Optical Stylist and Styling Event from Pott Glasses


This is the first Optical Styling Event in Malaysia with Shang Times and The Alley. Here in Pott Glasses, we believe that a pair of right glasses can enhance one’s look. It is not true that only certain people look good in glasses, in fact, by choosing the right pair of glasses, you can look good in glasses too.

How optical stylist chooses glasses

We practice 4 Dimensional Optical Styling guide to recommend the perfect glasses to our guests. By taking consideration of face shape, skin tone, occupation, frame fitting and lifestyle, our optical stylists help glasses wearers to choose the best suited glasses.

This event gives our guests the chance to experience the service by optical stylists to create a magazine cover image. Together with The Alley, we hope to bring young and trendy vibe to the guests.

Optical styling

Get a 1-to-1 Optical Styling Service from our optical stylist. We assure you in getting the perfect pair that not only comfortable to wear but also look good on you.

Make appointment with our optical stylist here

Macular degeneration

Macular Degeneration by Pott Glasses

Macular degeneration


Macular degeneration, or as its more commonly known as Age-related macular degeneration(AMD) is one of the cause of irreversible blindness among people who are in their golden years (Waugh et al, 2018). There are 2 types of AMD which are Dry AMD and Wet AMD. Dry AMD being characterized by the atrophy of certain areas of the retina, in layman terms, certain parts of the nerves in your eyes are dying or have stopped working (Waugh et al, 2018). Wet AMD would be characterized by abnormal new blood vessels growing in the retina, causing swelling mainly in the central part of the retina, causing vision loss (Waugh et al, 2018)


Macular Degeneration by Pott Glasses

left : normal vision , right : permanent dark spot that blocks the vision for AMD patient

Signs and symptoms

Most patients don’t get any obvious symptoms in the early stages of the diseases and may be discovered through an optometric examination. In dry AMD patients, they typically report that the central vision is slowly deteriorating while in wet AMD the deterioration happens much more rapidly, sometimes in the matter of days (Horton & Guly, 2017). When checked with the amsler grid, which is a grid with many small squares, the patient is asked to focus on a black dot in the middle of the grid and is asked to describe what they see. Usually the patient would report that the lines on the amsler grid is not straight or the squares look distorted or blur.



For dry AMD, the treatment options are limited. Usually the patient is asked to go on a specific vitamin regiment and live a generally healthier lifestyle and implore the patient to quit smoking if they do smoke (Horton & Guly, 2017). While wet AMD the one and only treatment available so far is the injection of anti-vascular endothelial growth factors (Anti-VEGF), the administration of these drugs can stop the production of these abnormal blood vessels and could improve the visual acuity of the patient (Horton & Guly, 2017). The anti-VEGF are administered through an intraocular injection which means that a syringe will be inserted into the eyeball and the drug is administered straight into the eye. There has been a recent study on improving the vision of AMD patients by treatment with a corneal elastic modulus-altering procedure, this procedure basically alters the geography of the corneal to let the light hit the good parts of the retina instead of the bad parts, therefore improving vision, but this procedure is still being tested (Serdarevic et al, 2017).



AMD does have a genetic disposition but recently, studies have found that prolonged exposure to high energy blue light can also damage the retina and cause AMD to occur earlier in life (Zhao et al, 2018). To cut down on one preventable cause of AMD, we implore our readers who are digital natives to start using blue filter lenses to protect your eyes, provided that your job does not entail very accurate colour discrimination due to the fact that blue filter lenses tend to have a faint yellow tint which may affect colour perception.


Horton, S., & Guly, C. (2017). Prevention and treatment of age‐related macular degeneration. Prescriber28(1), 37-41.

Serdarevic, O., Tasindi, E., Dekaris, I., & Berry, M. (2017). Vision improvement in dry and wet Age‐Related Macular Degeneration (AMD) patients after treatment with new corneal CPV procedure for light redirections onto the retina. Acta Ophthalmologica95.

