Computer Glasses Malaysia Guide: What is Computer Glasses?

computer lens
Computer glasses (sometimes also called gaming glasses) are particularly designed to optimize vision, filter away blue light, remove glare and provide comfort during your workday. Read and find out how an anti-glare coating, this simple eyewear technology on the lenses can resolve most eyesight problems related to computer usage.

Intro – Computer glasses Malaysia

Computer glasses is also called Gaming Glasses! So gamers if you’re reading, read to the end!
Read on to learn more about 2017’s trending line of computer glasses online that promises you the latest fashion in eyewear, besides finding a pair of eyeglasses that provides comfort while working on computer or any digital electronic screens.

#1: The basics of computer glasses

Learn the basics of these yellow tinted glasses that reduces eye strain and headache. Basically the fitted lenses comes with anti-glare coating to protect our eyes from Blue Light from digital displays. Learn the vision issues that resulted from using computer or looking at smartphone screens for long hours. Who Must Read? You wonder whether: Are there glasses for computer use? Additionally, you have symptoms like red itchy eyes, blurred vision, fatigue, back and neck pain, headache and dizziness from using computer or looking at smartphone screens for long hours. Read On: The basics – computer glasses Malaysia

#2: Computer Vision Syndrome: What is computer eye strain?

The unsafe Blue Light radiated from PC can unfavorably influence your vision. In 2017, Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) is now a common problem due to the widespread use of mobile devices and computer usage. Learn the issue of digital eye strain and what happens when we use computers for long hours. Who Must Read? You suffer when you are using computer at work or just by looking at your phone screen. You question: Do reading glasses help with computer eye strain? Can you get glasses for eye strain from computer use? Read On: Computer Vision Syndrome: What is computer eye strain?

#3: Do Anti Blue Light Glasses work? Computer glasses Malaysia

The glare from electronic devices is harmful to our vision. The digital display screen on computers, phones or TV emits Blue Light. The regular side effects are blurred vision, red eyes, migraine, itchy eyes and eye strain. Find out if anti Blue Light coating on computer lenses help relieve eyestrain. Who Must Read? You have questions such as: Do blue light lenses work? Does the Anti-Blue Light coating help relieve eye strain? Read On: Do Anti Blue Light Glasses work?

#4: How to protect eye from blue light? To buy Computer Glasses or not?

Working on a computer has turned out to be an essential piece of the present way of life. Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) has turned into a typical issue because of steady and long hours of gazing at the screen of high-tech digital gadgets. There’s an answer for this: Also known as gaming glasses, they are eyeglasses that vary from normal spectacles because they have added feature that aids in looking at a computer screen with more comfort and reduced strain. Who Must Read? Do I need anti glare coating on my glasses? If you use a computer frequently and experience those digital eye strain symptoms, you might want to read on. Read On: How to protect eye from blue light?

#5: Simple cure for computer eye strain without Computer Glasses: For non glasses wearers

From computers to mobile phones, constant usage of electronic screens can harm your eyes significantly. Nevertheless, protect and shield your eyes against Blue Light with Anti Blue Light glasses that is intended to provide safety and optimize our vision for working on digital devices in today’s high-tech world. If you don’t want to rely on these ‘gaming glasses, learn this simple guide on relieving eye strain from computer usage. Who Must Read? Read on to find out how to relieve computer eye strain besides using computer glasses. Read On: Simple cure for computer eye strain without Computer Glasses: For non glasses wearers

#6: Why wear computer glasses?

We can’t deny how effective and helpful using a computer and smartphone is. It has changed us completely. Meantime, long hour of computer time can truly hurt our eyes. This is the motive behind why such glasses is gaining widespread recognition now. Who Must Read? Read if you need to know why we need computer glasses if we stare at a digital screen for more than 2 hours daily. Read On: Why wear computer glasses?  
Computer glasses Malaysia. What is computer glasses by Pott Glasses
What is computer glasses by Pott Glasses Malaysia
  #1: The basics of computer glasses #2: Computer Vision Syndrome: What is computer eye strain? #3: Do Anti Blue Light Glasses work? Computer glasses #4: How to protect eye from blue light? To buy Computer Glasses or not? #5: Simple cure for computer eye strain without Computer Glasses: For non glasses wearers #6: Why wear computer glasses? If you’re interested to get a pair of computer glasses, kindly make an appointment with us by filling the form below. You’ll be entitled RM 35 discount upon making the appointment.
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Why wear computer glasses? Malaysians will be shocked when they know

reflect blue light

Why wear computer glasses? The remedy for computer eye pain is an eyewear called computer glasses. The anti-glare coating on computer lenses helps a wearer optimise vision, so that the eyesight is not compromised when the person spends long hours looking at a computer screen, TV, monitor or any other digital backlit screens.

