Guangzhou International Optics Fair


The 2018 Guangzhou Optical Fair took place from 3rd November to 5th November. We’re honoured to receive invitation from the organiser to visit the fair. We’d like to thank them for taking care of our transportation and accommodation. It was indeed an eye opening event.

We thought it’d be interesting to share with you some of the highlights of the exhibition. After all, it’s always good to know the manufacturing side of glasses and what’s the latest tech in optical industry. As consumer, the more you know, you become more aware when it comes to buying glasses.

Here are the 5 highlights of the exhibition :

1. Acetate, the main material of eyewear frame

Many think that eyewear frame is made of “plastic”. It’s actually not the case. To be fair, frames are made of few materials i.e ultem, TR, stainless steel, specialised alloy, aluminium and acetate. Different material has unique characteristics. Some are sturdy, some are ultralight while some are flexible.

The material that we’d like to cover here is called acetate. It’s basically a cellulose based material that is allergic free. That is why many eyewear brands love this. In the photo below, you see how acetate supplier display the material to ease us in selecting the material for our eyewear frame.


You can see the beauty of acetate lies in its unique fine pattern and vibrant color. Since it’s made of melted cellulose, the color and pattern will stay and do not fade easily. Even after years of wearing, the frame requires minor polishing to restore its beauty.

2. Better insights for computer lens

Computer lens, also known as anti blue light lens has gained popularity these few years. From the first version which is extremely yellow to what we have today, mild yellowish based, we can see that the demand plays an important role in pushing the innovation forward. In the exhibition, we see multiple lens manufacturers come out with latest anti blue light lens, some with no blue refection, while some can cut blue light higher than the usual range.

We sat in a talk on this topic. The talk is about the data and research gathered over the years from consumers on the effect of wearing anti blue light lens. One of the more important slide is what you see here.

Basically it shows that although computer lens claim to protect the eyes, wearers feel even more tired after wearing. Besides, due to the yellowish based, the object lose its natural color. To get the best effect of anti blue light lens, the speaker shared 3 points.

  1. Make sure that the lens is not yellowish that wearer cannot accept
  2. Make sure that anti blue lens really cut of the harmful range, and not the non harmful range
  3. Never overuse the eyes after wearing the anti blue light lens

3. Interesting prescription lens manufacturing

There are many ways of many prescription lens. This one is quite interesting to us because we witnessed the process of making a prescription lens from scratch in less than 15 mins.

Step 1 : inject liquid into the mould.

Step 2 : place the mould filled with liquid on a conveyor belt and pass through a UV light. It gets hardened here.

Step 3 : Dry it with multiple fans, and the process is complete!

It’s actually not as simple because there are lots of calculation before hand to calculate the curvature and abbreviation. It also requires precision in the process. Nonetheless, it’s really satisfying to watch.

4. Eyewear frame making process

Ever wonder how the frames are made? Here are some sneak peek.

What we see here are a lot of polishing work.

This for instance is polishing the nosepad. We did not manage to capture clear video because some equipments are too high and huge to capture the entire process. Let us know if you want to know more, we’re happy to share.


Exhibition like this provides a lot of insights to us. We see what latest trend is and what latest technologies are there. Knowing all these help us to be more aware of what’s happening in optical industry and also know what are the best thing we can provide to our customers.

Hartamas Optical Shop – Pott Glasses 4th Outlet!

Hartamas Optical Shop

Hey guys, we are coming to Desa Sri Hartamas! And we are super excited about this!

sri hartamas optical shop

Artist impression of Hartamas Optical Shop (Pott Glasses 4th outlet) If you have not heard about us, here’s a brief introduction about us.

Pott Glasses is a local eyewear brand founded by two young guys who are passionate about eye glasses. Hau, one of the co-founders believes that everyone can look good in glasses, and even more presentable in glasses. He believes that wearing glasses can help to portray a clean and smart image of oneself. Hoong, a senior optician and also the other co-founder is very particular when it comes to performing eye check and dispensing glasses. 9 years in the optical industry teaches him the importance of performing eye test based on wearer’s lifestyles and focuses on solving problems.

