Mother’s Day Gift

5 thoughtful gifts for Mother's Day

Mother’s Day Gift : 5 thoughtful gifts that will make her happy!

She has been your unwavering cheerleader and the biggest supporter throughout your whole life. She was there by your side when everyone turn their back to you. She gave her all for the best of you and she is no one else except, your one and only Mum. This upcoming Mother’s Day, give her something that shows how much you appreciate her and everything she stands for.

Mother’s Day Gift 1 : Massage package

Massage mother day

Figure out something to help ease all those muscle stiffness! Being a Mum means that you are working 24 hours a day, 7 day a week; no vacation at all! Nobody can imagine how much that small body is enduring all these while. Hence, present your mum with a whole day off from all those restless housework and instead a relaxing spa treatment. See how much she’s enjoying all those pampering, especially when it is Mother’s Day! Change the role; let the Mums all pampered at the spa, and you siblings instead clean up the house.

Mother’s Day Gift 2 : Spectacles

hard to read

Almost all parents do enjoy having their me-time, to enjoy the quiet time by their own selves. Reading at their age is among the relaxing things that they sure enjoy to do, but as they age, the presbyopia is also slowly affecting them. With their vision getting blurry, struggling to read is just too much for them. Glasses is just the perfect things as a gift, since you surely don’t want them to ignore your text as they can’t read it, right?

Mother’s Day Gift 3 : Full medical check up

  1. What’s better than making sure your beloved mama is in her pink of health, or maybe putting a swift halt to any health problem at its early stage? This year Mother’s Day how about getting your mum a thorough body check-up package as early prevention is the best of any cure.

Mother’s Day Gift 4: Bird nest

bird nest mothers day

High in active protein, birdnest is one really nutritious dessert for your mum. Packed in small bottles, the birdnest is easy to carry and consumed. Yan’s Society is also having Mother’s Day promotion. Time to get something sweet for mama!

Mother’s Day Gift 5 : Manicure and Pedicure

posh mothers day

Woman loves this, regardless of age. Not only that it makes mama feels like queen to have someone to serve her, the manicure and pedicure also have anti aging effect. Mama has been working hard to raise us up, why not pamper her with this service. Check out what Posh! has to offer.


Presenting her those thoughtful gifts surely meant a world to her, showing that how much you care and conscious enough with all of her workload all these while. So grab your chance now to prove your love to her. Happy Mother’s Day to all those brave and tough mothers out there!


We are also running a promotion on mother’s day! That’s 20% discount for all mothers, and additional 10% discount if it’s a gift to your mother! So bring them to our outlets for eye test! What other better gift than having a great vision!

Bring mum for eye test today

How thick will the glasses be?

thick lens

Lens thickness is always an unknown!

OMG! My glasses is thicker than Subway cookie!!

Look at that thick glasses! His power must be very high!

If your prescription is higher than -3.00, you must have heard of or experience the above scenario.

Who’d want the glasses to be thick when it can actually be thinner?! But the problem is how well do you know about glasses/lens thickness? If you do not know anything about the thickness, how are you going to expect the end result?

We understand your pain, that is why this article is here to help you to understand more about lens thickness and make better decision in buying glasses.

 The burning question you have is : 

what thickness should you choose for your prescription?

Here are the recommendation

  • If your power is around -2.00, choose 1.56 index, lens and frame together is RM 295.
  • If your power is around -4.00, choose 1.61 index, lens and frame together is RM 395.
  • If your power is around -6.00, choose 1.67 index, lens and frame together is RM 525.
  • If your power is more than that, choose thinnest lens, 1.74 index, thats RM 725.

If you want to find out how much the glasses cost with different type of lens, click the link in the button.

Glasses Price

If you are interested to understand more about lens thickness, how is it being affected by other factors, continue with the reading. You will be an expert by the time you finish reading it!

The myth about lens thickness

Have you wondered what determine the lens thickness? Why does optician recommend you to use thin lens? Is that necessary? How do you make a better choice?

In this article, we will dive deeper to discuss everything about lens thickness. Let’s start with the question “what is thin lens?”.

  What affect lens thickness  


To understand this, you should know that lens thickness is generally categorized into 4 groups, or we normally call it “index” ie 1.56, 1.61, 1.67 and 1.74. The higher the index, the thinner the lens is.


This is easy to understand. For the same index, the higher the prescription, the thicker the lens is.

Pupillary distance

Pupillary distance is the distance between two pupil centers. The idea is to align the optical center to the pupillary center so that we can minimize distortion and optimize the vision. The wider the pupillary distance, the lens will be thinner.

The calculation can be a bit tedious but do remember the relationship between pupillary distance and lens thickness.

Pupillary distance is an absolute measurement which intrinsically depends on wearer’s face size and eye. There is no good or bad effect associated with the pupillary distance.

Frame size

Since the lens thickness increases exponentially, as the frame size gets larger, it will utilize the side of the lens, which is also the thicker part. Therefore, for the same prescription and lens index, the larger the frame, the thicker the lens will turn to.

