She’s my partner in “crime” – Lilian Chen

She’s my partner in “crime”. Unstoppable in life. Brave and strong like a lion. She is the rainbow that colours my world, the sun that lights up my life. Naughty but extremely nice, and gentle as a dove. Warm-hearted with a heart of gold. Young at heart. I love her so, I’m her little doppelganger, and we’re like two peas in a pod, trudging on even though in life, even though we’re faced with challenges, my heroine who sacrificed all for our family, she is caring, understanding and an inspiring person, the one who encourages me to pursue my interests as she fires up my imagination, encouraging me to break out from my “shell” (my happiest and most unforgettable moment”) and teaching me to grab life by the horns, to aim for success and be self-sufficient, Thanks Mom for all your support!

“That’s the time I appreciated as to how a mother’s responsibility and compulsion never ends ” – Shaneeya

If I have to reminisce “The most unforgettable moment with my “Mom”…. then it has to be the time I had my first daughter. The moment I gained my senses after my normal delivery, my Mom and my hubby were there. My Mom was the one who held my hand and told me that I gave birth to the world’s most beautiful daughter. After that, she took care of me completely; she would spend every day with me at the hospital taking care of me and her granddaughter Anjanaa.

After that, I went to stay at my parents’ house for a month; that time, both the helpers at my Mom’s house had left on holiday. That time my Mom would relentlessly take care of me and my wailing daughter all day. She would be busy at the kitchen cooking for me and tending to the never ending guests; giving oil massage to Anjanaa, giving her baths, feeding and changing her, making sure I was well rested. And, at nights when she would be extremely drained out, she would keep her wailing granddaughter on her chest and sleep. That’s the time I appreciated as to how a mother’s responsibility and compulsion never ends.Love you mum..

“I enjoy happy hours with her on the rocking chairs reminiscing tales of yesteryears ” – Emily Kok

My mum insisted on sending me to school although she received strong objections from my dad’s family. Since I was the eldest in the family, my dad wanted me to start working at the age of 12 to support the family instead of going to school. My mum protested as she knew the importance of education. I managed to complete up till a secretarial course in my early 20s.

Fast forward more than 40 years, I am thankful to my mother for making the right decision. I could have been an illiterate. However, because of her, I am hungry for knowledge and grab hold on whatever opportunities that had been given to me. Currently aged at 84, she is still fit to alter and mend clothes and sew blankets for her great grandchildren. During Chinese New Year or other festivals, she is still able to slaughter chicken reared and harvest vegetables planted behind the house. Recently, I just traveled to China with her and she is still in a pink of health.

The best moment I always look forward to is to enjoy happy hours with her. We would be on the rocking chairs reminiscing tales of yesteryears every time I return to see her. I hope I can be as strong as her when I reach her age.

“Her sheer determination in providing her family the best” – Robin

The most heartfelt moment I had with mum is witnessing her sheer determination in providing her family the best in the world. The 1997 Asian financial crisis was a huge blow towards my family. My father was retrenched by his company at the age of 47 although his career was escalating. With my sisters and I were still studying in primary school, my mother became the sole breadwinner of the family.

Although she had to commute to work by public transport daily, she still managed to serve us warm fresh rice and delicious dishes without fail every day. However, she is soft and tender in her heart. There were times where I showed tantrum in front of her but she had never gave up on me. She called me daily to ensure that I have enough food and rest in my hectic student’s life although we are only 20 km apart. She seldom enforces the cane on us as she felt that caning was not the proper way to educate a child.

Fast forward 29 years since I was born, she had never requested any celebrations during special occasions such as her birthday, Mother’s Day and her wedding anniversary. Her sacrifices without hoping for repayment reminded me that relationship between the family is not about expensive gifts but trust and sacrifice each other have to offer. I would like to show how much I love her by giving a pair of good vision courtesy of Pott Glasses.

She is the most powerful heroine to me – Asth Jing

My mum is awesome because she is the most powerful heroine to me, able to solve whatever I couldn’t. She has an incredible power of speed, faster than ‘The Flash’. If you forget to bring towel when shower, scream “mummy” one time just one time enough, she will bring you the towel immediately. She is the heroine who accompanied me in every stage of my life, since she was pregnant. Awesome as tolerate all the naughty I make inside the womb (kicking and playing) until now I grow up. Assists me in remove all the barriers came into my life. She is the lucky star to me. When my deepest heart feels like the darkest night (feel down, hopeless and upset), she will become the star in the darkest, brighten me and lead me toward the area with hope and love. Love you the greatest and awesome people in my life, Mummy.

“You’re never too old to learn new things.” – Natalie

She taught me that age is just a number and you’re never too old to keep on learning new things. She has recently graduated with a MBA certification, while juggling work and studies for two years – in my eyes, this is what makes her my superhero: being a good daughter, a loving wife, a respected boss, a loyal employee, a hardworking student and most importantly, a mom; all at the same time! She is the ultimate superhero, happy mother’s day, omma <3

My best pet, guess what’s that! – Jasmine

Here’s the story of my mom buying me a “pet”. She knows I am a huge dog lover and I’ve always wanted to have a dog for myself but I have sinus infection and very very sensitive nose.

One day, when I came back from tuition class, in the car my mom told me that she had a surprise for me so I couldn’t wait to find out. She said she bought me a dog! She even described to me the colour of the dog is white and brown (which is the kind that I have always wanted!!) and then she said this is a really small size dog and easy to care for. I was sooooooo excited and I kept on asking for additional information about the dog. She said I don’t need to shower the dog if I don’t want but feel free to do so anytime I want. I don’t need to feed the dog if I don’t want to. I was like seriously there’s this kind of dog???

With all my happiness and excitement, I reached home and tada!!! It’s a dog! But not a real one. Since then, my pet has never left me alone. I hang it with the pencil case which my dad bought for me and these two have always been my best companions throughout my studies. Thank you Pin Koay for the best pet ever!

Sky Jin: “Let me carry you and fulfil all your requests.”

Everyday she wakes up and works when the sun rises from the East to West, Non-stop cleaning, cooking, gardening……without even rest, Just to ensure we have a great day without worry and stress, concentrate in our study in order to pass with flying colors in our tests, Mei Jin Yeoh You are the most awesome mom that no one could contest, Thanks to you, now I am success, It’s time to take a break and be my guest, Let me carry you and fulfil all your requests, Mummy, I love you that’s what I wanna confess <3 You’re always the best <3

I still remembered when I was young you would carry me like that to the park and play, my childhood memory is so sweet and warm, all thanks to you, I love you mommy, Happy Mother’s Day <3

Childhood is the most important time to a child

I work in a charity organisation where I teach underprivileged children. My mother babysits kids when I was in secondary school. I guess that’s what makes me love kids very much. To me, childhood is the most important time to a child. If one does not have a healthy childhood, it will affect him for the rest of his life.

I remember there was this kid who came to us at the age of 9. He was very keen to learn. He’s curious about everything. He came from a broken family background; his father left the family when he was 9 and that was why he came to us. Now that he’s in secondary school, I’m glad to see him still studying hard. A deeper conversation with him allows me to understand more about his background. His mother was not given the opportunity to study from his grandfather but fortunately the same case does not happen to him. And I admire his mother a lot : for what she couldn’t get, she does not give up to allow the same thing to repeat. Despite having financial issue, she insists to send her children to school.