Waugh, N., Loveman, E., Colquitt, J., Royle, P., Yeong, J. L., Hoad, G., & Lois, N. (2018). Introduction to age-related macular degeneration. In Treatments for dry age-related macular degeneration and Stargardt disease: a systematic review. NIHR Journals Library.

Zhao, Z. C., Zhou, Y., Tan, G., & Li, J. (2018). Research progress about the effect and prevention of blue light on eyes. International journal of ophthalmology11(12), 1999.



What does an optometrist do?

A question that has been popping up a lot more recently due to the more informed public this age. Well fret not, in this post I’m going to talk about how can an optometrist help you.

Who is an optometrist?

An optometrist is a health care professional that are trained to handle ocular diseases and binocular anomalies on top of what the optician does which is refraction, lens edging and dispensing. We are also trained in specialty lens fittings such as rigid gas permeable (RGP) lenses, Rose-K and Ortho-K lenses.

What does an optometrist do?

In short, we are the primary care practitioners who are responsible to detect and solve problems with the eyes with ophthalmic lenses and contact lenses, and referrals to ophthalmologists on an indication of a disease that may need medical intervention.

What should you look for from an optometrist?

We are trained in many different refraction techniques to deal with different types of eyes, to ensure that we get an accurate refraction results every time. In our kit, we have a Retinoscope and an Opthalmoscope. The retinoscope would be the tool that we use to determine the person’s power, although these days we prefer to use an autorefractor which is the scanner that scans your power before we bring you guys into the refraction room due to its speed, but when there is an indication to use it, such as when we notice that the astigmatism is too high, with the scope we can actually determine if the person would have keratoconus. In some more serious cases of cataracts, we can detect using the retinoscope as well.

The opthalmoscope is basically a magnifying glass to look in to the eye to check the retina. Usually the optometrist would turn off the lights and tell you to look at a specific direction. After that we would get close with the opthalmoscope to check the clarity of the ocular media, at this point we can determine if a person has cataract or not. After that we focus on the retina, the things that we would check for would be the ratio between the blood vessels, hemorrhages, leakages and also the optic nerve head. With that we can determine if he person’s blood pressure is well controlled, if their diabetic status has worsened and also the possibility of glaucoma.

When you are having pink eye, we would use a slit lamp, which is a microscope, to check the surface of your eye, and the inner eye to determine the cause of the red eye. Which could be caused by bacterial infections, viral infections, allergies and foreign objects.

Kids under the age of 6 are also more than welcome to be screened so that they do not develop lazy eye. Lazy eye causes a permanent loss of visual acuity when it is not managed early on, so it is prudent for us to check for the signs and symptoms before it is too late. We can also manage kids with squint eyes (mata sepet), with specialty prism lenses so that they don’t later develop into lazy eyes as well. And in some cases prescribe in office training to help the kids train their eye muscles so that they align and look normal again.

With all the technicalities aside, optometrists can also deduce the condition of your eyes through questions. In our book, there is a word of advice saying that 70% of the time, the patient would tell you their diagnosis. Its just that the patients are not aware of their conditions, so we are also there to inform and educate.

When should you see an optometrist?

Anytime when you feel like your vision is not as good as it should be, eyestrains, headaches after long hours of work, persistent itching in the eyes, mucus discharge in the eyes, the list goes on. In a nutshell, optometrists are equipped with the skills and knowledge to help you with more than just your vision, but also your health and lifestyle.


Book an eye check with optometrist today!

Pott Glasses Sri Petaling Grand Opening


Last Sunday was the grand opening of our third outlet at Sri petaling. We are glad that we are able to achieve this important milestone as we planned for this year. Running this brand for three years, and we are proud as a conventional business because we are growing quite fast.

We had hosted a workshop which will be sharing with our important guests that how they could get a perfect pair of glasses. At Pott Glasses, our optical stylist provide bespoke advice on the choice of glasses. We take into account the face shape, the outfit and the occasion to emphasise your own face to best effect. Through this workshop, we shared with them more on the technical side and how we deliver our service and products.