  Why choose thinner lens  

There are many advantages for choosing thinner lens.

Hide your high power

You wouldn’t want your friends to make fun of your prescription nor letting others know your high prescription. Most people associate thick lens with high power. Therefore, choosing thinner lens can easily hide your prescription.


Aesthetically pleasant

Thin frame is the latest trend nowadays. It looks clean, simple and easily pulled off by just anyone. You wouldn’t want to match it with thick lens, don’t you? That will definitely defeat the purpose of getting a thin frame.

Light and comfortable

Glasses rest on the nose. Thicker lens is generally heavier. You wouldn’t want a pair of heavy glasses sit on your nose the entire day and leave red mark. Besides, heavier lens can cause the glasses to slip down easily. You’d need to keep pushing it up. This very action can be pretty annoying.

  Must know :  How to choose the ideal thickness  

By now you must have had a better understanding about lens thickness. It is no brainer to always go for the thinnest lens. However, thin lens can be pricey. Sometimes, you may not need to choose the thinnest lens if the benefit is not substantial. So, here’s a guide on how to choose lens with ideal thickness.

Know the prescription range

  • 1.56 index is ideal for power less than -2.00,
  • 1.61 index is ideal for power less than -4.00,
  • 1.67 is ideal for power less than -6.00,
  • 1.74 index is ideal for power less than -8.00.
  • However, do take note that this does not take into consideration of astigmatism which can add extra thickness. Beyond -8.00, 1.74 index lens will look thick as well. If you are very particular about thickness, you may want your optician to explain further on it.

Choose smaller frame/shape

Like abovementioned, larger frame will result in thicker lens. As such, if your power is higher than -5.00, you may want to filter out the oversize frames.

Your pupillary distance

If your pupillary distance is wide, your lens will be more likely thinner than your friend whose pupillary distance is much narrower. If you are the one with narrow pupillary distance ie 54-60 mm, try not to choose large frame to save on money on buying thin lens.

To conclude, this is a general guide about lens thickness. There are more measurements and factors to consider when it comes to choosing lens thickness.

There are also lens index of 1.50, 1.53, 1.59, 1.70 and more. There are things like spherical and aspherical lens where aspherical lens is thinner than spherical for the same index. There is also different prescription availability for different lens index. When it comes to deciding the lens thickness, it’s best to know all the information shared here and discuss with your optician.

Leave the job to us

If you’re looking for glasses recommendation, feel free to schedule an appointment with us. We will take into consideration of your lifestyle, prescription, preference and face shape to recommend the ideal one.

Not to mention we also provide thorough eye test! Bring your friends and family along! Fill in the form here to get additional RM35 discount!



2018 Coolest Glasses That You Want To Buy

Snap glasses

2018 Coolest Glasses Around

Being cool means standing out from the crowd. In this article, I’d like to introduce some of the coolest glasses that are invented these days. I am sure many of you have seen movies where a character wears a cool pair of glasses, and with a touch of a tiny button on that glasses, can seem to do seemingly impossible things, like, analyzing what the target had for breakfast or magically shoots out bullets to save the day? While there are still no glasses that cool with today’s technology, there are still some glasses out there that are not your average pair. They are not necessarily quirky looking, most of them are even as stylish as your regular glasses, but they definitely do more than just helping you see and protecting your eyes.

Snap Spectacles


Video cameras never look so stylish until Snap Spectacles. Snap Spectacles is developed under the same company which developed Snapchat, a popular social media, which is why you are guaranteed a hip and stylish product. Snap Glasses has a built-in camera, which allows the user to capture precious moments in their point-of-view. It is like a go-pro but cooler! You will never have to worry about your hands being occupied with your regular video recording devices, and never have to be constantly looking at the camera until you miss out on the wonderfulness around you. Snap Spectacles allows the user to record 10 second worth of video each time. The videos can then be linked to your mobile phone and shared on various social media. Snap has integrated social media with glasses, thus it is our top coolest glasses.


Google Glasses

Google glasses is like a computer in the form of an eyeglasses, quite literally. Information can be displayed right in front of your eyes, and you will really feel like The Terminator! What’s cooler? Users can even communicate with the Internet using voice commands! Ever since the product ceased in 2015, Google glasses is not widely available to the public. However, it is making a comeback this year, targeting business customers. It is especially helpful for works such as those in an assembly line, where the job is more hands-on. Google glasses claimed to allow workers to perform more efficiently, where they don’t have to constantly go back and forth between the computer and their work area. For example, it allows the user to access to operating procedures, checklists, and even a real-time video streaming to be shared with co-workers! By integrating tech with glasses, Google glasses made it the the second coolest glasses in our list. Unfortunately this glasses are not available anymore. Let’s hope Google will reintroduce them!

Clip On Glasses

There are times when you need sunglasses so badly but you couldn’t put on because you are wearing your prescription glasses. You wished you can change to contact lens but it feels uncomfortable wearing it. Then you decided to just remove your glasses and wear sunglasses only until you realise that you’ve missed out all the great scenery. You last resort, wear the sunglasses on over the glasses. That is why we think that Clip On Glasses are on of the coolest glasses. A polarised tinted lens to be sticked on the prescription glasses whenever you need it. When you don’t need it, keep the lens in the case. As simple as that!

