Do glasses make you look smarter in an interview?

The debate is over, peeps! Wearing glasses DO make you look smarter! You lucky people with a perfect vision, it’s time to get yourself a nice frame to fit in with us! For once, the stereotype of people wearing glasses being more intelligent might not be so wrong after all. Lots of studies actually finds people who wears glasses are perceived to be smarter and more professional than those who don’t.

smart in glasses
Smart in glasses

Intro Question: Do Glasses Make You Look Smarter?

If you think harder on it, you will find that it isn’t very hard to understand where this stereotype came from. For most young people, the need to wear glasses is often because of short-sightedness. Like what we had mentioned in this article before, short-sightedness is caused by doing extensive close visual work, like reading. Let us put aside TVs and smartphones being the cause for a moment, as we don’t have those back in the days right? So yeah, those people who does a lot of reading are more likely to be smarter than those who don’t. Adding to the point, back in the days when glasses are not readily available to anyone and is often seen as a luxury, only those who need to see meticulous details will opt to wear glasses. So, generally, those with a profession with high regards such as doctor and banker will definitely need glasses more than those with common professions.

Do wearing glasses make you look smarter in an interview?

Now now now, I know you are still doubtful about this, so let us dig into numbers to convince you even more. According to a research done by the British College of Optometrist about how wearing glasses makes you look smarter and even increases your opportunity of getting a job, it was found that:

  • A-third of the participants think that people who wears glasses appear to be more professional.
  • 43% of the participants believe people look more intelligent with glasses.
  • 40% of the participants will consider wearing glasses even if they don’t need it just to increase the chances of landing the job.

Now, you know that glasses makes you appear smarter, it is time to choose some frames that bring out the best in that, looking “hot, trendy smart” rather than “nerdy smart”. When you want to look smart and professional, you might want to avoid glasses with funky colors or have bold patterns, and go for something more sophisticated. Here we had gathered up some of the styles that will deliver that “smart-stylish” look well.

Glasses That Make You Look Smart

The below are styles of glasses that enhance the way you look in a smarter and more attractive way.

1. Thin Metal Rounded Frames

Thin frames are not only trendy right now, but also do the part just right as if offers a minimalistic, clean, sleek look. You can’t go wrong with so little material on your face. Use this type of frame if you are a more “toned-down” person and want to show your features more. Check out styles like Dacorum and Bexley to achieve this look.

2. Thick Rectangular Frames

Quite the opposite of the above, thick frames really make a statement. The rectangular ones are a more traditional choice but still allows the wearer to exude sophistication. You can go either all black like one of our flagship model Spinningfields or play a little with subtle patterns, just like Sandwell with a little hint or tortoise shell and Cherwell with wooden finishing.

3. Clubround/clubmaster shaped

Why wear reading glasses

Another popular trend are these vintage looking beauties, which means another way of looking smart while staying trendy! And what’s better? This shape of glasses instantly up your glamour game with minimal effort. For the ladies, you can opt for Clubround which is kind of a more subtle version of the cat eye, while for the men you can go for Clubmaster with a little more masculinity. Go for Harrow for Clubround and Trafford for Clubmaster.

4. Transparent Frames

Why wear reading glasses
Why wear reading glasses

It’s there, but it’s not there? Transparent frames will make people wonder. Unlike its former counterpart, the rimless frame (which to be honest isn’t really popular among youngsters right now), transparent frames doesn’t try to hide the fact that you are wearing glasses, but instead gives and extra edge and specialty to it.

Verdict : Do glasses make you look smarter, but less attractive?

There you have it folks, our suggestion on how you can play with a little psychological fact to better your image. Feel free to drop by our stores and try on our glasses! You will never know which pair of glasses will make you look smarter until you explore our huge variety of glasses. If you need recommendation based on your profession and face shape, we can help you on that too! Get RM35 discount by making appointment with us!

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