Speaker of the workshop and also one of our founder, Eden. A passionate and experienced senior optician. He shared with us that from understanding the prescription, pupillary distance, lens thickness, frame fitting to material of the frame are all very important when comes to choosing a perfect pair of glasses for us.

 Besides, Eden also had shared with us that choosing a perfect pair of glasses for individual, their lifestyle and occupation also shall take into account when choose the right frame and lens. Shamir Blue Zero Lens from Eye Point Technology, a lens material with built-in protection from harmful artificial light e.g. from TV, computer screen, smartphones and in-door lightings. It is a unique polymer that absorbs HEV or blue light while maintaining clarity which is a good lens choice that suits most people due to growing awareness today of the potential harmful effects of the blue light emitted by all manner of digital screens and artificial lights.

Furthermore, it is recommended to combine Shamir Relax with Shamir Blue Zero. Shamir Relax is an advanced single visions lens available in 3 versions, providing just the extra bit of power in the lower lens area that eyes need to meet the accommodative challenges of today’s use of digital screens.

Also, it is our pleasure to have Shu Wen, Tiffany, Veron, Joo Yi, Sam, Joanne, Serena and Randy to be our sit in guest for the workshop. All of them are very inspiring and talented young influencer where our team look up to. Last but not least, we would like thanks for the continuous support from our friends and family. We strive to serve you all better and provide a better experiences.

Have a Nice Day!

Visit us today

Multifocal glasses – what is it and how does it work

what is multifocal glasses

Multifocal glasses

What is multifocal glasses

Multifocal glasses also known as progressive glasses is a type of glasses that consist of different prescription within the same pair of glasses. It helps wearer to see far such as driving and movie clearly as well as near such as reading easily.

multifocal glasses is essentially a pair of glasses with multiple prescriptions cater to shortsightedness, astigmatism and presbyopia (cannot read book clearly)

It is useful for people of age 40 and above who have developed presbyopia (cannot see small words clearly) as it consists of reading power. You must have heard of another similar glasses called bifocal, where there is a line in between the lens.

The image below illustrate the difference between bifocal and multifocal. Multifocal come in one single piece without any line, just look like normal glasses.

How does multifocal glasses work

Multifocal glasses, the name is pretty self explanatory, that is multiple focus points. Before we dive deeper into the multiple focus points fact, we need to understand that we need different power or prescription to view object of different distant.

For instant, if your short sightedness is -2.00, you need that power to view very far object. But do you realise that you can actually see computer screen even when you remove glasses? That has validated the point that you only need lower power to see near object.

Thus, multifocal consists of multiple focus points with different prescriptions. This is to cater adequate power for wearer to see object of different distances clearly. The image below illustrates the different level of prescription in the glasses.

structure of progressive lens

From the image, you can see that

  1. The top part is used to see far object
  2. The middle part is used to see intermediate object
  3. The bottom part is used to read book or phone messages

Now, you must be thinking

Why is it so complicated? Why are there 3 parts? Will it be difficult to wear?

You need to understand how the eyes work and where they focus when you look at different objects. Multifocal is designed in such a way is because after many years of research, lens expert find out that when human look at far object, we only see through the top part of the lens. When we are reading, we only see through the bottom part of the lens. And in between, we see through the middle part when we use our computer.

No, you do not need to keep adjusting the glasses just to utilise that part. Your eyes will adjust and fit in well.

Who needs multifocal glasses?

Anyone with age of 40 and above will start to develop presbyopia. The symptoms of presbyopia are as follow :

  1. Have to remove existing glasses when you read phone message
  2. You extend phone a little further so that the messages get sharper
  3. You put on reading glasses when you read and remove it when you are not reading

Well, if any of these bothers you, you may want to consider multifocal glasses. It provides the convenience for you the see clearly without the hassle of changing or alternating glasses or changing the reading distance.

What to expect when you first started to wear multifocal glasses?

Until this point, you must be curious how does it feel to wear this multifocal glasses? Well, let’s assure you that it is not anything out of the world nor hard to wear.You can now see things clearly at all distances; smartphone fonts do not need to be enlarged nor stretching your hand even further to read.