We cannot deny how efficient and convenient usage of computer has brought to us. However, prolong hour of computer usage can really harm our eyes. This is the very reason why computer glasses is highly recommended.

Why wear computer glasses?

Computer screens and any digital backlit screens emit blue light and UV rays, and a lens designed for computer glasses can filter out most of it, hence making it a very effective in protecting the eyes. By cutting off the blue light, it helps to reduce the risk of macular degeneration . Computer glasses is also slight yellowish compared to normal clear lens. The yellowish element helps to increase the contrast.

Another feature of computer glasses is the ideal intermediate power . Since computer is considered as intermediate object, the power required to focus is not as high as for the distant object or as low as for near object (for avid glasses wearer). Thus, there will be a portion of the lens that comes with intermediate power in order to optimize the vision.

How does computer glasses work?

The main differences between “computer glasses,” “reading glasses,” & “regular/driving glasses”? Regular driving glasses are designed with ideal intermediate power, whereas spectacles for computer contain anti blue light coating. Known as anti glare coating too, computer glasses have lenses that are really meant to block out the harmful blue light rays from things like your phone screen.

Reading glasses – is good for focus that is around a lap’s distance away. Reading glasses are perfect for reading and especially designed for focusing close distance for long periods.

Regular glasses – are good for general usage, mainly for distant object. That having said, regular glasses can also add on the anti blue light coating . In this case, the glasses will work for any a daily activity, reflects away the harmful blue light from computer and smartphone screen. It just does not come with the ideal prescription for desk job work.

Computer glasses – is good for focus that is slightly longer than reading distance. The ideal power works well for distance ranging from 35cm to 55cm which is where we place our computer. On top of that, has an anti blue light coating , like a tint that absorbs blue color rays. This blue-ish coating reflects away the harmful blue light of wavelength 410nm to 453nm.


For practical usage, if you do a lot of work that requires focusing very close, such as working on computer work like writing, photography, IT works or accounting that require detailed observing, then the right glasses such as a computer glasses will be ideal. If you want a pair of glasses for general all-purpose, a one size fit all solution, then a regular computer glasses with anti blue light coating will be ideal.

Next in our computer glasses sequel, we will tell you who should use anti blue light coating computer glasses, and we are giving out free styling guide to help you match glasses to enhance your look, stay tuned!

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Do Anti Blue Light Glasses work? Computer Glasses Guide

trendy computer glasses

Computer glasses topic: Do anti blue light glasses work? Read on to find out who needs computer eyewear to relieve computer eye strain.

Computer screen with LED as light source emits high energy of harmful blue ray which can cause eye problems. With the advent of technology, a new type of glasses is created to filter off the harmful blue ray.

Overview how blue light led to the discovery of computer glasses

The first computer glasses was dated all the back in 2010 where it’s designed for gamers. The entire lens is very yellowish. It is used to cut off blue light and reduce glare. By doing so, the glasses provide a comfortable vision for gamer.

Since then, more lens companies started the research on the effect of computer screen to human eyes

computer glasses design-Pott Glasses Malaysia
Gunnar brand glasses, see the yellow coating, that’s the secret.

What is anti blue light coating on computer glasses?

Main feature

The main feature that a computer glasses have in their lenses is a special anti blue light coating. It is the coating that has the ability to filter out a great amount of blue light that computer screens emit.

Basic normal lens

In basic lens, there is no coating on the surface of the lens. There is no UV protection, scratch resistance or anti reflective coating. Thus a basic lens though comes in prescription, does not help to protect the eyes.

Multi-coated lens

A multicoated lens (which is commonly prescribed) comes with multiple layers of coating includes UV400 protection, scratch resistance coating and anti reflective coating so that light transmission is higher.