Stylish and trendy glasses for Asians

Most of our eye glasses are of Asian fit. Meaning to say, they are designed to fit well on Asian’s complexion. We want our customers to feel comfortable wearing our glasses and be confident wearing them. We often look for latest trend and inspiration so that we are up to date with the current trend and equipped with knowledge on how to help customer to choose the right pair of glasses.

Apart from thorough eye check and optical styling, we strive to provide a peace of mind to our customers. To achieve that, we have a 14 days “prescription guaranteed” policy. This policy comes in place where customers get to try out the prescription glasses for 14 days. Should the customer encounter any issue, we will re-do the eye check if necessary and remake a new pair. Essentially, this is to ensure customer satisfaction with their glasses.

One pair for you, one pair for the underprivileged

On top of all these services and stylish glasses, we also give back to society. For every pair of glasses sold, we donate a pair to the underprivileged community.

We go to the rural schools to perform eye check for the students individually, obtain the prescription that suit them, and prescribe the glasses for them. We believe that clear vision is vital in a child learning journey, thus should have a pair of themselves if necessary. To date, we have donated 1556 pairs of glasses. Our upcoming campaign, “Back To School” aims to help 100 students to get glasses in January 2019 so that they get to enjoy the learning throughout the year. Our Desa Sri Hartamas optical shop will be opening in December 2018, ready to serve the community!

Review from our customers

AI Siew

Can I just say that Pott Glasses have officially raised the bar with optometry customer service. Old timers ought to learn a thing or two from these guys. My vision may not be 20/20 but third customer care sure is.

AI Siew


Rin Zhen

Found out about Pott Glasses through my brother. Made an appointment as I was concerned about my vision lately. With a very thorough and detailed explanation by Sunny, I found that I’ve understood more about my eyes than I did before. He was very honest about the prices(affordable af and worth every dollar, btw), and gave me a real rundown on all the lenses, allowing me to choose instead of forcing me to get something without explaining to me why. Before, I’ve never found frames that fitted my face but through reccie by both Sunny and a friend, I finally found a frame that I actually liked and looked good on me. The service was great, and I appreciated that this trip to the SS15 branch was comfortable, informative and not overwhelming. The frames were done a day earlier than promised, and that gets an extra A++�� Kudos to the team! A brand I’d totes reccie to friends and family. #sapotlokal

Rin Zhen


Jason Chong

Very satisfied with their service and professionalism. I bought a spec from them, however I accidentally broke the nosepad. Went back to the shop, their friendly assistant, replaced my nosepad without any charges. Would highly recommend for those who wants to get high quality specs with an affordable price.

Jason Chong

Pott Glasses Sri Petaling Grand Opening

A whole new outlet of Pott Glasses

Last Sunday was the grand opening of the new Pott Glasses outlet at Sri petaling. We are glad that we are able to achieve this important milestone as we planned for this year. Running this brand for three years, and we are proud as a conventional business because we are growing quite fast.

We had hosted a workshop at our Pott Glasses new outlet, sharing with our important guests that how they could get a perfect pair of glasses. At Pott Glasses, our optical stylist provide bespoke advice on the choice of glasses. We take into account the face shape, the outfit and the occasion to emphasise your own face to best effect. Through this workshop, we shared with them more on the technical side and how we deliver our service and products.

Glasses Choosing Workshop by — Eden.

Speaker of the workshop and also one of our founder, Eden. A passionate and experienced senior optician. He shared with us that from understanding the prescription, pupillary distance, lens thickness, frame fitting to material of the frame are all very important when comes to choosing a perfect pair of glasses for us.

 Besides, Eden had shared with us that alongside with choosing a perfect pair of glasses for individual, one’s lifestyle and occupation should be considered to choose the right frame and lens. For example, Shamir Blue Zero Lens from Eye Point Technology. It is a lens material with built-in protection from harmful artificial light from TV, computer screen, smartphones and in-door lightings. The lens is made of unique polymer that absorbs HEV or blue light while maintaining clarity. It is indeed a good lens choice for most people due to growing awareness of the potential harm blue light emitted by all manner of digital screens and artificial lights brings us.

