Transparent glasses in Malaysia 2019

Transparent glasses or clear frame is the most popular eyewear trend in 2019. It is made of either Ultem or cellulose acetate. Because the trend just started, it can be difficult to find transparent glasses. You may also find it difficult to match with outfit because there are not many fashion references. A famous person who wear this glasses is Liverpool coach, Jurgen Kloop. Klopp transparent glasses   In this post, we have gathered few inspirations on how to pull off transparent glasses as well as the designs available here. But first, let’s understand some cool facts of transparent glasses or clear frame.
  1.  made of acetate will not turn yellowish, but the one that is made of ultem or plastic will
  2.  are viewed as contemporary and even futuristic glasses
  3.  were once popular 10 years ago and make a comeback this year
  4.  are more popular in Western countries than Asian countries
Now, let’s check out more about transparent glasses.

Rectangular transparent glasses

It is simple and easier to wear. This is an ideal choice for you who want a subtle change from your current glasses. You can even wear it with formal attire. After all, it is still rectangular and suitable for workspace. 
source : instagram Clarence
source : instagram Bryan

Round transparent glasses

Unlike other round glasses, a transparent one resembles not only creativity and artsy, it is also fashion forward. If you are bored with the ordinary round frame and looking for something cool, try changing to a transparent one. It definitely adds freshness to you look. Compared to black or turtleshell round glasses that gives wearer a bold look, transparent glasses adds brightness to the face and create happy vibe.
source : instagram shannon, tammy

Browline transparent glasses

Browline glasses is also known as clubmaster. The design itself is already classic and timeless. When the material used is transparent acetate, this design become even more of a fashion accessories than just an ordinary glasses. This design is recommended for people who dare to be different or want to create a unique personality. People who wear brownline transparent glasses is definitely the new hipster.

Check out more glasses designs here We also have blog on Different Type of Round Glasses and Factors that Determine The Lens Thickness  

How thick will the glasses be?

thick lens

Lens thickness is always an unknown!

OMG! My glasses is thicker than Subway cookie!!

Look at that thick glasses! His power must be very high!

If your prescription is higher than -3.00, you must have heard of or experience the above scenario.

Who’d want the glasses to be thick when it can actually be thinner?! But the problem is how well do you know about glasses/lens thickness? If you do not know anything about the thickness, how are you going to expect the end result?

We understand your pain, that is why this article is here to help you to understand more about lens thickness and make better decision in buying glasses.

What thickness should you choose for your prescription?

Here are the recommendation

  • If your power is around -2.00, choose 1.56 index, it will be around 3mm
  • For power around -4.00, choose 1.61 index, it will be around 3 to 4mm
  • If your power is around -6.00, choose 1.67 index, it will be around 4 to 5mm
  • For power more than that, choose the thinnest lens, 1.74 index. It will be around 5mm to 8mm.

If you want to find out how much the glasses cost with different type of lens, click the link in the button.

So what determines the lens thickness

If you are interested to understand more about lens thickness, how is it being affected by other factors, continue with the reading. You will be an expert by the time you finish reading it!

The myth about lens thickness

Have you wondered what determine the lens thickness? Why does optician recommend you to use thin lens? Is that necessary? How do you make a better choice? 

In this article, we will dive deeper to discuss everything about lens thickness. Let’s start with the question “what is thin lens?”.

What affect lens thickness  


To understand this, you should know that lens thickness is generally categorized into 4 groups, or we normally call it “index” ie 1.561.611.67 and 1.74The higher the index, the thinner the lens is.


Prescription This is easy to understand. For the same index, the higher the prescription, the thicker the lens is

Pupillary Distance

Pupillary distance is the distance between two pupil centers. The idea is to align the optical center to the pupillary center so that we can minimize distortion and optimize the vision. The wider the pupillary distance, the lens will be thinner. The calculation can be a bit tedious but do remember the relationship between pupillary distance and lens thickness. Pupillary distance is an absolute measurement which intrinsically depends on wearer’s face size and eye. There is no good or bad effect associated with the pupillary distance. 

Frame size 

Since the lens thickness increases exponentially, as the frame size gets larger, it will utilize the side of the lens, which is also the thicker part. Therefore, for the same prescription and lens index, the larger the frame, the thicker the lens will turn out.