Bone Conduction Glasses

Sounds very peculiar right? Ever wondered can a pair of glasses be doubled as a headphone? Yes it can! On the outside, bone conduction glasses looks like your regular glasses. But, there is a twist, as it comes with integrated bone conduction speakers, which send the sound waves into your brain via vibrations. You will be basically hearing sounds in your head! Cooler thing is, people around you cannot even hear what you are listening to. So rest assured when you are blasting your Justin Bieber music. It is like your personal speaker on the move. It is also a safer choice than our good ol’ earphones or headphones, as it doesn’t block out all the surrounding sounds. In that way you will still be able to hear passersby screaming frantically at you if you drop your wallet while listening to music.


The De-stress Glasses

Your solution when you are under pressure but still need to do well. How it works? Glasses like the Safilo X is equipped with sensors that can trace brainwaves, movement of the eye, your facial expressions and more! They provide instantaneous biofeedback, brain training activities, and meditation to help you stay focused and calm. Before or after a nerve-wrecking activity, such as giving a speech or a competition, slip on a pair and you will feel Zen once again, or when you are going through a stressful period, such as an exam, a pair of brainwave-sensing glasses will help to reduce the stress and anxiety.

Ultra Flexible Glasses

Glasses sometimes can be quite expensive especially when the lens come with different feature such as computer lens or transition lens. That is why glasses should last you at least one and a half year. Few things can happen to make you change glasses, one of them is broken part. If the temple leg, or the frame, or the nose pad breaks, you’re forced to change glasses (even when the lenses are still in good condition). So why not get something that is super durable like the Ultra Flexible Glasses. The frame is made of ultem, a super durable and light material. The structure of the frame give it even better shock absorption feature. When you accidentally pressed on it, it will be fine. Check out our series here.

ultra flexible frame

Activity-tracking Glasses

You won’t have to go for the costly fitness tracking wristband while you can do the same with your glasses! Such glasses are capable of tracking the number of steps you take, calculating distance, speed, calories, and your heart rate. Even if you are just sitting in the office, glasses like this is useful too. When you are sitting down for too long, activity tracking glasses sends you a reminder to stand up and move around. Some activity tracking glasses are even capable of monitoring your diet by recording the number of times you chew and categorize your food intake into different classes.

Just like any other technology, new technologies like these cool smart-glasses take some time to sink in at its initial stages, which is why it is still not fairly common yet. However, there is a strong future for these techy pieces, and adding another cool aspect of wearing glasses while shedding its old stereotype.

For now, you may want to explore more about the cool and trendy glasses. Or glasses that protect the eyes from harmful computer light. Check out more here.

If you have not gotten your eye checked for quite some time, feel free to schedule an appointment at our outlet for thorough eye check. You can also try out all the cool glasses!

7 Questions to Ask When You Buy Glasses

Buy Glasses

It is no news that prescription glasses are very personal pieces, tailored to exactly meet an individual’s needs. Which is why when it comes to such personalized items, a whole lot more of consideration needs to be poured in. From the frames to the lenses and anything else involved, here we list down 7 questions you should ask when you buy glasses.

  1. Why am I getting a new pair of glasses?

Before you buy anything, it is always wise to ask yourself: why am I spending money on this? What am I going to use this for? How am I going to use it? Same goes for glasses. Do you want to replace your old glasses? Or are you adding another pair to your collection to create various looks? Are your glasses for a serious job or to add some spice to your weekend outfit? Are you going to wear the glasses for a badminton session or you have another pair for it? To make subsequent decisions, you should have a clear idea of the purpose of the glasses.


  1. What shape and colour of the frame looks good on me?

Be it your first time getting glasses, or just wanting to switch things up a little, you might wonder what type of glasses you will look best in. For a general rule of thumb, follow this to find out which shape of glasses best suit your face. If not, just head on down to your optician to personally try on some glasses. Trying on glasses is free and fun! Same goes for the colour of the frame, go for something that suits your skin tone and your lifestyle. Whether it is the shape or the colour, the glasses you choose should fit your style and be appropriate for its intended use. You wouldn’t want to go for bright colours for a serious desk job right? Before you decide to buy glasses, make sure that the glasses really suit your daily style.


How to choose glasses based on face shape
  1. What lenses?

First, do you need single-vision, bifocals, or progressive lenses? Single-vision lenses are for people who are either short-sighted or far-sighted; bifocals are for people who are both short-sighted and far sighted; while progressive lenses have seamless multi-focal points. Material wise, the most common will be plastic lenses. If you have a higher power reading, consider going for high index lenses so that you won’t look like a frog in your glasses. Need impact resistant lenses? Polycarbonate lenses are your answer. At last, consider some extra features for your lenses. Most lenses nowadays come with UV protection and anti-reflective coating. Do consider features like anti-scratch coating and blue light protection coating if you are on your digital devices all day. Here’s a quick intro to all types of lenses.