Furthermore, it is recommended to combine Shamir Relax with Shamir Blue Zero. Shamir Relax is an advanced single visions lens available in 3 versions, providing just the extra bit of power in the lower lens area that eyes need to meet the accommodative challenges of today’s use of digital screens.

Also, it is our pleasure to have Shu Wen, Tiffany, Veron, Joo Yi, Sam, Joanne, Serena and Randy to be our sit in guest for the workshop. All of them are very inspiring and talented young influencer where our team look up to. Last but not least, we would like thanks for the continuous support from our friends and family. We strive to serve you all better and provide a better experiences.

If you’re interested in choosing a right pair of glasses for yourself, our optical stylish could lend a hand! Make an appointment with us now on and we will do the rest of the work! Hassle free!

Have a Nice Day!

Eye Care Program with Magnum

It was 4pm on a slow Sunday when I received a message to inquire about glasses donation. “Hi Tai, is your company involved in any charity?” “Yes.” “We have an eye screening project around KL and Selangor area, and we are looking for an optical shop as our partner. Are you interested?”

That’s how we got started to work together on the eye care program for underprivileged schools.

The Eye Care Program in Malaysia

The name of program is “I Can See Clearly Now“, a Magnum staff-initiated project. The team we engaged with a team called Magnum 3-in-1, lead by Mr Cheng from the I.T department. There are four schools altogether to join the program namely SJK(C) Pui Chi,  SJK(C) Tanjong Karang, SJK(C) Pui Teh and SK Methodist Port Klang. Cheng and Team would first research on the schools that need the support. Upon getting the schools on board, they would come up with creative idea to raise fund to support the program. Some of the activities they did include selling freshly roasted almonds, cashews, peanuts, walnuts, hazelnuts and cranberries.

Magnum fund raising

Fast forward to 30th March where we carried our first program. We arrived at SJKC Pui Chi at 8:30am. After having a quick breakfast, we started to do eye check for the primary school students. I have to say that they are so charming that they remind us a lot about our younger days. We had done a lot of eye care program and glasses donation to various schools, but this was the first Chinese vernacular school to have this program by us. It’s definitely reminiscing to visit the school to most of us as we studied in SJKC before.

Eye care program with Magnum #1

After we had completed doing screening for 60 over students, we went to SJKC Pui Teh which is 15 mins drive away. As we had gained momentum from the previous screening, we took even shorter time to perform eye test to another 40 students. We were able to complete all the eye test without causing much interruption to schools.

Eye care program with Magnum #2

2 weeks later, we went to SK Methodist at Port Klang. This possessed huge challenge as we needed to do screening for over 900 students. Thankfully with the help from Cheng and Team, we were able to cover more than half on the first day. By 3pm the next day, we were able to complete the eye test.

Eye care program with Magnum #3

Eye care program with Magnum #4

A heart full of gratitude.

When we first started the glasses donation program, we have never thought that it’d lead to where we are today. We’ve never imagined that other organisations would recognise our effort in helping the society and even wanted to work together with us. The fact that we have been helping more than 1000 underprivileged ones is definitely very fulfilling and rewarding! We look forward to more glasses donation and eye care program this year! For more information about the program, you can look up this link. If you’d like to join the program, feel free to drop us an email at [email protected].

Programs for World Vision Day 2017

trial frame fitting upclose

World Vision Day 2017 

Last Wednesday and Thursday were the two most hectic yet meaningful days for Pott Glasses this year. Since it was in conjunction with World Vision Day 2017 which was scheduled on this week, we had a lot of activities and work to be constructed.

On Wednesday, we went for a radio interview with AiFM to raise awareness about eye care in honor of World Vision Day 2017. Undeterred by which it meant to have to wake up early and getting stuck in the traffic, we viewed it as part and parcel of our job, a calling from our inner heart to share about eye care with the public. When we first received the invitation from the radio, we have this wavering thoughts whether we actually fit for such a huge honor. Nevertheless we perceived it as a challenge to voice out to the public on the fundamental issue regarding eye care which is usually neglected.

