They are the very reason for the birth of the business.

“It all started when my daughter was diagnosed with a severe eczema at 3 months old. We’ve tried many medications and methods but none worked on her. I was working in an organic store and I thought I would use organic products for the family. That was when everything started to change. We began to see incremental improvement on her skin. That pushed me further to explore more on how to improve the quality of life using natural products. We started to eat more organic food, use natural earth friendly products, such as handmade lotion, soap, household cleaning products etc. Eventually with all the skills and experiences gathered, I took a bigger step in venturing my own business, By Lena. My two daughters know that they are the very reason for the birth of the business. I hope to share and inspire others by introducing the benefits of using organic products with workshops and my line of creations. Let’s go green ?”

Don’t feel stuck, follow the voice within.

I believe life is a mix and match between positive thinking, self-motivation, taking chances and having the courage to follow your heart. Some people raise their eyebrows when I say I’ve been in the e-commerce industry for the last 4 years with 4 different companies. They question my interest and goals in life. In my opinion, hop around while you are still young. Finding for a job is like finding for your one true love! Some of them hit the home run as fresh graduates, some of us take 5 years or more to find the perfect match. My advice would be to go ahead, experience something that is close to your passion and promise you will commit 200% while you are at it. If is not meant to be, it’s okay to let go because you are meant for bigger and greater things out there. Don’t feel stuck, follow the voice within. Life’s an exciting journey to never settle for less – career and love. PS: I’ve found ‘THE ONE’.

Go Solo for Passion

I was in the creative line of the corporate world and after many years I decided to call it quits. I started to build something of my own instead – getting into the jeans business. At the same time, my wife started something of her own as well. We both went solo, for passion. Starting with minimal cost and a whole lot of passion. I couldn’t get rid of the two things that I liked a lot, jeans and sneakers and here I am.

A White Christmas in Poland

Christmas back in 2014 was one of the best. It was my first time experiencing a white Christmas in Poland. My Christmas holidays was spent in the old town of Krakow, Poland. I remember trying a few traditional Polish food at the bazaars some that traced back to the Genghis Khan era. I was walking on the streets all wrapped up in winter clothes under -5 degree celsius. By the time I realised it, i was already lost in the town. Every corner was filled with the Christmas vibe. Those Christmas decorations makes getting lost seemed to be the best way to enjoy it. I’m blessed to be able to hold on to that experience.

I Don’t Give Up So Easily

I love challenges. To me, the harder one thing is, the more I want to conquer it. Just like my studies, there was no way out of a double major, only way was to complete it. Now, I’m working in the HR Department, I’m afraid of working and talking to people, I prefer sticking to my paper work instead. But, I’m slowly learning to communicate, like every other situation, I don’t give up so easily.

Divorce: A Different Kind Of Love

At the age of 17, I was so heartbroken when my parents decided to get a divorce. But a few weeks after that call was made, I had an offer to further my studies in Tokyo, Japan. Everything changed after that, I had put behind me the hurtful feelings and was grateful I had something to divert my attention from all that was happening. When I came back home, I realized that the divorce was a good thing that happened in my family. My mum and dad became good friends with no quarrels and they could speak about anything to each other. I could see the love between them. After all, I guess divorce is just another kind of love and not a killing machine.

We Make People Look Better And Feel Good On The Inside

I wanted to venture into a field that would make people appreciate themselves when they’re still healthy. People think aesthetics is an easy way out and that it’s all about beauty and what’s on the surface, but I don’t look at it that way. There are people who are living healthily but don’t pay as much attention to their appearances. Aesthetics on the other hand, involves a lot of oneself in terms of appearance and feeling better. We make people look better physically using our products and feel good on the inside cause they derive a certain confidence.

I Welcomed Failure

welcomed failure

Part 1

It was hard for me to kickstart my business since I’m from the outskirts of Kuala Lumpur, Terengganu. My manager told me that I have to be very hardworking or else I wouldn’t be able to sustain in the industry for a long period of time. All I did was go door to door, meeting strangers everyday for a year and a half. I know that it’s a number game. If the closing rate is 1% then I need to meet 100 people to have one sealed deal. I know there will be rejection but between rejection and feeding my family, my family weighs much more than rejection. I welcomed failure, because I had no experience and no skills, I welcomed failure. That made me grow and to be better at what I do.