Why choose thinner lens

There are many advantages for choosing thinner lens. 

Hide your high power 

You wouldn’t want your friends to make fun of your prescription nor letting others know your high prescription. Most people associate thick lens with high power. Therefore, choosing thinner lens can easily hide your prescription.

Aesthetically pleasant 

Thin frame is the latest trend nowadays. It looks clean, simple and easily pulled off by just anyone. You wouldn’t want to match it with thick lens, don’t you? That will definitely defeat the purpose of getting a thin frame.

Light and comfortable 

Glasses rest on the nose. Thicker lens is generally heavier. You wouldn’t want a pair of heavy glasses sit on your nose the entire day and leave red mark. Besides, heavier lens can cause the glasses to slip down easily. You’d need to keep pushing it up. This very action can be pretty annoying.

Must know :  How to choose the ideal thickness  

By now you must have had a better understanding about lens thickness. It is no brainer to always go for the thinnest lens. However, thin lens can be pricey. Sometimes, you may not need to choose the thinnest lens if the benefit is not substantial. So, here’s a guide on how to choose lens with ideal thickness

Choose smaller frame/shape 

 Like above mentioned, larger frame will result in thicker lens. As such, if your power is higher than -5.00, you may want to filter out the oversize frames.

Know the prescription range 
  • 1.56 index is ideal for power less than -2.00,
  • 1.61 index is ideal for power less than -4.00,
  • 1.67 is ideal for power less than -6.00,
  • 1.74 index is ideal for power less than -8.00.
  • However, do take note that this does not take into consideration of astigmatism which can add extra thickness. Beyond -8.00, 1.74 index lens will look thick as well. If you are very particular about thickness, you may want your optician to explain further on it.

Your pupillary distance

 If your pupillary distance is wide, your lens will be more likely thinner than your friend whose pupillary distance is much narrower. If you are the one with narrow pupillary distance ie 54-60 mm, try not to choose large frame to save on money on buying thin lens. To conclude, this is a general guide about lens thickness. There are more measurements and factors to consider when it comes to choosing lens thickness. Lens indexes exist are of 1.50, 1.53, 1.59, 1.70 and more. There are things like spherical and aspherical lens where aspherical lens is thinner than spherical for the same index. There is also different prescription availability for different lens index. When it comes to deciding the lens thickness, it’s best to know all the information shared here and discuss with your optician.

We also have blog about transparent glasses and different designs of round glasses.

Leave the job to us

If you’re looking for glasses recommendation, feel free to schedule an appointment with us. We will take into consideration of your lifestyleprescriptionpreference and face shape to recommend the ideal one. Not to mention we also provide thorough eye test! Bring your friends and family along! Fill in the form here to get additional RM35 discount!

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How to Take Care of Glasses : 5 Easy Tips

wipe glasses with shirt

How to Take Care of Glasses

Glasses help us see and protect our eyes, but they don’t always get the care they deserve. Although glasses don’t last forever, but with the right care, a pair of glasses can go a long way. Here we share 5 simple tips on how to take care of glasses.

  1. Clean your glasses regularly

Yes, please do it at least once a day people! Especially if you wear your glasses on a daily basis. Glasses is something that you put on your face, why do you want to put something dirty on your face? Furthermore, dirt and smudges on your glasses will strain your eyes, eventually worsen your vision. And what we are talking about here is a good thorough cleaning, not just a simple wipe-and-go. To do so, follow the steps below:

  • Make sure your hands are free from oil and dirt
  • Place your glasses under running tap water (lukewarm water is the best) to remove surface dust. This will avoid your lenses getting scratched in the subsequent steps
  • Lather a small amount of soap (lotion-free ones) with your fingers
  • Use the lather to gently rub all areas of your glasses (both sides of the lenses, nose pads, temples, etc.)
  • Rinse thoroughly with tap water
  • Gently pat dry with a clean microfiber cloth
clean glasses on running water
  1. Don’t use your shirt to clean the lenses!

