This Years Halloween Costume Ideas – 2017

Glasses is getting much synonym with fashion, but lesser chemistry is seen when it comes to Halloween.

Was it because those quirky ghost didn’t wear specs? Then it is not a good news for people that can’t live without their specs.

This is one of the moment where you wonder why those dreary ghost have good eye sight; it is a wonder how they take good care of their eyes while busy scaring people away.

Don’t fret guys. Halloween should be much more fun than some artistic makeup and intense costumes. It is more on how you make your character stand out and making an impact on the people.

So, here are some ideas on how you can make the memorable representation, using the most simplest costume, without having to jeopardize your glasses.

Wednesday Addams (The Addams Family)

This Wednesday Adams character don’t even need any splash of blood or torn face; shes all good with her laser-shoot gaze that is enough to scare people away.

Nevertheless the costumes is rather quirky and scary; imagine you pulling out some beautifully woven cartoon characters’ eyes from your blanket and hang them on your spectacles so that you can come along with your little siblings to collect your own candies.

It is just some serious babysitting here, but hey, no more splitting up candies since you can also collect on your own.

Abe Sapien (Hellboy)

Well hello there Abe Sapien. Looks like this Halloween someone is missing you.

Look how effortless the makeup is, yet it sure enough leaving people in awe with its incredible resemblance there!

Just name another more iconic remake than this; there got none!

This year Halloween is no longer about blood and creepiness, but who can stay in both water and land but still appear drop dead georgeous. Though it is not really a specs but it is still replacable with some round frame glasses.


Ouh-I-got-no-costume-to-wear-but-I-do-got-black shades-and-white-paint kind of costume. No more making up excuses to not to join candies hunting, honey.

Spiderman must be proud that there still got people that remember him; though it is a very last minute DIY.

The Red Queen (Alice In The Wonderland)

When black is your happy colour, but the Red Queen of Alice In the Wonderland is your dearest sweetheart, you get to do whatever it takes.

Even if it means to sneak away your grandpa’s reading glasses and apply some black coating on its glasses. But always remember to put it back just before the newspaper boy come the next morning!

Oh and to also remove your unkept coal contour before your sisters start their long lecture on perfect contouring techniques, and that you also should properly draw your brows and do not simply paste any random stickers instead.

White Queen (Narnia)

Just name any girl who never dream of wearing the White Queen magical snow white drape; even her almost untouchable tiara is a major envy.

Just don’t let any girl getting started with her crystal clear skin, it would become an endless narration … until she remember this is a tropical country which means all those dreamy coat and ice tiara are dead impossible.

Unless you are willing to sweat all along your walk but let’s just be realistic to not to look ridiculous.

Flying to any western countries for now is also of no good; it’s summer over there. This is where you have to give some moral support to your girlfriend by suggesting her to recreate a rebelling image of her favourite queen. I mean a villain can also look rebellious, right?

This theme will never be suitable in this country but never let your girl down. Help her with hot-gluing those shattered glasses on her dad’s goggle and telling her she is rocking those purple lipstickfor the night. This is also another example of a goggle but then again some old school glasses frame is also applicable.

Edna (The Incredibles)

Knock knock! Trick or treat.

Edna of The Incredibles has gotten much older, but she never forgot, nor getting smaller chips!

It turned out that it is too late to undye your hair for this year Halloween so you thought of this iconic poker face villain that goes along very well with your favourite shades. Miminum props, but impactful; perfect!

Halloween means it is another fun-filled nights and everyone deserves to cosplay whoever their most favourite icon is. But it will be much more magical if you manage to pull out those all times greatest characters and be different.

There is nothing as such that wearing glasses limits you in everything you do, but instead make it as one of your special best features ever.

Remember, it the crowd of Pennywise, dare to throw out your best dice!

Happy Halloween peeps!


Halloween glasses aside, if you’re looking for new glasses but have no idea how to choose the right pair for your face shape and work, you can make an appointment for glasses styling and eye test with us in the form below! The best part, you get RM35 off!

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First time wearing progressive lenses in Malaysia. How long to adjust?