Computer glasses lens difference

With all these coating in place, computer lens adds an additional coating namely the anti blue coating. This coating has blue reflection on the lens. It is easy to differentiate a blue coating lens and a normal coating lens. One with bluish reflection, another without.

Computer eye strain relieving glasses – a computer eyewear

This blue coating on the surface of computer lenses generally are prescribed to filter and reduce transmission of high energy radiation (short wavelength) also known as blue light.

They are transmitted from computer lenses, hand phone and other Visual Display Units (VDU). Blue light is responsible and directly related to common eye problems such as annoying glare, eye strain and  accelerating macular degeneration (from recent research).

anti blue light glasses

How blue coating computer lens work to protect your eyes?

Aforementioned, the computer and other electronic screens emits harmful blue light. The blue light also exists in the sun ray. It plays an important role to regulate our natural sleep and wake cycle.

It basically acts as the key element for our body clock. However, the intensity of this blue light is much higher in computer screen, indirectly causing a lot of problems to us including eye strain, headache, disturbed sleep cycle etc.

Thus the approach is to reduce or neutralise the blue light that enter our eyes. The lens companies come out with a solution, which is an anti blue light coating that is able to reflect part (see the photo below) of the blue light, thus reducing its intensity.

reflect blue light
Computer glasses reflects away harmful blue light

Yellow color lens glasses

There is yellowish tint that comes along with the anti blue light coating. Although this yellowish tint may cause color distortion, it helps to increase color contrast and provide a more comfortable vision in front of computer.

Often, the bright screen can cause headache and eye strain. Thus, computer lens being slightly yellowish is able to reduce the glare and provide a comfortable vision.

Who should wear anti blue light glasses?

To answer who needs computer glasses or who should get this type of blue light filtering glasses in one short sentence is a bit difficult.

What are the benefits

Anti blue light glasses help with so many things related to the modern world of phones and screens.

  1. Reflect away blue light, thus reducing the risk of eye disease called macular degeneration
  2. Reduce the flare from phone and laptop, thus providing more comfortable vision
  3. Computer glasses provide better contrast, thus sharper vision at night or low light condition

Kids nowadays use smartphone more than anyone of us during our childhood time. Parents should consider getting them the computer glasses too.

For people who spend minimum 5 hours in front of computer and experience either eye fatigue, headache or eye strain, you may be experiencing computer vision syndrome consider another kind of computer lens with relaxing effect that helps to reduce the workload of the eyes. 

Verdict – Computer Glasses

If you are reading this now, then you have been exposed to blue light radiation from either your smartphone or computer screen. (Don’t worry ok?)

You don’t have to be diagnosed with a condition, or play hours of video games to take advantage of the anti-reflection technology infused into computer glasses (anti blue lens glasses). If you do a lot of reading with your smartphone, and have difficulty with eye strain, computer glasses could be all the solution you need.

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Progressive lenses price in Malaysia

Prices of progressive lens in Malaysia

Note : Progressive lens and multifocal lens are the same thing

The progressive lenses price in Malaysia can vary a lot due to many factors.

In this article, you will know how progressive eyeglasses look like, and you will know the what factors affect the price of progressive lenses and how to choose one that suit you.

But first, we have tabulated the price of progressive or multifocal glasses price for your reference.

entry level
for first time wearer

Ideal for reading

Suitable for age 45 and below

Add any text here...

for complex power

Good balance

Suitable for avid wearer

Add any text here...

for versatile usage

Easy adaptation

Wider visual field

Ideal for active lifestyle

the best version

Customised to lifestyle

Best visual field

Perfect for all activities


How do progressive lenses look?

Progressive lenses appearance looks like normal lenses on glasses. Trained optical technicians, general opticians and optometrists can identify the difference of them.

Yet even though they may appear like any additional lens, there are several big differences that distinguish them from one another. Progressive glasses come equipped with multifocal lenses that is used to correct distance, near view and intermediate view.

progressive lenses price in malaysia
The view after wearing progressive lenses. Progressive lenses price in Malaysia

The majority of progressive lenses have laser beam etchings within the lens that are virtually invisible towards the wearer and may only be spotted by experienced opticians.