Water and soap might not always be accessible. So what to do if there is a smudge on your glasses? Most of us are guilty of just grabbing whatever we can (from tissues to our shirt) for a quick wipe down, but that is actually a big no-no. Why? Because tissues and our shirt or anything of the likes are abrasive materials for the lenses. They can collect and trap dirt and dust particles that can cause scratches on the lenses over time. As mentioned above, you wouldn’t want scratches on your lenses, as even the tiniest one is capable of straining your eyes and eventually impairing your vision.

wipe glasses with shirt
  1. No dry cleaning

In continuation from the point above, you may think the solution is to keep a glasses-friendly microfiber cloth handy in your pocket. It may seem perfectly OK to clean your glasses with a dry microfiber cloth, but it is actually not advisable as well. You should always clean your glasses with a wet cloth or with some sort of liquid, be it water or a cleaning agent. Why? It is basically the same as what we mentioned above. Dust and dirt particles are everywhere and can land on anywhere, even on your seemingly safe microfiber cloth, and a dry surface further encourage scratches. The solution? A cleaning agent for glasses and a microfiber cloth. Just note that you should apply the cleaning agent onto the cloth then wipe, not directly applying it on your glasses.  

  1. Handle with care
  2. Deep clean your glasses once in a while

Yes, treat it the way you would treat your brand new phone. First off, be careful of where you place your glasses. Avoid placing them by the sink or your dressing table, as little residues of hairspray, perfume, or powder can land on the glasses. Also, most glasses nowadays come with some sort of coating, such as anti-reflective coating. Never use anything that contains ammonia, vinegar, and bleach to clean the lenses, as these harsh substances can strip away the coating. In other words, just stick with soap and water if you don’t want to purchase a special cleaning liquid for glasses. And then, there are those things that everybody knows (but doesn’t always do): don’t place your glasses on their lenses, put your glasses in a hard case while travelling, don’t expose your glasses to heat, and take your glasses off with two hands.   An ultrasonic cleaner can thoroughly and effectively clean the entire glasses. Treat your glasses to a deep clean session once every six months, and they will come out good as new. Most opticians will have an ultrasonic cleaning device and will gladly offer the cleaning service for free. The process only takes a few minutes so don’t put it off any longer!

  Although glasses are not meant to last forever, but with the right care its usability can be greatly extended, and this will definitely save you a lot of time and money. Hope that you now know how to take care of glasses. You can also learn on how to get rid of green dirt on nose pad. So keep your glasses clean people, don’t let that smudge or scratch hinder the beauty of the world that you are seeing.  

How to clean green dirt eye glasses

Green dirt on Glasses

After wearing the glasses for sometime, we often see there’s some green dirt formed at the glasses frame, especially on the nose pad. It looks quite disgusting, not only because of it’s oily look, but it spoils the entire image of the glasses. In this article, we will discuss on how to get rid of it.

What is the green dirt on glasses?

The green dirt is definitely not algae nor mold nor fungus, rest assure that. It is in fact the result of metal oxidatio. Similar to the concept of rust, where iron turns brownish when it meets air and water. Same goes to the eyeglasses frame, where some metal parts could get rusty too.
Glasses frame is usually made of a type of copper called monel. Monel is a table metal and unreactive towards a lot of chemical. It is also skin friendly. The only downside is that it turns greenish when it gets rusty.

How to clean it?

Since the greenish metal oxide is attached on the surface of the metal, be prepared that it is not easy to come off. Thankfully it is still cleanable with the 3 method below.

1. Baking soda power

These are what you need.
1. Bowl
2. 1 tsp. baking soda
3. Mild liquid detergent
4. Microfiber cloth
5. Toothbrush
Mixed few drops of detergent with 1 tablespoon fo baking soda and a bowl of water. Then swirl until it gets soapy.
Dip the cloth into the mixture and wipe the eyeglasses frame that you want to clean. Wipe it with a little pressure as you need to make sure to wipe on all the areas.
Gently brush the nose pad and other areas with greenish mud until it dissapears. Wipe with the cloth and repeat the process.
Finally rinse the eyeglasses frame in water and dry it.
Be careful when you brush against the eyeglasses frame. You will want to avoid brushing the lens.