  1. What to look for in a good quality frame?

We all want good quality stuff, for sure. Don’t hastily jump into conclusion just because the glasses look good on you, take some time to examine the frame. When you buy glasses, you want to feel the glasses in your hand to check the quality? Are they solid or flimsy? When you move the arms of the glasses, are there any friction or do they move smoothly? How do you feel when you put on the glasses? Are they comfortable? If you go for a plastic frame, is the plastic durable or does it look like one of those kawaii Hello Kitty frames? And if you go for a metal frame, will the coatings wear off or it will be able to withstand prolonged wear and tear? Check with your optician to be sure of the quality of the glasses.

buy glasses

  1. Which optician to choose?

It may seem like a no-brainer, but the optician you choose is pretty important as well, as not only does the product matters, the service does too! If you find yourself a good one, you won’t have to go through the hassle again for your next visit. Choose an optician you feel comfortable with, who patiently waits for you as you try on every single pair of their glasses. Also pay attention to their skill sets, how they handle your questions and how they conduct the eye test. The optician should have ample amount of time to serve you and provide you with every single detail associated.


  1. Should I be concerned with online reviews?

I am sure most of us will do some research before buying anything by reading online reviews. Same goes for buying glasses, read up some experience of past users about both the optician and the eyewear that you are buying. These information can be easily accessed at the tip of your hand as most business nowadays has a special webpage dedicated for them. Online reviews shouldn’t be taken at face value as well. For example, an optician with a rating of 10 out of 10 isn’t much useful if there are only less than 5 reviews. Do be cautious about the credibility of these reviews as well. Look for reviews that provide details as opposed to just a few words like “this shop is awesome!”


  1. What after sales services and warranties am I entitled with?

So, after you have gotten your new glasses, will that be the end of it? The answer is rarely yes. What if your glasses is ill-fitted? What if you experience headaches wearing the new glasses? What if the frames break without any apparent cause? All these call for a good after sales service. So, be sure to check with your optician before you make any purchases. Most opticians are willing to make a few twitches to make sure your glasses fit well, but will they be responsible if the lenses is causing you some dizziness? Also, check whether your glasses (frames + lenses) comes with a warranty, which allows you to exchange or repair without charges.


There, ask these questions to yourself and to your optician when you are looking for a new pair of glasses. If you haven’t decide on an optician, you may have to ask a few short-listed ones to make sure you get the best deal and best quality out of your purchase. You can also ask us via the chatbox in the page. We will try our best to answer your questions before you decide to buy glasses.

We often call ourselves styling optician because we think that apart from professional eye test, we want you to look really good in glasses thus providing your suggestion based on your face shape, lifestyle and work. Best of all, we give you a 7 days period to try out the new glasses to ensure that you are satisfy with new glasses. For multifocal, we even extend the trial period to 14 days!

Questions people wearing glasses always hear, and must patiently answer

blurry vision finger

The article describes popular questions that Malaysians that wear glasses always hear, and written with the intention for leisure read.

To 10 Questions people wearing glasses always hear, and must patiently answer

The below are the frequently asked questions that people wearing glasses have to bear with daily life in Malaysia.

Question 1 : How much power?

Okay let’s start with this most boring and yet it never stop the endless curiosity from the people. People around you as if you got a superpower, and ironically, your answer DO sounds like you possess the deemed superpower. I mean like it never sounded normal anyway.

“Two years back left is 250, right eye is 300. Now both eyes almost same already.”

It couldn’t be any normal than this right?

Question 2 : Can you see me?

Inner thought: I’m not blind yet okay. What now? You want me to be blind then you feel happy don’t you? I never knew you are such friend. How disappointing, but not surprising anyway. Wait until you also need to wear one, I will ask you the same question. Let’s see if you feel what I feel right now.

What you say: “Yeah”

Question 3 : How many fingers I’m showing you now?

“Five dude. Five. Now you are showing me two. No need to bring it way back further la. I know it is three fingers. Oh wait. What’s wrong with your pinky nail?” You make up things so that they stop asking you more. The more you have experience this questions, you suddenly become expert at questioning even the passing small breeze, just to switch your friend’s attention towards another thing, other than their finger game.

Question 4 : Can you go diving?

“I used to go to numerous waterpark. I went mount climbing. I joined triathlon. I love swimming. I even did bungee jumping last year. It’s fun! I enrolled in taekwondo club. I play football. Oh, I also used to go for a horse ride with my family. You want to come along this year?”

“Oh okay. But, can you go diving?”

Question 5 : Where’s your specky?

Every. Single. Time. Especially those days that you feel you want to break free from your vision assistance and instead wear contacts. Those days that you are in a good mood to dress up a little bit but your good vibe didn’t last long when suddenly your friends start to frantically waving their hands right at your face, to make sure you can see them.

Question 6 : Ever considering contacts?

Umm I do consider that. But sometimes it’s quite tedious and time consuming. But won’t you people will then ask me question number 5 then?