Many of us took our eyes for granted. We pay less attention to it but not as much as towards our health while the fact is both of them need equal amount of respect, care and focus. 8 consecutive hours on digital devices, bad reading habit of under low light condition and smoking are just few of the bad routines which are actually detrimental to the eyes. In the interview we deeply conversed on vision impairment such as glaucoma, macular degeneration and also vision disorder where extra care need to be attended in order to fully combat them. We also gave out advices on healthy food and lifestyle that should be practiced. It turned out the outcome of the interview went beyond than we expected. We received quite a number of phone calls after the interview, which literally meant that we had achieved our objective through the talk. The feeling is rather, very fulfilling.

aifm radio interview

The next day is the actual day of World Vision Day. We held a collaboration with Pejabat Daerah Dan Tanah Seremban to provide eye check to the school students and underprivileged community in Mantin, Negeri Sembilan. Named as “Program Jom Bantu Rakyat – Cermin Mata Percuma 2017”, it led by Puan Marhizah. We were informed about the named program a week before.

We had done a similar program in the past but what really strikes me this time round is how poor is the eye sight of the elderlies and how they are badly unaware about their deteriorating eyesight. There was this lady in particular that endlessly caught my attention. When she staggered in with her current glasses on, I could barely exchange an eye contact with her. Since it was because she wore a high power lens that resulted in high refraction which consequently overlay the eyes, making her eyes to appear much smaller. It turned out that her power is more than -20.00 or two thousand in layman term when I performed auto-ref scan. Just to give a reference of how high the power is compared to the norm, normal short sightedness ranges from -1.00 to -8.00. Clearly -20.00 is way out of the chart.

To make things worse, her visual acuity was way too below the benchmark. Visual acuity is one perimeter that I emphasized a lot in performing eye test. Basically it is a benchmark of measuring clarity, 1.0 being the perfect eye sight and anything below will make the sight blurry. Her vision with current glasses is only 0.1, that is 10% of the perfect eye sight. My job is to make sure that her vision is sharper than before. After a long session of subjective refraction, I only managed to push it to 0.3. Looking at her, I reflected a lot; without program like this she might hardly get her eye examined, not to mention getting a new pair of glasses since it would be extremely expensive to match her power. She is one of the reason why we are actively trying to reach out for the underprivileged in the suburb community. I couldn’t thank enough the parties for such a meaningful initiative. This lady will definitely get a better vision because of the program.

The eye test program started at 9am and ended at 5pm. Together with my team and the help from Pejabat Daerah dan Tanah Seremban and SMK Mantin, we were able to perform eye test for over 80 students. Out of that, 72 of them were confirmed needed glasses.

These two days really made me sat down and analyzed a lot about my job as an optician. The contentment to be able to help those with eyesight difficulties is like no other. We sometimes are too occupied with wanting to rapidly grow our business that we forget the true purpose of the business. I would like to thank all the parties for engaging us and allowing us to improve the living quality of others by improving their vision. And this has always been Pott Glasses’ mission.

Eden Hong
Find out more about our ONE FOR ONE campaign here.


H4R Eye Clinic for Refugees

31st of January 2016, H4R (Healthcare for Refugees) started by MMK Malaysia (Migrant Ministry Klang) was able to initiate an eye clinic for refugees with sight problems in Pasar Borong Community Center at Selayang, Malaysia.

As sight is one of our God-given gifts to appreciate his excellence, every human being deserve a chance to basic healthcare like eye examinations to ensure a prosperous and blessed life. On this basis, H4R has partnered with the Lions Clubs International, a community building group since 1917 and Potts Glasses whom has kindly donated more than a 100 pairs of glasses for this project.

Unable to receive public or private medical help due to the lack of money and the non-existent healthcare provided to refugees, these people have problematic visions for a long time. Suffering from short and long sightedness to cataracts to daily headaches, about 85 refugees from Pakistan, Myanmar and the Rohingya community showed up to have their eyes checked and a new glasses made by our hardworking volunteers.

The eye clinic required that a refugee do a Snellen eye chart test to affirm that the patient has reading problems. If confirmed, the patient will go through a registration process that will enable them for further testing.

After registration, the refugees went through further testing by two eye examination machines, both provided and operated by the Lion Clubs International. One is the CT-80, a tonometer machine that accesses the pressure of the eyes which has been causing the patient to suffer from pain and headaches. If required a more accurate insight into the pressure of the eyes are done by a handheld tonometer. A second machine, the RM-8000B an auto refractor that tests for the power of a person’s visual acuity, was also available for patients that are hard of seeing.