2. Ultrasonic

Ultrasonic cleaner is able to remove the dirt and greenish mud as the vibration can tackle micro mud. The equipment is available in most of the optical shop, thus you can send your glasses for cleaning there.
Eyeglasses will be soaked into the ultrasonic cleaner filled with clean water. It will be in the cleaner for 60 seconds for it to do the job. We then rinse your glasses with clean water and dry them.

clean green dirt on glasses
ultrasonic glasses cleaner

3. Change the nose pad

Just like anything we use, eyeglasses upon going through wear and tear need to be changed. Fret not, you do not need to change the entire glasses. Just change the nose pad and let us clean the glasses for you. You get a new nose pad and get rid of the old yellowish one! We help you to restore the condition of the glasses. You are recommended to change a new pair of nose pad every 6 months to maintain the hygiene. All services are free of charge in Pott Glasses.

To sum up, no matter how well you take care of glasses, the greenish mud is prone to form. The good news is, it can be removed (though not 100%) and with proper cleaning and maintenance, your glasses will look good and clean for a long time.

You can also drop by at any of our outlets to get a full glasses spa service. Here is what you’ll get!

1. change nose pad

change nose pad

2. adjust the leg

adjust the leg

3. ultrasonic clean

ultrasonic cleaning

4. (optional) : polish the frame

polish frame

You can drop by our outlets to get a full cleaning and adjustment. The process to restore the glasses take about 15 minutes. Feel free to make an appointment to get a slot.

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7 Questions to Ask When You Buy Glasses

Buy Glasses

It is no news that prescription glasses are very personal pieces, tailored to exactly meet an individual’s needs. This is why when it comes to such personalized items, a whole lot more consideration needs to be poured in. From the frames to the lenses and anything else involved, here we list down 7 questions you should ask when you buy glasses.

1. Why am I getting a new pair of glasses?

2. What shape and colour of the frame looks good on me?

Before you buy anything, it is always wise to ask yourself: why am I spending money on this? What am I going to use this for? How am I going to use it? The same goes for glasses. Do you want to replace your old glasses? Or are you adding another pair to your collection to create various looks? Are your glasses for a serious job or to add some spice to your weekend outfit? Are you going to wear the glasses for a badminton session or you have another pair for it? To make subsequent decisions, you should have a clear idea of the purpose of the glasses. Be it your first time getting glasses, or just wanting to switch things up a little, you might wonder what type of glasses you will look best in.

For a general rule of thumb, follow this to find out which shape of glasses best suits your face. If not, just head on down to your optician to personally try on some glasses. Trying on glasses is free and fun! The same goes for the color of the frame, go for something that suits your skin tone and your lifestyle. Whether it is the shape or the color, the glasses you choose should fit your style and be appropriate for their intended use. You wouldn’t want to go for bright colors for a serious desk job right? Before you decide to buy glasses, make sure that the glasses really suit your daily style.  

3. What lenses?

First, do you need single-vision, bifocals, or progressive lenses? Single-vision lenses are for people who are either short-sighted or far-sighted; bifocals are for people who are both short-sighted and far sighted; while progressive lenses have seamless multi-focal points. Material wise, the most common will be plastic lenses. If you have a higher power reading, consider going for high index lenses so that you won’t look like a frog in your glasses. Need impact resistant lenses? Polycarbonate lenses are your answer. At last, consider some extra features for your lenses. Most lenses nowadays come with UV protection and anti-reflective coating. Do consider features like anti-scratch coating and blue light protection coating if you are on your digital devices all day. Here’s a quick intro to all types of lenses.  

4. What to look for in a good quality frame?

We all want good quality stuff, for sure. Don’t hastily jump into conclusion just because the glasses look good on you, take some time to examine the frame. When you buy glasses, you want to feel the glasses in your hand to check the quality? Are they solid or flimsy? When you move the arms of the glasses, are there any friction or do they move smoothly? How do you feel when you put on the glasses? Are they comfortable? If you go for a plastic frame, is the plastic durable or does it look like one of those kawaii Hello Kitty frames? And if you go for a metal frame, will the coatings wear off or it will be able to withstand prolonged wear and tear? Check with your optician to be sure of the quality of the glasses.

buy glasses

5. Which optician to choose?

6. Should I be concerned with online reviews?

7. What after-sales services and warranties am I entitled to?

It may seem like a no-brainer, but the optician you choose is pretty important as well, as not only does the product matter, the service does too! If you find yourself a good one, you won’t have to go through the hassle again for your next visit. Choose an optician you feel comfortable with, who patiently waits for you as you try on every single pair of their glasses. Also pay attention to their skill sets, how they handle your questions and how they conduct the eye test. The optician should have an ample amount of time to serve you and provide you with every single detail associated.