  • take off glasses to read
  • newspaper has to placed far away
  • have to liftup the glasses to read SMS or whatsapps
  • have to bring reading glasses every time you go out



  • can read without taking off glasses
  • read newspaper at comfortable distance
  • can just read the SMS or whatsapps as you like
  • a pair of multifocal is all you need

Every pair of multifocal glasses are customised to cater to respective wearer. Meaning to say, your friend’s multifocal is specially made for him or her and you will not feel comfortable wearing it. The multiple focus points are well designed such that the different prescriptions work well with the eye movement.

the basics of progressive lens

The multifocal lens design is so genius that it caters to the eyeball movement naturally. You do not need to worry about it. Having said so, in the beginning, it does take some time up to a week to get used to the glasses.

You will slowly know the exact sharp point, and before you know, it has already been helping you to see far and near comfortably. You can now talk to your friends or do presentation and read the incoming message clearly without the hassle of removing your glasses or pull it further away. They will not even think that you have reading problem, you can hide you age and look young now!

So how much do a pair of multifocal cost?

A pair of multifocal glasses start at RM659. Of course the premium range can go up to RM1800 or even RM2500. However, not everyone needs premium multifocal. If you’d like to find out more about multifocal price, check out here.

If you’d like to find out more about multifocal glasses, feel free to make an appointment with us by filling the form below. Or simply give us a call at +603 – 56121967. We can give an over-the-phone consultation or thorough face-to-face consultation

Book a consultation here
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What glasses is suitable for me?

suitable glasses

What glasses is suitable for me? This article will inform readers of Malaysia about eyewear glasses decisions. Suitable for all age group, please read on.

Intro: What glasses is suitable for me?

Finding a suitable glasses should never be a life wrecking decision, but rather a very fun experience ever.

The thought of you going to join the specky unit should never override your excitement to finally assist you in your poor eyesight.

Wearing glasses nowadays are even more fun, since people are even regarding it as fashion essentials. If you are finally thinking on getting a glasses, do make sure to consider a few things before consulting the expertise.

Question 1: Are you a Nobita or Suneo?

  • How much do you need your glasses?
  • How worse is your eyesight?
  • What is it for?

By considering these questions you will become much clearer on what type of glasses that you need.

When it is for a constant use for the whole day, you should consider something that is simple but always ready on the go.

The frame should also of something that attune to everything that you wear. If it is just needed for reading or studying or only at certain times, something exquisite would be quite experimental yet authentic.

Question 2: Adudu, Doraemon or Phineas?

Know your face shape.

Wrong choice on specs style will override your face complexion a lot, if you don’t really pay much attention to it. You will either look like the next genius or just another unfit guy in the class; so better be aware of this.

The easiest way to know your face shape is by taking a picture of yourself and analyse it. If you are still unsure of it, look at yourself in the mirror and use a lipstick on anything to draw the outline of your face.

There even got online website that can advise you on the best frame for your face shape. With this way it is much easier to identify the frame that matches you very well.

Question 3: Killer B or Kisame? Or what’s your skin tone?

Important enough, for you to find something that blend very well with your skin tone.

Those with fairer skin can surely fit with any colour but it doesn’t mean you can just simply pick on any colour with eyes closed.

While on the other hand people with darker skin tone also has the same opportunity to be creative but both parties should consider to present with their best and warm look later on. Unless if you want to stand out with a fresh look, there’s always room for creativity. Experiment at its best.

Question 4: Sarada, Denki or Kabuto? How daring are you?

Any preferences in your mind? If you are those type that like to experiment on thing, then it will be good enough.

Try out exotic colours or even unique and one-of-a-kind frame and be bold and different. Like, who knows yellow will be the next trend right?

But make sure to keep in mind to not overdo it, if you don’t want to looks like a clown missing its birthday party invitation *wink*

Question 5: Are you Lilo and Stitch? (Did you need a UV protection or not?)

