International Women’s Day: It’s A Woman’s World

This year, Be Bold For Change takes the theme for the International Women’s Day coming up on March 8th. But what exactly is this precious day all about? It is to celebrate more than what you see in a woman. Their glory achievements in politics, business, medical and other fields are surely not neglegible. Other than that, it is also a day to celebrate women from different ethnicities and have different wonderful culttures. With the departure of the International Women’s Day march last month, the woman empowerment this year has never been stronger. This march aims to support and empower the women who have faced injustice or unfortunate. Letting those who were victims of bully or assault, rape and the homemakers feeling a sense of authority and a meaning in life even in the slightest of ways.

The supporters hope that the demand for higher pay and equal rights for women will acknowledged and granted. As much as time have changed and people have become more open-minded about gender equality compared to 10 to 50 years ago, women still live in an era where they still get paid 24 to 33 percent lesser than man and are underemployed. Yes, we do have Vivy Yusof of FashionValet; Mac Chung Lynn, Group CEO of Nando’s Malaysia and Singapore; Cheryl Yeoh of the MaGic to name a few to thank for, but when would there be a time where woman and man are treated the same?

Want to know more about IWE? Check it out here!

"Be Bold for Change", Theme of International Women's Day 2017.

Color Blind Test for KLink Employees

On the 18th of March, we joined our friends from Gnosis to provide eye care service for the KLink employees. It is an annual health check program provided to the employees by the company. They had a team from Gnosis to carry out blood test for the employees while we went there to perform color blind test for the KLink employees. The program was just a short and simple process where everyone in the company will get tested for color blind one by one. It started at 9am and ended at 11:30am. We were given a room to set up. Then, individuals were called up to do the color blind test accordingly. Out of the 25 employees that took the test, there was only a KLink employee has a minor problem with the color blind test. We have then referred him to our optometrist friend.

One of our staff carrying out color blind test for a male employee.

The employees of KLink ware all super cooperative and welcoming, makes the whole test went smoothly and efficiently.

We do provide primary eye care service to corporates. Depending on the request, we will plan the suitable program accordingly to the needs and request of the company.

Drop you enquiry in our mailbox at [email protected] or visit our website for more information.

Pott Glasses February New Arrivals

Presenting one of our new arrivals in February, transparent frames.

This month, it’s all about the new and cool eyewear choices you get when you enter any of our stores. Why so? Because we’ve got February new arrivals in our Pott Glasses flagship store!

You could expect to see transparent frames that seem to have gained popularity once again in the store now. It’s time to up the staying with glasses game. Other than that, we also have our oversized pieces range from medium to large size, to match different face shapes and of course, a few of our signatures that includes the club master, one that never goes out of style.

Whether you gravitate towards a funky style, like it casual or a loyal follower of certain trends, these pieces will be your new favourites. That is all? Of course not. The best part is that every eyewear in this series is unisex. So switch it up with bae once in a while (if you guys have the exact same power) to spice things up. Otherwise, it still looks just as good.

Showing our classic signatures which could be worn by both genders.

Pay a visit at the Pott Glasses store to check out our February new arrivals now. Too much hassle to travel? You could simply go onto our product webpage to shop as well. Just hit here.

Dos and Don’ts During Chinese New Year

With CNY coming up in a couple of weeks, the preparations of getting new clothes, decorating and spring cleaning has begun. However, many of us may stray away from the ancient customs that have been told to either bring us or sweep away prosperity, so we’ve gathered up a few dos and don’ts during Chinese New Year to keep you on the good path.

  • DOS
    • Paying your debts before the auspicious day
    • Wearing and decorating the house in red
    • Making sure the windows are open to allow fresh air in (believed to bring luck)
    • Have a family reunion on the eve of CNY
    • Greet everyone with happy wishes
    • Starting the day by eating something sweet
    • Staying up on the eve of CNY (believed to bring about longevity of your parents)    
  • DON’TS
    • Sweeping the floors on the 1st day of CNY
    • Washing your hair on the 1st day of CNY
    • Consuming any medicines
    • Breaking any pieces of equipment
    • Avoid wearing white or black outfits
    • Borrowing or lending money    
Chinese New Year Gif

While there is a bunch of dos and don’ts during Chinese New Year, the fun that we are going to have is a whole lot more. Don’t let these taboos chase away the fun part of Chinese New Year!

Happy Chinese New Year!

Reasons To Own Two Pairs Of Glasses

If you’ve always thought of getting an extra pair of glasses, whether it be a pair of prescriptive glasses or sunnies, here are five reasons to own two pairs of glasses. After all, two is better than one. Cue the Boys Likes Girls song…

1. In times of need. If you decide to have clumsy hands on any particular day and accidentally break the cooler pair, trust us when we say you’ll give yourself a pat on the back for getting that additional pair. It would be your lifesaver for the day.

2. For the sake of fashion. Okay, so most of us still prefer being old school and sticking to prescriptive glasses instead of wearing contacts, the second pair comes in handy for days you want to switch up your style. Whether it’s to spruce it up with some colour or an oversized frame, you’re all good.

3. Same, same but different. We’re all guilty of liking the same thing more than we should. Just like how we have the same song on repeat. So it’s not wrong to have the same exact pair in 3 different colours.