Question 7 : How many years it has been?

Imagine if it a question being asked to those sweet lovebirds. They will look at their partner, lock their hands, the girl shyly look away while the guy takes the opportunity to kiss her forehead; it was such a sweet 15 seconds of waiting for your question to be answered. But if it being asked to you the lone wolf, umm-maybe-two-to-three-years-ago-I-don’t-really-remember answer only takes two seconds to be answered since you got no drama to spice in. Utmost apology.

Question 8 : Can you teach me Addmath?

Like, you look super smart. I mean, you wear specs right? You must read a lot man. I heard eh people that wear glasses are usually brainy one. So you must be good in Addmath what. Or of you don’t, can you teach me how to play rubik?

Question 9 : Can u live without your specky?

Generally, can. Technically, cant.

Question 10 : Hey bro! New specs eh?

You think?

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What glasses is suitable for me?

suitable glasses

What glasses is suitable for me? This article will inform readers of Malaysia about eyewear glasses decisions. Suitable for all age group, please read on.

Intro: What glasses is suitable for me?

Finding a suitable glasses should never be a life wrecking decision, but rather a very fun experience ever.

The thought of you going to join the specky unit should never override your excitement to finally assist you in your poor eyesight.

Wearing glasses nowadays are even more fun, since people are even regarding it as fashion essentials. If you are finally thinking on getting a glasses, do make sure to consider a few things before consulting the expertise.

Question 1: Are you a Nobita or Suneo?

  • How much do you need your glasses?
  • How worse is your eyesight?
  • What is it for?

By considering these questions you will become much clearer on what type of glasses that you need.

When it is for a constant use for the whole day, you should consider something that is simple but always ready on the go.

The frame should also of something that attune to everything that you wear. If it is just needed for reading or studying or only at certain times, something exquisite would be quite experimental yet authentic.

Question 2: Adudu, Doraemon or Phineas?

Know your face shape.

Wrong choice on specs style will override your face complexion a lot, if you don’t really pay much attention to it. You will either look like the next genius or just another unfit guy in the class; so better be aware of this.

The easiest way to know your face shape is by taking a picture of yourself and analyse it. If you are still unsure of it, look at yourself in the mirror and use a lipstick on anything to draw the outline of your face.

There even got online website that can advise you on the best frame for your face shape. With this way it is much easier to identify the frame that matches you very well.

Question 3: Killer B or Kisame? Or what’s your skin tone?

Important enough, for you to find something that blend very well with your skin tone.

Those with fairer skin can surely fit with any colour but it doesn’t mean you can just simply pick on any colour with eyes closed.

While on the other hand people with darker skin tone also has the same opportunity to be creative but both parties should consider to present with their best and warm look later on. Unless if you want to stand out with a fresh look, there’s always room for creativity. Experiment at its best.

Question 4: Sarada, Denki or Kabuto? How daring are you?

Any preferences in your mind? If you are those type that like to experiment on thing, then it will be good enough.

Try out exotic colours or even unique and one-of-a-kind frame and be bold and different. Like, who knows yellow will be the next trend right?

But make sure to keep in mind to not overdo it, if you don’t want to looks like a clown missing its birthday party invitation *wink*

Question 5: Are you Lilo and Stitch? (Did you need a UV protection or not?)

Truth is, everyone does. It is much more important if your eyes is sensitive to UV rays, so you better have your glasses that darken when you are out exposed in the sun.

Even the all hail Lilo the Hawaiian beach girl knew that she need to take extra care of her eyes when going out exposed under the sun.

Question 6: Ok I have decided. Where to next?

Now you are all set to pay a visit to your trusted store.

Consult the expertise and brief them with your preferences.

And never feels scared to voice out your obscure feeling on finally getting yourself a pair of glasses. Certainly it is a new feeling but it is worth of your lifetime eyesight.

You should feel free to talk about your concern and they will surely prescribe you with the best pair.

You can also consult our expertise here at Pott Glasses.

Alternatively you can make an appointment to have your eye tested and consultation. From choosing glasses to thorough eye test, we strive to give the bespoke recommendation. In addition, you get RM 35 discount when you make an appointment online. Why not?

How to Style Round Glasses

Read on to find out how to style round glasses in this article that is Suitable for Malaysians aged 16 to 36.

Intro to: How to style round glasses

No doubt we love to love the vintage style.

Everything vintage seems to be making a comeback in the world of fashion nowadays. There is no exception to the oh-so-versatile round glasses, which typically suits just about anyone with any style.

Think about Harry Potter, do you think every glasses can rock in both the wizarding world AND the modern day muggle world? I guess not. As versatile as round spectacles are, here are some of our favourite ways to style the timeless piece.

Style Round Glasses for: Sophistication

how to style round glasses 1

Show your sophisticated business side with an oversized black round sunglasses, as black is always classy, always.

For a pop of colour, pair the glasses with a coloured blazer.

Go for colours like navy blue, grey, burgundy, or like Korean pop star Suzy pictured above, match with ocean blue blazer with a cream top underneath.