After the intensive tests, the patients consulted two student volunteers optometrist whom will fitted them with the right degree of power for their new spectacles. Refugee patients that face more severe problems were referred to an eye clinic for further examinations under supervision of Lions Club International.

After at least half an hour of waiting, examinations and worries; the refugees were finally able to pick their new pair of spectacle frame that will be fitted by the student volunteers who are still undergoing their optometric studies. The refugees’ information, test results and chosen spectacle frame will then be brought back by the student volunteers to have their new pair of eye glasses prepared for collection on the 5th of March 2016.

In the three and the half hours, refugees and volunteers rubbed shoulders; one in the hopes of receiving the most necessary basic healthcare that will restore a little dignity back in their difficult situation, and the other to give up the little time they have in the hopes to bring back a little sense of joy for the suffering refugees.

source :

Sk Manek Urai Baru

first glasses donation


9th November 2015.

It’s 2:30am in the morning. There was a slight drizzle, giving a little respite to the otherwise blanket of stubborn haze. After packing up, we began our journey to Kelantan for our 1for1 campaign slated to begin by 9am. We were slowed down by the haze in some areas. But the growing of dawn slowly illuminated our path. The rolling hills and trees dotting the landscape were starting to looking familiar and as the towering gantry “SELAMAT DATANG KE KUALA KRAI” came into view, we knew that we were near. We were welcomed by huge smiles from Pn Salamah’s. Wasting no time, we discussed the plan and procedures for the day. As we were setting up in the meeting room, “guru kesihatan” Pn Rozita arranged for the pupils to come for the eye check, class by class.

The pupils were so excited! Their infectious energies were reminiscent of our primary school days. We would get so terribly excited when we saw visitors coming to the school – the mysterious “abang-abang and kakak-kakak”. Now, we were the ones who were coming to visit and help. One by one, they began their eye check. First, they were required to sit at a distance from the eye test chart, to see if they could see the alphabets clearly. Those who could left, while those who could not would proceed to do a second eye check, using the auto-ref. After which, Hoong would perform a thorough eye check with the aid of the trial lens set. By the end of the day, we managed to conduct eye checks for around 100 pupils. The next day, we arrived earlier and managed to cover another 155 students. Out of all of them, 50 required glasses. As we had more glasses to give away, we also did eye checks for the staff, amounting to a 57 pairs in total. 2 weeks later, we returned with their personalised glasses. The looks on their faces were priceless. As they gingerly wore their new glasses, you could sense a mixture of emotions; gratitude and happiness worn on their expressions. Those cute shy smiles warmed our hearts. Looking through their prescriptions, some of them were at -2.00 for both eyes. Without a pair of glasses, they must have been struggling to see during classes. The feeling that we made a difference through our work is truly awesome. Pn Salamah even cried when we were interviewing her about the flood experience. We sat down to have lunch with the teachers before heading off.

It has been an extremely fulfilling campaign and knowing that we are able to help our local community makes us feel really happy. Of course, this campaign would not have been a success without the support from our customers. We hope to continue our efforts to give back to society. If you know of anyone or any charity events that we can offer our services to, please contact us.
Let’s make the world a better place together 😀

Do check out on the introduction of the campaign and here for the video.

SMK Redang Panjang

Redang Panjang Glasses donation drive 3


SMK Redang Panjang is one of those schools that bring you deep into rural areas, only to surprise you with the openness and friendliness of the community within it. Teachers in this school would all tell you the same thing –students come from underprivileged backgrounds with a slower start in life, which contributes further to them falling behind academically. When students resort to copying notes, homework and exam answers, we attributed this behaviour to laziness and refusal to learn.

My biggest discovery happened when I realized this assumption was very wrong –some students would move their chairs to the front of the class, and some would stay at the back to copy. It was because they could not see! At this point, I realized that vision correction has become so normal to city dwellers that we hardly think about it anymore; much less assume it to affect students’ education. For families relying on RM500-700 a month, this is a big issue. For families who do not own cars and only spend on basic necessities, even travelling beyond the village to get their eyes tested is a challenge. SMK Redang Panjang is at least 45 minutes drive away from the nearest city (Kamunting) and 20 minutes drive away from the sole optician in the nearest town (Selama).