First time wearing progressive lens
How long to adjust to my new multifocals? This is a burning question among Malaysians that want to know “How first time wearing progressive lenses feels.” If you’re wearing progressive lenses for the first time, the info here will help you adjust to your new pair of glasses.  As a first time user of progressive lenses, you will get to learn info about these glasses.
for who, for what, how it looks, how to adjust and get used to progressive lenses

When should you use progressive lenses?

To recap, progressive lenses are commonly used to provide conveniency presbyopia sufferers (reading issue) without having the trouble to keep interchanging between reading glasses and regular glasses. To answer who needs progressive lenses or who ought to get this sort lenses in one short sentence isn’t conceivable. These progressive glasses help with such a large variety of situations and provide huge convenience. The vast majority could gain benefit by a bit of “support” in close vision, up to a point one can become dependant on it because it can have amplification effect on words during reading. Hence, most specialists would not prescribe progressive glasses, withholding up until the point that presbyopia has started within an individual.

First time wearing progressive lenses

You don’t need to suffer from a serious condition to exploit the innovation pumped into designing progressive lenses. In the event that you need to keep putting on and off reading glasses, progressive glasses could be the solution. Now you can follow these 4 simple steps to quickly get used to wearing progressive lenses for the first timers.

Steps to get used to progressive lenses

As a first time user of progressive lenses, follow these steps to quickly adjust your eyesight and get used to wearing progressive lens glasses:
  1. First thing first, be open minded and acceptance of the progressive lens. The optician must have explained how progressive lens being designed, thus it’s important to accept the idea.
  2. When you first put on the progressive glasses, look far away. Make sure that the distant vision is sharp.
  3. Then look down by turning your eyes instead of tilting your head. You should not feel much distortion. In fact, you’ll realise that the small wordings on phone or book are now sharper than ever. Congratulation, you have utilised the reading area of the glasses. Repeat this up and down eye movement to gauge the prescription of respective distance.
  4. You may then look to the left and right to acknowledge the blurred vision. Do not do it too fast as you may feel giddy or headache. Peripheral visions are distorted and it takes time to get used to it.
  5. After you are comfortable with the points, you may now walk around with the glasses, and also try taking staircase. This is for you to try out the depth perception. Until you’re confident with glasses, you may then try wearing it for driving.
  6. Regular wear. Wear them as regularly as you can and abstain from wearing different glasses (particularly your old glasses).
One of the main reasons people like progressive glasses is that he or she does not need to keep switching between reading glasses and a regular one or taking it on and off, which not only troublesome, it is also a sign of presbyopia sufferer. We all want to look young and to be perceived young, thus a pair of up to trend progressive glasses is definitely the way to go.

Here are some additional tips when wearing progressive glasses

  1. Practice the 2020 rule. Take 20 seconds to look at something far away after 20 minutes of intense reading or computer time.
  2. Look straight, for everything especially computer time, phone time, or reading time. In case you’re working on a PC, alter the seat level and adjust the height of your screen to give you straight view.
  3. Specialists suggest turning into a “head-turner” rather than an “eye-mover” when wearing progressive lenses. Don’t roll your eyes so much! Try not to look through the sides of the glasses too, as (peripheral) side vision through progressive lenses are distorted.

Summing up

It may take some time to get used to progressive glasses, but once you get used to it, you will enjoy the convenience. If you’d like to know more about progressive glasses, feel free to make an appointment to visit our outlets.
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Pros & Cons of Progressive Lenses

pros and cons of progressive lens
Pros & Cons of Progressive Lenses and Multifocal – WHAT are they?  HOW do they work? Now that you know more about presbyopia & progressive lens glasses, it is time to know the pros and cons of progressive lenses. Progressive glasses and multifocal are the same, so the words are interchangeable in this article.

Pros and cons of progressive lenses and multifocal

Whether progressive lenses are the better alternative for you, you’ll need to look at these favourable circumstances. With progressive lens glasses or multifocal lenses, you don’t need to take them off when changing from doing things, for example, working on a PC whole day, and after work when you go out driving, you face a problem to need to change to ‘driving glasses’. Do you see parents or older people keeping a set of glasses in their car for driving? Common!
for progressive lenses pros cons
Info for progressive lenses pros cons


  • No need 2 pairs of glasses for reading and driving. 1 pair all-in-one glasses is enough.
  • More convenient, get to choose one very stylish pair of progressive lens glasses instead of two. Now you don’t need to bring two glasses out!
  • Start wearing progressive glasses at younger age of 40-45 helps in adaptation. As the age goes up, you may find it harder to learn how to use progressive glasses.
Now let’s see the cons…
Older people like parents keep a pair of glasses in car for driving, now no more with progressive lens glasses!