However, don’t feel restricted, as black glasses go well with anything.

If black is not your thing, tortoise shell delivers sophistication just as much as black glasses.

Tortoise shell glasses instantly add a splash of colour to the otherwise boring black and white business outfits.

Just be sure to go for the more subtle and darker variety of tortoise shell for a more polished, classy look.

Style Round Glasses for: Chic Casual

Trust me when I say round glasses are great for casual wear.


Just about any type of round glasses add sugar and spice to your everyday look.

Some of our favourites are thin framed round glasses for that minimalistic look.

Celebrity fashion: Check out Kendall Jenner sipping coffee while looking good on a casual day out. On the other hand, her fellow model friend Gigi Hadid also casually cruising down the street with a more funky looking thick plastic round glasses and circle frame.

circle frame

There really are no limits of styling with casual wear. Style with anything from leather jacket like what Kendall is wearing, or Gigi’s white blazer placed stylishly over the shoulders. Even if you are just wearing tee and shorts, the right glasses will always enhance your look.

Style Round Glasses for: Glamour

how to style round glasses 3

Who can forget Jeon Ji Hyun in “My Love from the Star”?

Celebrity Fashion: Her character in it is the epitome of glamorous. Like pictured above, go for oversized circle glasses with a pop of colour or pattern to be oh-so-glamorous while still showing a little bit of fun side.

Complete your glamour look by styling in preppy clothes: lace dresses, long maxi dresses, an oversized coat, or a tight little black dress.

Style Round Glasses for: Hippie bohemian

Metal frame and colour tinted lenses, the once dreaded hippie fashion is making a comeback.

Metal frame and colour tinted lenses, the once dreaded hippie fashion is making a comeback.

You can easily spot hundreds of people wearing one of these colourful rounded glasses every year in festivals like the infamous Coachella.

To complement its colourful lenses, style with bohemian inspired dresses, crop tops, floral, and laces.

Plastic frame with patterns such as tortoise shell works well for the hippie image too.

Celebrity Fashion: Like Johnny Depp pictured above, style with rugged clothes, a beanie, and long necklaces. Other choices are like a loose fit flannel shirt and jeans.

Conclusion – About round spectacles style

Round spectacles and circle frame are fun and cheeky which not only serve their designated purpose as an eyewear, but also acts as an versatile accessory to add an extra edge to your daily look.

Whichever style of round glasses you choose, remember to keep your personal style in mind, as finding the right pair of glasses can be a tricky business.

With the right glasses that complement your style, you can easily look like a fashionista every day!

This Years Halloween Costume Ideas – 2017

Glasses is getting much synonym with fashion, but lesser chemistry is seen when it comes to Halloween.

Was it because those quirky ghost didn’t wear specs? Then it is not a good news for people that can’t live without their specs.

This is one of the moment where you wonder why those dreary ghost have good eye sight; it is a wonder how they take good care of their eyes while busy scaring people away.

Don’t fret guys. Halloween should be much more fun than some artistic makeup and intense costumes. It is more on how you make your character stand out and making an impact on the people.

So, here are some ideas on how you can make the memorable representation, using the most simplest costume, without having to jeopardize your glasses.

Wednesday Addams (The Addams Family)

This Wednesday Adams character don’t even need any splash of blood or torn face; shes all good with her laser-shoot gaze that is enough to scare people away.

Nevertheless the costumes is rather quirky and scary; imagine you pulling out some beautifully woven cartoon characters’ eyes from your blanket and hang them on your spectacles so that you can come along with your little siblings to collect your own candies.

It is just some serious babysitting here, but hey, no more splitting up candies since you can also collect on your own.

Abe Sapien (Hellboy)

Well hello there Abe Sapien. Looks like this Halloween someone is missing you.

Look how effortless the makeup is, yet it sure enough leaving people in awe with its incredible resemblance there!

Just name another more iconic remake than this; there got none!

This year Halloween is no longer about blood and creepiness, but who can stay in both water and land but still appear drop dead georgeous. Though it is not really a specs but it is still replacable with some round frame glasses.


Ouh-I-got-no-costume-to-wear-but-I-do-got-black shades-and-white-paint kind of costume. No more making up excuses to not to join candies hunting, honey.

Spiderman must be proud that there still got people that remember him; though it is a very last minute DIY.

The Red Queen (Alice In The Wonderland)

When black is your happy colour, but the Red Queen of Alice In the Wonderland is your dearest sweetheart, you get to do whatever it takes.

Even if it means to sneak away your grandpa’s reading glasses and apply some black coating on its glasses. But always remember to put it back just before the newspaper boy come the next morning!

Oh and to also remove your unkept coal contour before your sisters start their long lecture on perfect contouring techniques, and that you also should properly draw your brows and do not simply paste any random stickers instead.

White Queen (Narnia)

Just name any girl who never dream of wearing the White Queen magical snow white drape; even her almost untouchable tiara is a major envy.