I am sure most of us will do some research before buying anything by reading online reviews. The same goes for buying glasses, read up some experience of past users about both the optician and the eyewear that you are buying. This information can be easily accessed at the tip of your hand as most business nowadays has a special webpage dedicated for them. Online reviews shouldn’t be taken at face value as well. For example, an optician with a rating of 10 out of 10 isn’t much use if there are only fewer than 5 reviews. Do be cautious about the credibility of these reviews as well. Look for reviews that provide details as opposed to just a few words like “this shop is awesome!”  

So, after you have gotten your new glasses, will that be the end of it? The answer is rarely yes. What if your glasses are ill-fitted? Experiencing headaches wearing the new glasses? What if the frames break without any apparent cause? All these calls for a good after-sales service.

So, be sure to check with your optician before you make any purchases. Most opticians are willing to make a few twitches to make sure your glasses fit well, but will they be responsible if the lenses is causing you some dizziness? Also, check whether your glasses (frames + lenses) come with a warranty, which allows you to exchange or repair without charges. There, ask these questions to yourself and to your optician when you are looking for a new pair of glasses.

If you haven’t decided on an optician, you may have to ask a few short-listed ones to make sure you get the best deal and best quality out of your purchase. You can also ask us via the chatbox on the page. We will try our best to answer your questions before you decide to buy glasses. We often call ourselves styling opticians because we think that apart from the professional eye tests, we want you to look really good in glasses thus providing your suggestion based on your face shape, lifestyle, and work. Best of all, we give you a 7 days period to try out the new glasses to ensure that you are satisfied with the new glasses. For multifocal, we even extend the trial period to 14 days!

What glasses is suitable for me?

suitable glasses

What glasses is suitable for me? This article will inform readers of Malaysia about eyewear glasses decisions. Suitable for all age group, please read on.

Intro: What glasses is suitable for me?

Finding a suitable glasses should never be a life wrecking decision, but rather a very fun experience ever.

The thought of you going to join the specky unit should never override your excitement to finally assist you in your poor eyesight.

Wearing glasses nowadays are even more fun, since people are even regarding it as fashion essentials. If you are finally thinking on getting a glasses, do make sure to consider a few things before consulting the expertise.

Question 1: Are you a Nobita or Suneo?

  • How much do you need your glasses?
  • How worse is your eyesight?
  • What is it for?

By considering these questions you will become much clearer on what type of glasses that you need.

When it is for a constant use for the whole day, you should consider something that is simple but always ready on the go.

The frame should also of something that attune to everything that you wear. If it is just needed for reading or studying or only at certain times, something exquisite would be quite experimental yet authentic.

Question 2: Adudu, Doraemon or Phineas?

Know your face shape.

Wrong choice on specs style will override your face complexion a lot, if you don’t really pay much attention to it. You will either look like the next genius or just another unfit guy in the class; so better be aware of this.

The easiest way to know your face shape is by taking a picture of yourself and analyse it. If you are still unsure of it, look at yourself in the mirror and use a lipstick on anything to draw the outline of your face.

There even got online website that can advise you on the best frame for your face shape. With this way it is much easier to identify the frame that matches you very well.

Question 3: Killer B or Kisame? Or what’s your skin tone?

Important enough, for you to find something that blend very well with your skin tone.

Those with fairer skin can surely fit with any colour but it doesn’t mean you can just simply pick on any colour with eyes closed.

While on the other hand people with darker skin tone also has the same opportunity to be creative but both parties should consider to present with their best and warm look later on. Unless if you want to stand out with a fresh look, there’s always room for creativity. Experiment at its best.

Question 4: Sarada, Denki or Kabuto? How daring are you?

Any preferences in your mind? If you are those type that like to experiment on thing, then it will be good enough.

Try out exotic colours or even unique and one-of-a-kind frame and be bold and different. Like, who knows yellow will be the next trend right?

But make sure to keep in mind to not overdo it, if you don’t want to looks like a clown missing its birthday party invitation *wink*

Question 5: Are you Lilo and Stitch? (Did you need a UV protection or not?)