Truth is, everyone does. It is much more important if your eyes is sensitive to UV rays, so you better have your glasses that darken when you are out exposed in the sun.

Even the all hail Lilo the Hawaiian beach girl knew that she need to take extra care of her eyes when going out exposed under the sun.

Question 6: Ok I have decided. Where to next?

Now you are all set to pay a visit to your trusted store.

Consult the expertise and brief them with your preferences.

And never feels scared to voice out your obscure feeling on finally getting yourself a pair of glasses. Certainly it is a new feeling but it is worth of your lifetime eyesight.

You should feel free to talk about your concern and they will surely prescribe you with the best pair.

You can also consult our expertise here at Pott Glasses.

Alternatively you can make an appointment to have your eye tested and consultation. From choosing glasses to thorough eye test, we strive to give the bespoke recommendation. In addition, you get RM 35 discount when you make an appointment online. Why not?

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Adultchat review

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1xBet Promo Code 2019

1xBet Promo Code 2019

The betting with the pros will be even more profitable via a financial point of view thanks to the accessibility to the 1xbet promo code. It is enough to enter an exclusive symbol combination to receive money at your account and fully enjoy the cooperation with probably the most compelling bookmakers on the market. Meant for bettors from Kenya, this is a good chance to put their understanding into practice and depend on a decent financial reward frequently.


First of all, you need to complete the 1xbet registration procedure, and then for this you can use both an entire version and a mobile version of the site. Thanks to the perfectly thought-out interface for bets, the search for alternatives for forecasting is placed as fast as possible and without any costs.

What is a advertising code 1xBet and how to make use of it?
The distinctive 1xbet promo code may be a combination of symbols by stepping into which you surely receive added funds to your betting account. You can use them for further video game together with the professionals. The cash are credited to the account instantly, so you will not squander your time and are able to totally focus on betting. This present favorably distinguishes 1xbet from your competitors and makes the office a good option if you seek long lasting cooperation.

As a first step, you need to register with the site. Go to the official website of the office — the related button can be found in the upper correct corner, you can see it inside the image below. There are 5 ways for you to join 1xbet Kenya, so you just have to opt for the one that is the most convenient for you and continue to enjoy cooperation with one of the most profitable offices from this market segment.
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The considerable amount. You can receive up to 15, 000 KES to your account.
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1xBet com – Promo Code Bonus Rules

The business present almost no additional circumstances. The main thing for betting inside our country is the age of users. All customers must be for least 18 years old, since established by law.
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You can also work with your additional assets in the casino section of the site. Lately, it has become increasingly popular, which is another evidence that the professionals are on the right track.

1xBet Promo Code 10 000 KES on your first Deposit
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Other promotional and bonus offers from the bookmaker
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1xbet mobile

1xbet mobile

The most popular 1xbet bookmaker organization always keeps up with the changing times and guarantees its clients full access to technological improvement. We are talking about the wagers from mobile phones, of course. They are really very convenient and it’ s quite possible that shortly mobile betting will be in more demand than desktop bets.

Register portable + 130€ bonus

Availing the 1xbet mobile version, the gamesters can register, deposit, cash-out funds, and all players can be consulted by the employees of shoppers support about various issues. You can enter your personal consideration by using your login and password. In general, you perform the same actions as you do for your 1xbet PC version. The 1xbet mobile version in the official site provides you with your preferred sports events. They will fulfill the tastes of all gamesters.

The reason why xbet mobile phone betting is being so popular is certainly its accessibility. All players with smartphones are able to play and wager by using cell phones. Moreover, the player’ t location is not essential. You can place bets both equally at home and in the street. So , let’ s clarify what advantages have mobile gambling and how to play 1xbet mobile phone.

