Can I just say that Pott Glasses have officially raised the bar with optometry customer service. Old timers ought to learn a thing or two from these guys. My vision may not be 20/20 but third customer care sure is.

AI Siew

It’s so rare nowadays to be treated with such hospitality and because of that I feel that the lads from Pott Glasses deserve a special mention. Not only do they make the whole process bearable, they go out of their way to make you feel cared for 🙂 if you haven’t heard of them, do look em up as they are a one for one, social movement that has provided glasses for those affected by the Kelantan floods.


Got my spec at Pott Glasses recently, great customer service, optometrist will explain every single detail during eye test, and they are young and nice! Spectacles are cool and stylish too!

John Woon

Love this glasses. Simple and comfortable. The shop also provides excellent buying experience. No upselling, no pressure and just honest opinion from them. They explained a lot on my current eye condition and detailed out my previous eyewears’ specification. Most importantly, they are into giving back to the society! Which I like da most. =)


Eye Examination

Do not know what your prescription is? Fret not, we have eye examination room in both our optical shops. We will perform a thorough eye test taking your lifestyle and problem into consideration, and provide in depth explanation.

Short and Long Sightedness

Most of us have have either short sightedness or long sightedness. We will let you know what prescription suit you as well as your astigmatism and pupillary distance. We will let you know what to expect for new prescription.

Certified Opticians

The eye test is performed by certified opticians with many years of experience. Aside from eye test, we also help to recommend the glasses that suit you based on your prescription, lifestyle and occupations.

For enquiry regarding to glasses or eye check, kindly fill in you details and we will get contact you in the shortest time.

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