Truth is, everyone does. It is much more important if your eyes is sensitive to UV rays, so you better have your glasses that darken when you are out exposed in the sun.

Even the all hail Lilo the Hawaiian beach girl knew that she need to take extra care of her eyes when going out exposed under the sun.

Question 6: Ok I have decided. Where to next?

Now you are all set to pay a visit to your trusted store.

Consult the expertise and brief them with your preferences.

And never feels scared to voice out your obscure feeling on finally getting yourself a pair of glasses. Certainly it is a new feeling but it is worth of your lifetime eyesight.

You should feel free to talk about your concern and they will surely prescribe you with the best pair.

You can also consult our expertise here at Pott Glasses.

Alternatively you can make an appointment to have your eye tested and consultation. From choosing glasses to thorough eye test, we strive to give the bespoke recommendation. In addition, you get RM 35 discount when you make an appointment online. Why not?

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How to Style Round Glasses

Read on to find out how to style round glasses in this article that is Suitable for Malaysians aged 16 to 36.

Intro to: How to style round glasses

No doubt we love to love the vintage style.

Everything vintage seems to be making a comeback in the world of fashion nowadays. There is no exception to the oh-so-versatile round glasses, which typically suits just about anyone with any style.

Think about Harry Potter, do you think every glasses can rock in both the wizarding world AND the modern day muggle world? I guess not. As versatile as round spectacles are, here are some of our favourite ways to style the timeless piece.

Style Round Glasses for: Sophistication

how to style round glasses 1

Show your sophisticated business side with an oversized black round sunglasses, as black is always classy, always.

For a pop of colour, pair the glasses with a coloured blazer.

Go for colours like navy blue, grey, burgundy, or like Korean pop star Suzy pictured above, match with ocean blue blazer with a cream top underneath.

However, don’t feel restricted, as black glasses go well with anything.

If black is not your thing, tortoise shell delivers sophistication just as much as black glasses.

Tortoise shell glasses instantly add a splash of colour to the otherwise boring black and white business outfits.

Just be sure to go for the more subtle and darker variety of tortoise shell for a more polished, classy look.

Style Round Glasses for: Chic Casual

Trust me when I say round glasses are great for casual wear.


Just about any type of round glasses add sugar and spice to your everyday look.

Some of our favourites are thin framed round glasses for that minimalistic look.

Celebrity fashion: Check out Kendall Jenner sipping coffee while looking good on a casual day out. On the other hand, her fellow model friend Gigi Hadid also casually cruising down the street with a more funky looking thick plastic round glasses and circle frame.

circle frame

There really are no limits of styling with casual wear. Style with anything from leather jacket like what Kendall is wearing, or Gigi’s white blazer placed stylishly over the shoulders. Even if you are just wearing tee and shorts, the right glasses will always enhance your look.

Style Round Glasses for: Glamour

how to style round glasses 3

Who can forget Jeon Ji Hyun in “My Love from the Star”?

Celebrity Fashion: Her character in it is the epitome of glamorous. Like pictured above, go for oversized circle glasses with a pop of colour or pattern to be oh-so-glamorous while still showing a little bit of fun side.

Complete your glamour look by styling in preppy clothes: lace dresses, long maxi dresses, an oversized coat, or a tight little black dress.

Style Round Glasses for: Hippie bohemian

Metal frame and colour tinted lenses, the once dreaded hippie fashion is making a comeback.

Metal frame and colour tinted lenses, the once dreaded hippie fashion is making a comeback.

You can easily spot hundreds of people wearing one of these colourful rounded glasses every year in festivals like the infamous Coachella.

To complement its colourful lenses, style with bohemian inspired dresses, crop tops, floral, and laces.

Plastic frame with patterns such as tortoise shell works well for the hippie image too.

Celebrity Fashion: Like Johnny Depp pictured above, style with rugged clothes, a beanie, and long necklaces. Other choices are like a loose fit flannel shirt and jeans.

Conclusion – About round spectacles style

Round spectacles and circle frame are fun and cheeky which not only serve their designated purpose as an eyewear, but also acts as an versatile accessory to add an extra edge to your daily look.

Whichever style of round glasses you choose, remember to keep your personal style in mind, as finding the right pair of glasses can be a tricky business.