Regardless of the possibility that you work or don’t work on a computer so much, nowadays you still have smartphones. As long as anything with a LCD or LED screen means it can be harmful to your eyes. In this way, you need the one-size-fit-all remedy. Progressive lenses or multifocal lenses can merge all the focal power you need into one single lens, like ordering a pizza with 3 different flavours put into 3 sections. A few issues with progressive lenses happen when using the stairs. Since the lens power for reading correction is at the base, the stairs may appear like they skip a step. Nothing to worry, adjusting to your progressive lenses will take the most two weeks, soon the inconveniences ought to vanish. If for some reason you cannot feel comfortable with progressive lenses, fret not because this is when bifocal lenses are going to be your solution. Not the end of the world.
  • Curve distortion. Bottom part of lens for reading, so when go up staircase, might seem like skip a step
  • Initial restricted head movement. You may need to learn to find the exact focus point for distant, intermediate and near vision. Fret not, once you get used to it, you’ll be fine. After all, optician/optometrist should locate the point according to your habit, allowing these points to naturally fall into your eyes.
Remember, progressive lenses eyewear is the solution to presbyopia

Summing up the pro and cons of multifocal glasses

There is no one perfect glasses. While multifocal helps you to see far and near with just a pair of glasses, you have to bear with the distortion. However, rest assure that the once you are used to the distortion and know how to go around with it, you’ll actually enjoy the vision more than being disturbed by the distortion. When it comes to making decision whether or not to get multifocal (progressive glasses), you may want to see how troublesome it is to bring reading glasses along and how not being able to read clearly affect your daily life. There is also multifocal glasses with less distortion and easier to wear. To find out more about different types of multifocal, read here. You can also make an appointment with us to do an eye test and see if multifocal glasses really help you. We are giving RM50 off when you make an appointment in the form below. Book an eye test today
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Simple way to relieve computer eye strain without computer glasses: For non glasses wearers

eye exercise
NO computer glasses needed for this simple treatment at home for computer eye strain. Read on to learn these eyecare tips. To answer is there glasses for computer use? Yes! There is computer glasses with anti glare coating to block Blue Light, but is there a way to relieve digital eye strain without computer glasses?

Tips to relieve computer eye strain instead of relying on computer glasses

Eye strain from phone/computer LCD screens are caused by a type of radiation called blue light. Blue light is directly related to the pain and strain that looking at the computer screen can place on the eyes. Eyesight problems (Malaysian) or known as vision issues (the western term). Computer glasses with blue light blocking lenses are specifically made to optimize the eyesight of those who spend a lot of period in front of the computer screen. These lens supplement most of your pair of eyeglasses and should have an anti-reflective coating to decrease harm from the computer screen’s blue light rays. Here is usual methods that you can try how to cope with the issue of eye strain without relying on computer glasses.
No computer glasses in the below eye strain exercise

Relief treatments for eye strain

Comfort your sore, exhausted eyes with a refreshing, cool, damp washcloth before you call it a day. Use artificial tears, or even eye-moisture drops available from local pharmacy which are recommended by your eye physician.
Computer eye strain treatment-Pott Glasses Malaysia
Computer eye strain treatment. Sourced by Pott Glasses Malaysia from Pinterest
Protect eyes when outside with good quality glasses. When indoors, the bright glare from lamps and lamps may also lead to eyestrain. So, remove direct light sources, move your personal computer station, or install blinds, screens, or shades to reduce glare. Use a good anti-reflection computer screen. Create a conscious effort in order to blink more while functioning on computer. Avoid near an air conditioner or even near its air set up while working on personal computer. Don’t let the a/c blow onto your eye or nose.

Habits to ease eye strain

Short break

Take breaks when you are sitting and focusing on the personal computer at a stretch. Each hour stand and stretch out, or run some charge. Change postures. Place monitors about two to 3 feet from the eyes (or at the furthest comfortable distance).

Expired glasses

Always make use of only the correct glasses or lenses prescribed simply by your eye doctor. Decrease contrast of the pc. Every half-an-hour, close your eyes for a few of minutes to give them rest.