These laser etchings inform the optician of the associated added power which are

  1. The strength needed to correct for reading,
  2. Particular area of the distant power, intermediate power and additional power,
  3. Lens material,
  4. Manufacturer of the specific lens,
  5. Design of the lens

What determines the progressive lenses price in Malaysia?


The material utilised for your glasses will likewise decide the cost.

Standard Plastic lenses are thicker, heavier, less scratch-proof and are not guaranteed to be non-shatterable.

Polycarbonate lenses are slightly more expensive. These glasses are more slender, lighter, and more strong than plastic, suitable for half frame or rimless glasses.

Glass lenses are slowly phased out due to its heavy weight. However, there are wearers who love glass lens because it is clearer compared to others.


Coating Coating is the core protective layers of the lens. It makes the lens more scratch resistant so that it can last longer.

Besides, coating also provides other function for the lens such as UV reduction. A better quality lens has coating that does not peel off easily. This is important as we do not want it to lose the function due to peeling off.

Functional lens

You may have heard of transition lens that change color under the sun, or computer lens that helps to protect the eyes from harmful blue light. These are additional features of lens that can cost more than ordinary lens.

Thickness or Index

Index has no unit, and it’s used to reflect the thickness. In simpler form, you may call it category or group. Generally there are 4 indexes ie 1.56, 1.61, 1.67 and 1.74. The higher the index, the thinner the lens is.

Most important part : Design of progressive lens (also known as the grade of the lens)

When we mention design, it does not mean the physical shape of the lens, not that one is round and another is square. You can read more about design of progressive lens here. Basically a better design lens will give you smooth power progressive so that distortion and waviness is minimised.

Here are the attributes that we will look into :

  • Wide visual fields
  • Wide corridor
  • Comfortable reading
  • Stable vision
  • Easy to adapt

To illustrate the design, let’s look at the picture below:

different types of progressive lens malaysia

One thing to notice is the profile of the transparent vs gray area.

The transparent is the sharp area of the lens, while the gray area is the blur area (in actual lens, it looks just transparent, the gray here is purposely colored to highlight the blur area)

Transparent = sharp and clear

Gray = blur and distorted

The larger the transparent area, the clearer the vision is.

Now, when you wear progressive or multifocal glasses, do you want to have more clear vision or more distorted vision?

Obviously everyone wants sharp and clear vision. That is why, wider/premium design is more comfortable to wear, and because of the technology involved, it is more expensive.

So, which on suit you?

Although wider designs are better, not everyone needs wide design. After all, it is more expensive! If you are just about to try progressive or multifocal glasses, you can start with entry level. It will cost about RM659 for one complete pair. If you want to upgrade from your current pair, then wider design will give you a better wearing experience.

At the end of the day, go with your budget and get what suit you most!

To sum up on progressive lenses price in Malaysia

So the most compelling question: how much does a pair of progressive glasses cost?

Here at Pott Glasses Malaysia, we always recommend to start with something of medium range and beyond. For medium range we are looking at RM659 for frame and lens, and the premium on can go up to RM2000. It is not so much of being particular about the exact range of lens, rather the design that suit your lifestyle.

We are also giving additional when you make an appointment to visit us.

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Computer Vision Syndrome: What is computer eye strain?

eye massage points

Computer glasses protects our eyes from Blue LightWhat is computer vision syndrome? Do you get computer eye strain? In this article we shall explore the causes of CVS and eyesight problem like computer eye strain, the main precursor to the spike in interest in gaming glasses aka computer glasses.

What is computer glasses by Pott Glasses Malaysia
What is computer glasses by Pott Glasses Malaysia

Intro – Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS)

The cause, problem, solution, product related to Computer Vision Syndrome CVS. CVS is actually a mixture of discomfort arise from prolong usage of computer. According to American Optometric Association , CVS is include eye strain, dry eyes, headache, blurred vision, neck and shoulder pain.

What causes computer eye strain?

Many people are suffering the side effects of extended long hour computer usage. In fact, the problems bother computer users long time ago. The screen light can cause strain to the eyes, especially for those who use computer more than 6 hours a day. Fortunately the advancement in technology lead to innovation of computer lens (computer glasses). Let’s explore some important eyecare facts and tips below.