1xbet provides you with an opportunity to use a mobile türkiye kodu ne http://1xbetmobil.icu/1xbet-promosyon-kodu-2019/ application for your comfortable betting by using mobile phone:

1xbet mobi app is available intended for 4. 1 or higher Android devices.
Visit 1xbet website to download xbet mobi app definitely for free. You can also find it on Google Play.
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1xbet is also accessible for your computers. The software for computers is called 1xWin. Windows. XP, Vista, six, 8 and 10 variations are the most suitable for 1xbet betting.
Is the mobile app essential?
Register and get 130€

Here are a few advantages you can get from the1xbet mobile app:

Using a special 1xbet mobi application on your mobile gadget, you can easily replenish your account, distance themself your money and place bets upon any sports and matches of team sports.
It’ s not necessary to install the app on your phone or a tablet to get placing wagers. When you want to use these gadgets to travel to the xbet site, it will eventually recognize what version on the site to offer to you.
If this won’ t happen, just operate the 1xbet mobile type of the site in a direct mode. Firstly, you should remember the website’ s address. Then, add “ m” before the address to acquire 1xbet m for obtaining access to betting services of the greatest betting site.
The 1xbet site is definitely fully customized for browsing it from mobile gizmos. Though you are not able to get access to all 1xbet options and the 1xbet mobi graphics are cut down a little bit, it saves how much your gadget’ s recollection.
One more advantage is that you can use your mobile phone internet without being connected to wifi. It’ s also conceivable to configure the 1xbet mobile version of the internet site in manual mode.
It should be pointed out the live bets on the 1xbet mobi version of the web page. They are of a good standard. First of all, a bettor may combine events from the pre-match and online lines in his or her game coupon.
Inasmuch, the web page is not overloaded with the graphics applications and movies, all sections are opened quickly and without lags. Therefore , it’ s quite practical for a player to place gamble from the phone, being on the run.

Live transmissions is available for all registered users. You can watch it directly from your phone. The video quality is at a good level, there are almost no lags. The choice of games and tourneys is impressive and will make sure you all the players.

The mechanism of money first deposit and withdrawal from your xbet mobile phone is fully understandable and standard for all on the net betting offices. 1xbet portable works on the same principles. Is made a request and then have a text message with a code. Your code, send it back and wait for your account status update. There are some peculiar properties you need to know about this type of payment. Firstly, your account can be replenished having a small sum of money, up to € 50. Your account must be connected to your electronic purse or your bank account. Secondly, the costs are somewhat high up to € 2 . But you obtain fast payment procedure as a swap. So , despite some flaws, mobile 1xbet payment method still remains very popular.

How to use mobile version of 1xbet
The developers did their best to guarantee the players simple and hassle-free usage of the mobile variation of the site. You can easily locate the sports events you require and the outcome of the choice.

In just a few clicks you will be able to pay in your account in the most common techniques. The 1xbet mobile edition registration is also quick and simple, you merely need to fill in a few fields and select the currency you would like to use for betting.

The 1xbet mobile phone version will allow you to experience the effective functionality of the bookmaker business office located on four inches of your smartphone’ s screen. Everything you need is always available for you at any point in time. Undoubtedly, it’ s the benefit of mobile betting.

Your mobile gadget should be able to download from unidentified exterior sources. Otherwise, you won’ t succeed in xbet cellular file download and create.
After a good download and setup, you will want the information specified by you during the registration on the website. You may use one login and security password for all your gadgets.
The signing up process is fairly effortless. All you have to do is to create your mobile 1xbet account, find the registration press button at the top and click it. We remind you you have a chance to avail your signing up bonus. This bonus can be bought for one account only.
Enter mobile 1xbet using your login and password and savor your favorite video games and bets.
It is safe to say the mobile version of the 1xbet bookmaker is maximally modified for comfortable bets through the phone. The basic functionality exists for customers. Having a good lightning Internet, they can place a choice whenever they want.

Speaking about all the advantages of the xbet mobile, one should declare about a very convenient and practical interface which is very well adapted to any screen size. Simultaneously, absolutely all the functionality for betting via the mobile Internet is always within the player’ t reach, and navigation is clear and understandable even pertaining to newbies. At the same time, this software consumes very little traffic and provide the opportunity to the player to place most his or her bets as quickly as possible.

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