With the right glasses that complement your style, you can easily look like a fashionista every day!

Buying glasses online: What to look out?

Online glasses store

Online shopping, definitely a familiar term to modern day people. We can buy almost everything online, groceries, clothes, electrical appliances, and the list goes on and on. But, have you ever considered buying glasses online? I bet most of your answers is NO. Why? Because getting a pair of glasses is one of those things that requires more of a “personal touch”, and a great element of customer service goes with it. However, imagine yourself in a situation like this: you are browsing websites for a new pair of glasses and you come across a designer that you really like. But, the designer is physically out of your reach. So, what can you do? Here’s where online shopping comes in handy. So, when you are buying something that usually is being bought at a physical store, more consideration has to be poured in. Here’s a guide of what you need to consider when buying glasses online:

Buying glasses online step 1 : Know your face shape

source:eyeweardock.comYou might like it round, rectangular, or clubmaster, but the question is, does something you like really suits you? You will not want to buy something that doesn’t look good on you right? So basically there are four different types of face shapes, namely

  1. i) round-shaped, ii) square-shaped, iii) heart-shaped, and iv) oval-shaped.

Now, go look into the mirror and determine which category that best describes your face. Then, you can follow this general guide on how to choose a pair of glasses based on your face shape. Other than the style of the frame, you might want to consider the size of the pair of glasses too. So remember to check out the size specifications of the glasses when buying online.If you are still hesitant which shape to go for, you can always go to your nearest eyewear retailer, preferably those with an open concept where you can just try on the glasses on display, decide which shape of glasses best suits you, and then go back to your desired designer online and choose that shape.

Buying glasses online step 2 : Get your eyes checked

After you have chosen your ideal frame, the lenses are what you need to consider next. When buying glasses online, you will have to fill out your prescription form, so make sure you get your eyes checked by an optometrist to obtain the latest prescription reading. Here’s all the readings you should know and get from your eye examiner:

  • SPH/Sphere: the spherical error that is needed to rectify short-sightedness (-), or long-sightedness (+). The higher the number, the stronger is your prescription.
  • CYL/Cylinder: it is needed to correct astigmatism which cause distorted images. Most people have a reading between 0.5-0.75. If you have a reading more than 1.5, it is when you will need prescription lenses to correct it.
  • AXIS: is a degree, between 0 – 180, of where the astigmatism is located on your cornea.
  • ADD: which is the additive power if you go for a bifocal lenses. It is added to the lower part of your lenses.
  • PD/Pupillary Distance: the distance between your pupils. Having a PD reading will allow your lenses to be placed at the most ideal spot. Find out how to measure your PD here.
  • PRISM: it is used to rectify double vision and ease eye strain by tricking the brain into thinking the eyes are working well together.

Buying glasses online step 3 : Decide what type of lenses you need

There are generally three types of lenses:

  1. Single-vision lenses: which only have one power and is the most common type of lenses for short/long- sightedness and astigmatism.
  2. Bifocals/multifocals: have two or more power which allows you to see both near and far objects clearly.
  3. Progressive lenses: it is a more advanced version of bifocals/multifocals. It allows a smooth transition for the user to see objects in the far, intermediate, close, and anything in between.  

Next, you will need to know what type of lens material and coatings you require. Here are some common and popular ones:

  1. Standard plastic lenses (CR-39): lightweight and economical, however, it might not be suitable for people that requires a high prescription.
  2. Polycarbonate: more durable and impact-resistant. It suits children and people with an active lifestyle.
  3. High index lenses: which can be either 1.56, 1.6, 1.67, or 1.74, the higher the thinner the lenses.
  4. Blue light lenses: this coating protects your eyes against harmful rays from your digital devices.
  5. UV protection: as its name suggest, this coating blocks UV radiation from reaching your eyes.
  6. Light-adjusting coating: this lenses change its degree of tint depending on the amount of light you are exposed to. So it doubles as a sunglasses when you are outdoors.
  7. Anti-reflective coating: reduces glare from digital devices and nightlights. It also reduces reflection of your lenses and thus letting others see your eyes clearly!