4. Sporting it up. While it may be all fun and games (literally!) with outdoor sports activities, not having UV resistant glasses can be quite harmful to the eyes. Hence, getting a pair that protects your peepers.

5. Here’s a potato. For you.

A picture of a love-shaped potato.

There’s so many more reasons for you to own two pairs of glasses at hand. It gives you a sense of security as well as something to switch up your style or mood on certain days. Pick one now!

Three Christmas Picks by Pott Glasses

It’s Christmas GIF

Tis’ the season to be shopping! With Christmas arriving in a matter of weeks, we decided to ease your gift shopping dilemma. We have gathered up some Christmas picks that would make a wonderful present. Whether it’s for your family members, colleagues or friends, we are sure they would love these babies.


If she’s a fan of anything and everything minimalist with a retro twist, Camden will definitely be the best fit for her. This red hottie is here to save the day with its shiny metallic temples and thin frames.


Croydon, suited for the man who loves to sport the smart look. This slightly oversized thick frames makes it easy for him to switch from workwear to daily casual wear.


Hackney For the cool girl who refuses to be anything but ordinary, you couldn’t go wrong these vivacious frames and its metal nose bridge.

Still couldn’t find that pair that is to your liking? You could simply visit our product webpage to get more different options. Or if you are a more hands-on person that prefer trying them on physically, pay a visit to out stores. We would be delighted to help you pick out pieces according to your personal preferences. You could find us in Sri Hartamas, Sri Petaling, SS2 and SS15 now!

Get a thoughtful gift for your loved ones effortlessly from our Christmas picks this Christmas. Cheers!

One for One: One For You, One For Them

one for one

When Pott Glasses first started out, we aimed to be more than just an eyewear brand. We, Pott Glasses want to be a brand that could reach out to people in various ways, helping people while keeping our business running. In order to achieve this goal of ours, our team have started a charity champaign which named “One for One”. This campaign is created to help the less privileged ones getting a pair of prescriptive glasses tailored to their needs.

Collaborating with DUN Ampangan

One and a half year later, we have done up to four donation drives and it all tuned out well. This time, we decided to collaborate with DUN Ampanagan, Seremban to organise a ‘Buy While Donating’ campaign. The concept of this campaign is where one glasses purchased by our customer, we will be donating one pair to the one in need, which is what we meant by “one for one”. We had performed eye test for 60 people in total where 56 of them needed glasses. Driving up to Seremban at 7am to set up at the DUN office was all worthy after seeing the warm smiles on the kids’ faces at the end of the campaign.

Thanks to Yang Berhormat who has been very passionate about giving back to the community and supported us along the way. He has been been one of the greatest help we could get. Last but not least, shout out to Cik Marhizah and her team who facilitated the event so smoothly and were so patient with us throughout the whole event as well.

We look forward to giving back to the community in the future with all that we can offer. As the ending of the year approaching, we hope to spread the love as much as we can as a way of welcoming the new year.

one for one 1
one for one 2
one for one 3
one for one 4

Divorce: A Different Kind Of Love

At the age of 17, I was so heartbroken when my parents decided to get a divorce. But a few weeks after that call was made, I had an offer to further my studies in Tokyo, Japan. Everything changed after that, I had put behind me the hurtful feelings and was grateful I had something to divert my attention from all that was happening. When I came back home, I realized that the divorce was a good thing that happened in my family. My mum and dad became good friends with no quarrels and they could speak about anything to each other. I could see the love between them. After all, I guess divorce is just another kind of love and not a killing machine.

We Make People Look Better And Feel Good On The Inside

I wanted to venture into a field that would make people appreciate themselves when they’re still healthy. People think aesthetics is an easy way out and that it’s all about beauty and what’s on the surface, but I don’t look at it that way. There are people who are living healthily but don’t pay as much attention to their appearances. Aesthetics on the other hand, involves a lot of oneself in terms of appearance and feeling better. We make people look better physically using our products and feel good on the inside cause they derive a certain confidence.

Celebrities Who Make Wearing Prescriptive Glasses Cool

Beauty and the Geek.


Just when you thought you had a serious case of geek with your prescriptive glasses and braces on, these celebrities prove that you can look stylishly chic in them as well. Whether it be on or off screen, even at the oscars, we feel so much better nerding out now that we’re not the only ones who chose to be labelled four eyes. Let’s have a look at how the celebrities make wearing prescriptive glasses cooler than usual!


Photo credits: Thick frames, check. White tee, check. Red lippie, check. Is there really anything else you need?


Photo credits:

I’m not sure if it’s just us, but we think Cara is acing her fiercely chic look.


Photo credits:

Whoever said you couldn’t look flawless behind glasses surely hasn’t seen this gorgeous brunette in it.


Photo credits:

We don’t know about you, but Emmy Rosum’s monotone pair is giving us the chills.


Photo credits:

Is there ever a shot where our American sweetheart doesn’t looks sweet even in a pair of oversized glasses?

Who says wearing prescriptive glasses is not fashionable and could make you look somehow too nerdy for a formal occasion? We hope these celebrities have change your thoughts about styling with prescriptive glasses. We could look as fashionable as the celebrities who are also wearing prescriptive glasses! Check out our latest arrivals to spice up your look now!