Enter Pott Glasses and their One for One Campaign. One thing that stood out among the owners Hau and Eden was the amount of work they put into helping those in need. It is rare to meet people who are willing to commit their time and effort to a good cause. Pott Glasses not only donates free glasses to these students, they also go to the extent of coming into the school and running comprehensive eye examinations themselves.

This particular collaboration between Pott Glasses and SMKRP has highlighted the need for 101% cooperation from all sides to benefit our children. As a former teacher and Teach for Malaysia alumnus, my role was mainly to connect the two parties and lay down the groundwork needed to kickstart the project. Prior to Hau and Eden’s arrival on 28th April 2016, Cikgu Nurul Iman has pre-screened hundreds of students and shortlisted 53 of them to be eligible. Additionally, Cikgu Ghaffar and Ustaz Bakhtier took the time to ensure that the classroom is clean and comfortable, besides also stationing three Form 5 students at the room to help out the entire day.

The entire process for 53 students lasted from 9.30am to 2.30pm. Throughout the day, the Pott Glasses duo hardly stopped to take a breath, and yet they were available to lend their expertise and experience if there were any questions. The students were provided with nothing less than professional attention, so much so that they were even given the choice of what frames they would like. It was a privilege they would never have gotten elsewhere, and they certainly loved the process of trying on new glasses for themselves.

The contributions by Pott Glasses, a local homegrown brand, to the Malaysian communities are highly valued. It goes without saying that I am extremely grateful to have met them and to have acquired their commitment to this campaign. Besides a renewed hope that this would lead to better changes in the country, I think this should give rise to increased support for local businesses and entrepreneurs.

Pott Glasses –thank you for doing what you do.

– Alyson.

One for One: One For You, One For Them

one for one

When Pott Glasses first started out, we aimed to be more than just an eyewear brand. We, Pott Glasses want to be a brand that could reach out to people in various ways, helping people while keeping our business running. In order to achieve this goal of ours, our team have started a charity champaign which named “One for One”. This campaign is created to help the less privileged ones getting a pair of prescriptive glasses tailored to their needs.

Collaborating with DUN Ampangan

One and a half year later, we have done up to four donation drives and it all tuned out well. This time, we decided to collaborate with DUN Ampanagan, Seremban to organise a ‘Buy While Donating’ campaign. The concept of this campaign is where one glasses purchased by our customer, we will be donating one pair to the one in need, which is what we meant by “one for one”. We had performed eye test for 60 people in total where 56 of them needed glasses. Driving up to Seremban at 7am to set up at the DUN office was all worthy after seeing the warm smiles on the kids’ faces at the end of the campaign.

Thanks to Yang Berhormat who has been very passionate about giving back to the community and supported us along the way. He has been been one of the greatest help we could get. Last but not least, shout out to Cik Marhizah and her team who facilitated the event so smoothly and were so patient with us throughout the whole event as well.

We look forward to giving back to the community in the future with all that we can offer. As the ending of the year approaching, we hope to spread the love as much as we can as a way of welcoming the new year.

one for one 1
one for one 2
one for one 3
one for one 4

A Gentlemen’s Affair

Gentlemen's tonic styling

Men Glasses Styling

At Gentlemen’s Tonic, Publika last Wednesday, it was all about happiness and having fun. Lifestyle Asia Kuala Lumpur teamed up with the cool salon and gave their invited guest a fun night out to remember. Besides sipping on champagne and nibbling on canapés, the gentlemen got to learn about styling from a few brands associated. One of the brands, Pott Glasses, finally got a sacred opportunity to present men glasses styling to their guests, making the event a success.

gentlemen's tonic
gentlemen's tonic2
Photo: Lifestyle Asia Kuala Lumpur
gentlemen's tonic3
Photo: Lifestyle Asia Kuala Lumpur
gentlemen's tonic4
Photo: Lifestyle Asia Kuala Lumpur
 For more information on the event, click here.