Buying glasses online tip 4 : Look out for return policy and warranty

At last, when you are buying glasses online, you will want to have a peace of mind if anything goes wrong. Make sure the glasses that you are buying online has a return policy that allows you to return and get a new pair if what you get is not what you asked for, or if you find it uncomfortable to wear your new glasses. Also look out for warranty period that allows you to get a new pair if certain damage is found within the warranty period. So there you go! Things you should consider and look out for when you are buying glasses online. In this digital age you shouldn’t let distance be an obstacle from getting something you like. Buying glasses online definitely allows you to explore different designers from around to world and how much variety of eyewear they can offer. So go on, explore!  

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Ways to Pull Off Cat Eye Glasses

Styling Cat Eye Glasses

Cat eye glasses is a type of modern eyewear fashion trend in Malaysia. After making its plausible debut in 1950s and 1960s, cat eye glasses successfully regained its fame these days. In a fast moving fashion era, this old eyewear trend gains popularity as Malaysians and the world love the cyclical change of modern fashion. Being one of the most pursued look nowadays, there are 5 ways to pull off cat eye glasses without looking quirky or weird.

#1 Cat Eye Glasses 2017: Add the fine vintage look

Source: Instagram

While cat eye glasses are mostly associated with women, it is still undeniable a favorite option even after so many years. Nobody could go wrong when it comes to vintage mode. Malaysia Celebrity Eyewear Style: The beautiful Scha Alyahya was seen rocking that golden old school style on her honeymoon in Venice. Scha is smart to match the vintage Panama hat with an oversized catchy white cat eye glasses. The sharp, white curve on her glasses really make it stood out but she brilliantly blend it well with bright colours on her outfit.

#2 Either go vintage… or go urban

Play with minimalist colour of white and denim. On top of that, add a touch of a cap and a cardigan wrapped around the waist is actually not much of work for you to rock this cat eye glasses style. You don’t have to appear with rugged clothes to bring out the urban look. Instead, get youself an eyewear that brings you the versatility in you. Pottglasses Eyewear Fashion Tip: For fair-skinned people, it is important to choose a darker frame, so that your complexion contrasts the brighter fair skin and makes the style stood out so much better.

Fair skin… Darker Frame Cat Eye Glasses  

#3 Career lady look…

Eyewear for work: Who knows that cat eye type of glasses could bring out the lady boss in you? The fact that this type of eyewear brings out the independent character of you. This is to say you can easily portray yourself as a modern career driven lady with cat eye glasses. Pottglasses Eyewear Fashion Tip: Do not go for very edgy design. Look for something thin frame with mild cat eye design : we call it contemporary cat eye.  

#4 Cat Eye Glasses 2017: Go fit, clean

While cat eye glasses are mostly associate with women, how that gender stereotyping perception is no longer applicable in these days. As much as how this type of eyeglasses emphasize on sharpness of its edge, it actually helps to intensify the bold and professional look in men too. Pottglasses Eyewear Fashion Tip: Sharp corporate outfit of contemporary colours pairs with turtleshell really shine your way in any career you undertake. After working, take off the glasses and get ready to take over any big business.  

#5 Now, the superwoman section

Source: Instagram

Bring out the modern day Marilyn Monroe in you. No matter how other people out there glam this eyewear, you got to do YOUR very own mix and match. When this type of glasses makes its debut in the 50s, people just bravely embrace this cat eye glasses with anything in their wardrobe. Laces, embroidery or even colourful beads are most synonym with women, so why not experimenting on them once in awhile? This cat eye fashion is first originated by a great lady of power. Hence, if you are wearing cat eye glasses, nobody is going to tell you you are out of the league or whatsoever.

Conclusion on Cat Eye Glasses 2017

All in all, no matter which size you want to pick for yourself, make sure that it suits you and brings out the best image for you. Experts from quote an important point from Marie Wilkinson, Cutler and Gross’s veteran design director. She makes note on the importance of the glasses to flatter and conform to your face and not to conceal beautiful parts especially the eyebrows and cheekbones. As long as you are happy with the style, you will surely bring out confidence within you. Now take your leap and try out these cat eye glasses looks now! ‘Pottglasses designs and handcrafts cat eye glasses to suit Malaysian fashion trends. Test and find the perfect style with the stylist Hau to learn how to dress for killer job interviews! You may also want to know how to find the perfect pair for yourself’