Just don’t let any girl getting started with her crystal clear skin, it would become an endless narration … until she remember this is a tropical country which means all those dreamy coat and ice tiara are dead impossible.

Unless you are willing to sweat all along your walk but let’s just be realistic to not to look ridiculous.

Flying to any western countries for now is also of no good; it’s summer over there. This is where you have to give some moral support to your girlfriend by suggesting her to recreate a rebelling image of her favourite queen. I mean a villain can also look rebellious, right?

This theme will never be suitable in this country but never let your girl down. Help her with hot-gluing those shattered glasses on her dad’s goggle and telling her she is rocking those purple lipstickfor the night. This is also another example of a goggle but then again some old school glasses frame is also applicable.

Edna (The Incredibles)

Knock knock! Trick or treat.

Edna of The Incredibles has gotten much older, but she never forgot, nor getting smaller chips!

It turned out that it is too late to undye your hair for this year Halloween so you thought of this iconic poker face villain that goes along very well with your favourite shades. Miminum props, but impactful; perfect!

Halloween means it is another fun-filled nights and everyone deserves to cosplay whoever their most favourite icon is. But it will be much more magical if you manage to pull out those all times greatest characters and be different.

There is nothing as such that wearing glasses limits you in everything you do, but instead make it as one of your special best features ever.

Remember, it the crowd of Pennywise, dare to throw out your best dice!

Happy Halloween peeps!


Halloween glasses aside, if you’re looking for new glasses but have no idea how to choose the right pair for your face shape and work, you can make an appointment for glasses styling and eye test with us in the form below! The best part, you get RM35 off!

Steve Jobs Glasses

12th of September 2017 marks a huge milestone for Apple as they launch their most advanced iPhone to date, the iPhone X to celebrate 10 year anniversary since the inception of first iPhone. While everyone is discussing about the infinity screen of iPhone X and the ARkit, we choose to reminisce on the release of first iPhone by the late CEO of Apple, Mr Steve Jobs.

The Steve Jobs Glasses

Steve Jobs came up with his iconic rimless round glasses that portray image of creativity; pair with infamous black shirt and jeans, he hold the iPhone highly to showcase the breakthrough of Apple products that then later lead to many more breakthroughs in the next 10 years.

He is the guy who changed how we use our hand phone. He was able to visualise how phone should look like even when there is nothing close to actual product back then. He has the vision, the creativity, and more importantly the convincing power to make all of us believe in in his vision.

Many must have read how he made sure the launch of iPhone a success even though there were flaws with the actual unit. How he swapped few phones and confidently demonstrated and sell the vision. From the first iPhone to introduction of iPod and iPad, Steve had done great work in revolutionising how consumer technology products work for us.

In conjunction with the release of iPhone X, we are releasing the “Steve Jobs Glasses“. Comes in perfectly round shape, the rimless glasses made from polycarbonate lens is impact resistant. Besides, the memory metal leg is so durable and light that feel like virtually nothing is placed on the face of wearer.

One more thing..

The infamous Steve Jobs Glasses has no nose padding as it rests well on the nose bridge. However, here in Pott Glasses, we put a lot of attention on fitting and comfort of wearing glasses. Our version of Steve Jobs Glasses come with nose pad that is adjustable to sit nicely and comfortably on wearer’s face.

The glasses will be made available from now till 31st of October 2017. Grab one now starting from RM 555.

5 Malaysian Icons Who Wear Glasses That We Are Proud Of

Malaysia glasses trend on famous malaysian icons

This article gives readers an overview of famous Malaysian icons and their Malaysian glasses trend.

It is time of the year again, the time when exactly 60 years ago, Tunku Abdul Rahman chanted “MERDEKA!” three times at the Merdeka Square, signaling Malaya’s independence from the British colonization.

It is a significant day for all Malaysians, and we should all take a moment to appreciate and be thankful of the effort of our forefathers who fought hard for the people to be free of colonial powers.

Famous Malaysian Icons Who Wear Glasses

Here, as an effort to celebrate the most important day for all Malaysians, I will share my list of 5 Malaysian icons that I am proud of, and, who wear glasses!

These people are an inspiration to a lot of us, their achievements are well-know and have successfully carry the good name of our nation internationally.

Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Michelle Yeoh

Malaysia glasses trend on famous malaysian icons
Source: eco

Michelle was born in Ipoh and moved to the United Kingdom at the age of 15 where she studied ballet at the Royal Academy of Dance. She did not give up when an injury hindered her dream of becoming a ballet dancer, instead, she got herself a degree in creative arts minoring in drama.

Her resilient spirit eventually made her who she is today. At age 20, she won the Miss Malaysia Beauty Pageant and continue on to represent Malaysia at the Queen of the Pacific 1983 (which she won again) and Miss World 1983.

From there on, her career as an actress blossomed. She got the chance to appear in a commercial alongside Jackie Chan, and eventually landed acting gigs with D&B Films in Hong Kong. Her acting career started with action and martial arts movies.