Don’t stare without rest

Do not gaze constantly at the particular monitor for a lengthy time. Take your eyes away the screen every five to ten minutes.

Don’t simply use products

Do not use antibiotic or steroid vision drops without supervision of an expert eye specialist. There is absolutely no evidence that CVS causes long-term eye damage. Only signs and symptoms which are dry, red eyes double vision, eye irritation, blurred eyesight, headaches, neck and even back pain.

Our Highlight Solution: Eye strain exercise 20-20-20 Rule

If your eyes start feeling tired or strained while you’re looking at your computer display screen, try the American School of Optometry’s “20-20 principle”. How it works? The 20-20-20 rule: For each and every 20 minutes that you spend concentrating on your phone/computer screen, take a break to look out the window into the distance of 20 fts, for about 20 seconds! Practice with the 20-20-20 rule, hope that helps you with proper Malaysian eyecare. Next time we shall talk more about eyewear and trendy fashion glasses!

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The Basics of Computer Glasses – Malaysia

Malaysian glasses wearers, do you know the Basics of Computer Glasses? Computer glasses are a type of eyewear designed for heavy computer users. In this digital era in Malaysia, computers became a vital tool for work and the time spending in front of a computer is getting longer, between 3 to 10 hours. This kind of lifestyle can cause harm to the eyes such as Macular Degeneration and Computer Vision Syndrome.
If you habitually play with your phone for 1 hour straight, you need to look into computer glasses! -Pott Glasses-

Intro – The basics of computer glasses

Computer glasses are also known as gaming glasses in Malaysia. Read on to learn the problem and solution in the introduction topic of Computer Glasses.

What is Macular Degeneration?

Macular degeneration is caused by deterioration of of the center of retina which functions as image signal sender to the brain via the optic nerve. The center of retina is known as macular. Thus the problem “macular degeneration” is self explanatory. When this happen, there will be a black spot appear in vision as shown in the photo.
computer glasses and macular degeneration
How macular degeneration look like. The black spot… Photo:
Most of the macular degenerations occur due to age, genes and smoking. However, recent research found that UV light and Blue Light can increase the risk of macular degeneration.
  • UV Light – (320nm-400nm) from sunlight can penetrate into the eye protective layer. Verdict: your sunglasses has to be UV400 protection!
  • High Energy Blue Light – (410nm-453nm) from digital devices can penetrate through the natural protective layer in our eye. Verdict: you face macular degeneration.

What is Computer Vision Syndrome ?

There is no one specific problem of Computer Vision Syndrome. In fact, there are few problems such as dry eyes , blurred vision , double vision , headache and eye irritation . All these symptoms arise due to prolong hour usage of computer. When we look at the screen which is considered as intermediate object, the lens in our eyes will change shape in order to focus. Our eye muscles are working hard to make sure the image is in focused. This analogy is same as our camera, which requires different focus for different distance. To make things worse, the screen has contrast and glare and makes the eye even more tiring. As technology advances, there are now better lenses to cope with the hectic digital lifestyles and one of them is the computer glasses . To work such as this, they make use of a coating on the lens that reflects blue light, as with the Pott Glasses product picture below:
Pott Glasses computer lens
The actual photo of computer lens

The Remedy: What is computer glasses?

In 2017, almost everyone stares into their smartphone screen for long hours. Computer glasses can definitely help many Malaysians solve problems related to harmful blue light emitted from computer screens. The colour of computer lenses on the eyeglasses are generally yellow in colour and blue at certain angles. Computer glasses are intended to:
  • Lessen glare (a main reason for eye fatigue)
  • Increase contrast tones
  • Cut off harmful blue light
  • Amplify what you see through the lens —making it less demanding to look at an electronic screen for long timeframes.
In order to attain the first three functions, the computer glasses come in unique blue-ish coating. The anti blue light coating is the main element of the lens – the protection part where harmful blue light is filtered/blocked out.
They are also known as gaming glasses for computer games lovers.

To Conclude – Basics of computer glasses

To put it essentially, computer glasses are purposeful eyeglasses intended to optimize a person’s visual perception when they’re looking at computerized screens. So besides the remedy to your eye pain, there’s stuff Smartphone companies did not tell you about. You can also make an appointment with us to do an eye test and see if computer lens really help you. We are giving RM35 off if you make an appointment in the form below.

