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Frequent asked questions

Question 1 : Can I wear computer glasses even if my eyesight is perfect?

Answer : Yes. Computer glasses act as protection shield from harmful blue light. It does not hurt your eyes.

Question 2 : Can I add power to computer glasses if I want to?

Answer : Yes you can.

Question 3 : How much if I want to add power to computer glasses?

Answer : For power below -4.00, it’s RM 150 additional
                For power above -4.00, it’s RM 200 additional

Question 4 : Where do I fill in my power?

Answer : You fill in the power at the check out page.

Question 5 : I do not know my power, can I go for eye check?

Answer : Yes, you can come to our outlet. Make an appointment at this link.

Question 6 : What if I am not in KL, how do I buy power computer glasses?

Answer : You can get your power from previous optical shop.

Question 7 : What is the warranty for computer glasses?

Answer : We provide 6 months warranty on frame for manufacturing defect, and lens for coating peel off. Warranty does not cover man made accident such as frame break up or lens gets scratches.

Everything about computer glasses

Computer glasses is also known as anti blue light glasses, is a type of glasses that blocks the harmful blue light from digital devices.

The first version of computer glasses is very yellowish, because yellow helps to block the blue light. This is when we mention computer glasses, gamers will tell you it’s yellowish.

As the technology advances, we are able to reduce the yellowish in computer glasses, at the same time improve the anti blue light performance. So this series of computer glasses are not as yellowish as the normal ones. 

Benefits of computer glasses or anti blue light glasses:

  1. blocks majority of blue light from digital screens
  2. reduce glare from screen
  3. helps to sleep better

Who should wear computer glasses or anti blue light glasses:

  1. people who spend more than 5 hours in front of digital devices
  2. not necessarily with prescription
  3. contact lens wearer who wants to protect the eyes

Who should think twice to wear computer glasses or anti blue light glasses:

  1. designer who needs to differentiate color due to the yellowish on lens
  2. photographer