The remarkable thing about Michelle is, despite having no martial arts background, she did a lot of the stunts by herself! And her hard work sure paid off! Her role as a bond girl in Tomorrow Never Dies and Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon brought her fame to the international level.

Dato’ Jimmy Choo

Malaysia glasses trend on famous malaysian icons

Jimmy Choo shoes are like the holy grail of shoes, not many of us are lucky enough to own a pair because they come at a hefty price. Dato’ Jimmy was born in Penang into a family of shoe makers, and was taught by his father the wonderful skill of shoe-making. To help support his college tuition fees in England, Dato’ Jimmy worked as a part timer in restaurants and as a cleaner in a shoe factory. After graduated with honors, he remained in England to further his dream as a shoe-maker.

In 1986, he successfully opened his first shop which soon gained attention in the fashion industry. Vogue featured his exquisite designs and craftsmanship in a full eight pages of the magazine. The late Princess Diana seemed to adore his shoes so much, that she was always seen with a pair of Jimmy Choo’s. What is admirable about Dato’ Jimmy Choo is that, he has a firm stand on his beliefs and motto.

Despite eventually growing his business rapidly by entering into a partnership and diversifying his brand into different fashion accessories like handbags, Dato’ Jimmy had doubts about the shoes that they were mass producing at a factory that time. So, he sold half of the company and returned to his roots of making custom-made shoes in a small shop in London. Though he does not always wear glasses, his love in glasses fashion is reflected in his designer eyewear merchandise.

Yuna Zarai a.k.a Yuna

Malaysia glasses trend on famous malaysian icons

Yuna is Malaysia’s homegrown singer-songwriter. This talented young lass began writing songs at the young age of 14, and even more admirable, she learned to play the guitar by herself too! While attending law school, Yuna did not give up her passion for music.

She started performing in shows and events as well as sharing her music online. Soon after her popularity soared online, an indie-pop record label in the US discovered her and ultimately gets her a contract with Fader Label which is based in New York.

That opened up a window that allowed her music to reach a greater audience. In 2012, her single Live Your Life produced by Pharrell Williams was debuted on iTunes. It served as an introductory to her first self-titled full length album. She was often dubbed “Pharrell’s protégé” because of this.

Since then, there is only success for Yuna. Her latest album Chapters made it into the Billboard Top 10 Best R&B Album of 2016. Yuna’s music is often soulful, as if she is trying to speak to you through her songs. All thanks to Yuna’s persistent in including the elements of melody and meaning to her songs, she refused to give into popular genres nowadays which seem to have forgo these crucial elements which define good music.

Tunku Abdul Rahman

Malaysia glasses trend on famous malaysian icons

No one can ever talk about inspiring Malaysian icons without mentioning our Father of Malaysia and our first Prime Minister Tunku Abdul Rahman. Without him, there will be no Malaysia, and maybe even no you and me. Tunku Abdul Rahman was born in the royal family of the Kedah Sultanate in 1903. After graduating from Cambridge, he returned to Kedah where he served as a civil service cadet, doing what he enjoyed doing, which is to help the people with their problems.

His political career started when he was appointed the president of the United Malays National Organization (UMNO), which ultimately formed an alliance with the Malayan Chinese Association (MCA) and Malayan Indian Congress (MIC). Ultimately, in 1956, Tunku Abdul Rahman headed a mission to London to negotiate for Malaya’s independence from the British.

The negotiation was successful and Malaya was granted its independence by 31st August 1957.

As Tunku Abdul Rahman believe, unity between the different cultures is an important key in achieving a better nation. This believe holds true even till today, where there should not be any division between races, there should be only ONE Malaysia. From there on, Tunku Abdul Rahman leaded the nation as its first Prime Minister and the rest is history.

Tun Dato’ Seri Dr. Mahathir Mohamad

Malaysia glasses trend on famous malaysian icons

Served as the fourth Prime Minister of Malaysia, Dr. Mahathir is no unusual name to all Malaysians. In fact, he was the Prime Minister that served our country the longest, from 1981 to 2003. Dr. Mahathir started out as a medical doctor. He later joined UMNO and eventually got into the Parliament and becoming the Prime Minister. Since then, the man has made tremendous contributions to our nation’s development, he is not known as “Bapa Pemodenan” for no reasons.

He had successfully turned Malaysia from a country that relied much on agriculture into a country that thrive in trading and high tech industries. Among that, he established the Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC) and initiated the National Car Project, which was given the name “Proton” subsequently.

Dr. M’s other large scale projects include the construction of the north-south highway, which took more than 10 years to complete. The highway cut down the time to travel in Peninsular Malaysia tremendously. Other notable projects of his are like the port of Tanjung Pelepas, Petronas Twin Towers, KLIA, Formula One Circuit, and the list goes on and on. Sure, a lot of people might have mix feelings for Dr. M, but his contributions to the greater good of the entire nation are undeniable.

Famous Malaysian Icons And Their Glasses Trend!

There you go!

My list of Malaysian Icons that wear glasses and makes me proud. Time to come up with a list yourself!

Specs or no specs, which Malaysian icon makes YOU proud?