. British Patent 15,735, Aves’ patent incorporated the progressive lens outline and the assembling procedure

In any case, this was not at all like present day progressive lenses. It comprised of a conelike back surface and a round and hollow front with contradicting axes so as to make a change in power. This outline was never commercially marketed.

Bernard Maitenaz first patent protected them in 1953 and it was only brought into the eyewear business in 1959, named under the Varilux name. The brand has a place with the Essilor International, a standout amongst other makers of restorative lenses out there.

First design in the history of progressive lenses

The first progressive lens configuration had the an extreme wide viewing range power at the top and base region, with the tightest being in the center which was once an ideal vision.

In any case, with the current state in high tech innovation and individuals utilizing PCs and mobile phones on the rise everyday, the original engineering of these lenses were never going to suit today’s demands for those that spend more energy utilizing the middle channel. So progressive lenses had a makeover.

Particular office progressive lenses and computer lenses began to be the types of progressive glasses advertised. Regardless of having been first advertised in the 1950s, new engineering designs of progressive lens spectacles keep on appearing.

Later patterns in the history of progressive lenses

Varilux were the first type of progressive lenses made. Initially, Varilux progressive lenses were outlined on the premise of daily eye movements and visual needs, offering ideal vision at any range. The eye travels and transitions come easily, and normally from the near vision zone to the medium vision zone and then through to far vision zone.

Comparatively, current innovation took into consideration numerous different lenses to end up noticeably identical to Varilux. Carl Zeiss progressive lenses ended up becoming known as the best and truly outstanding product on the planet.

Hope we have given a good understanding on history of progressive lens. In the next article, we will examine closely the looks, design, and shape. Keep reading to know how do progressive lenses look like!

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