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Steve Jobs Glasses

12th of September 2017 marks a huge milestone for Apple as they launch their most advanced iPhone to date, the iPhone X to celebrate 10 year anniversary since the inception of first iPhone. While everyone is discussing about the infinity screen of iPhone X and the ARkit, we choose to reminisce on the release of first iPhone by the late CEO of Apple, Mr Steve Jobs.

The Steve Jobs Glasses

Steve Jobs came up with his iconic rimless round glasses that portray image of creativity; pair with infamous black shirt and jeans, he hold the iPhone highly to showcase the breakthrough of Apple products that then later lead to many more breakthroughs in the next 10 years.

He is the guy who changed how we use our hand phone. He was able to visualise how phone should look like even when there is nothing close to actual product back then. He has the vision, the creativity, and more importantly the convincing power to make all of us believe in in his vision.

Many must have read how he made sure the launch of iPhone a success even though there were flaws with the actual unit. How he swapped few phones and confidently demonstrated and sell the vision. From the first iPhone to introduction of iPod and iPad, Steve had done great work in revolutionising how consumer technology products work for us.

In conjunction with the release of iPhone X, we are releasing the “Steve Jobs Glasses“. Comes in perfectly round shape, the rimless glasses made from polycarbonate lens is impact resistant. Besides, the memory metal leg is so durable and light that feel like virtually nothing is placed on the face of wearer.

One more thing..

The infamous Steve Jobs Glasses has no nose padding as it rests well on the nose bridge. However, here in Pott Glasses, we put a lot of attention on fitting and comfort of wearing glasses. Our version of Steve Jobs Glasses come with nose pad that is adjustable to sit nicely and comfortably on wearer’s face.

The glasses will be made available from now till 31st of October 2017. Grab one now starting from RM 555.

History of progressive lenses in Malaysia

history of progressive lens-min
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Let’s ponder upon the history of progressive lenses. When were progressive lenses engineered? They go back in history once upon a time when older people generally can’t see near distance. But before that, a small intro on the uniqueness of these glasses and what are they for. Progressive lenses are glasses mainly made for presbyopia sufferers. This is to relieve their symptoms and achieve normal lifestyle.

History of progressive lenses by Pott Glasses Malaysia

History of progressive lenses by Pott Glasses Malaysia

History of progressive lens

The main patent for a progressive lens was conceded to Owen Aves with a 1907 date. British Patent 15,735, Aves’ patent incorporated the progressive lens outline and the assembling procedure. In any case, this was not at all like present day progressive lenses. It comprised of a conelike back surface and a round and hollow front with contradicting axes so as to make a change in power. This outline was never commercially marketed. Bernard Maitenaz first patent protected them in 1953. It only appears in the eyewear business until 1959, with the name” Varilux”. The brand has a place with the Essilor International, a standout amongst other makers of restorative lenses out there.

First design in the history of progressive lenses

The first progressive lens configuration had the an extreme wide viewing range power at the top and base region, with the tightest being in the center which was once an ideal vision. In any case, with the current state in high tech innovation and individuals utilizing PCs and mobile phones on the rise everyday, the original engineering of these lenses were never going to suit today’s demands for those that spend more energy utilizing the middle channel. So progressive lenses had a makeover. Particular office progressive lenses and computer lenses began to be more popular amongst advertisers. Regardless of having been first advertised in the 1950s, new engineering designs of progressive lens spectacles keep on appearing.

Later patterns in the history of progressive lenses

The first ever type of progressive lenses was Varilux. Initially, Varilux progressive lenses were outlined on the premise of daily eye movements and visual needs, offering ideal vision at any range. The eye travels and transitions come easily. Normally, from the near vision zone to the medium vision zone and then through the far vision zone. Comparatively, current innovation took into consideration numerous different lenses to end up noticeably identical to Varilux. Carl Zeiss progressive lenses ended up becoming known as the best and truly outstanding product on the planet. Hope we have given a good understanding on history of progressive lens. In the next article, we will examine closely the looks, design, and shape. Keep reading to know how do progressive lenses look like!

If you’d like to know whether progressive glasses suit you, feel free to make an appointment to visit us.

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