Computers at work – Blue light rays harmful to eyes

We live in an age when we cannot do away with looking at the computer screen, or our smartphone. Working in an office means using a computer. Ophthalmologists suggest the best way to avoid computer vision syndrome is to provide our eyes a time for relax frequently. Constant staring can lead to eye strain and can blur our own vision temporarily.

Looking directly into the distance once in awhile can help as well. Doctors suggest that shutting eyes for a couple minutes right after every 20-30 minutes, may help to lubricate plus moisten our eyes.

Long hour of desk job work

When we are constantly focusing on near object such as computer work and paper work, we tend to over use our eyes to “accommodate” to near work. In long run, our eyes get tired and this is when the headache and eye strain will kick in. What people normally do is to rub the eyes, but we suggest massaging the eyes will work better. Besides, try to use the 20/20/20 guide where for every 20 minutes of near work look 20 ft away for 20 seconds.

The reason behind the extra work load our eyes need to do in handling long hour of near job lies in the concept of accommodation. The general idea is that the nearer object we need to focus, the more work our eye muscle need to do to provide sufficient power through our crystalline lens. Read more in the link.

Glasses do not deteriorate vision

Just because your glasses have to be changed each few years does not always mean that they are weakening your own eyesight. Glasses only help you see better, and in some cases more comfortable especially when it provides adequate power to see things. The vision changes happen only because we do not practice healthy working habit and do not take care of the eyes.

Make-up particles is harmful eyes

A person need to be careful when they are doing makeup, especially thickening the lashes or using kajal in the waterline of the eyes. Experts state that the make-up particles that gets trapped below the outer layer of the eye can trigger eye issues. There are usually remedies say doctors plus you could also use antibiotic drops.

Smoking damages vision

Quit smoking, because it simply increases your own risk of macular deterioration. And that is one of the leading causes of loss of sight. The harmful after effects of smoking include damage to the small blood ships of the retina plus optic nerve. This type of damage to internal parts of the eye can cause loss of eyesight.

Putting on contact lenses overnight is a big no-no

Even when your contact lens pack declares that it is great enough to even be worn overnight, you should never do it, say eye doctors. Taking care of your contact lens in the right way is vital, as it might lead to loss of eyesight. One must soak lens in disinfectant solution overnight, wash it by scrubbing all of them only with thoroughly cleaned hands, and then store them in a clean environment.

Rubbing the eyes is a bad habit

We tend to rub the eye whenever it gets itchy. It feels as if the more we rub it, the better we feel, end up with reddish eye. However, this is a very bad action as it does not only put stress to the eye but also injure the cornea surface which may lead to astigmatism. When the cornea surface is no longer as smooth, astigmatism kicks in, this process is irreversible.

Verdict – Computer Glasses Product

With a large demand for computer glasses, comes large volume production of computer glasses products which makes it cheaper to produce, just a simple economics of scale. If you suffer from computer eye strain, do consider a pair of computer glasses as it has been specially designed to counter just that problem.

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How to protect eyes from computer blue light? To buy computer glasses or not?

eye care

Can computer glasses protect eyes from computer blue light? Read on to learn more about eyecare and computer eyewear protection.

Long hours of computer usage can cause computer vision syndrome. There is no one specific problem of (CVS) Computer Vision Syndrome. In fact, there are few problems such as dry eyes, blurred vision, double vision, headache and eye irritation.

How to protect eyes from computer blue light by pott glasses malaysia
How to protect eyes from blue light sourced by pott glasses malaysia at pinterest

Intro – Protect eyes from computer blue light

Why is this so? There are two major reasons to this. First is the harmful blue light and the glare from screen. Second is about eye accommodation.

1. Harmful blue light and glare

By now we have a common understanding that computer light source is considered artificial light from LED. In this light source, there is high intensity of blue ray, wavelength of range 380-453nm. Don’t get us wrong, this ray also exists in the sun light, where it acts as an indicator to tell our body about day and night. However, the intensity from computer screen is way higher, thus causing harm to our eyes. Thus, computer glasses with the function to cut away the ray will help to reduce the harm the ray does to us.

2. Eye accommodation

The idea is simple. Just like a metaphor to jogging, our legs get tired after long hour of jogging. Our leg muscles are working hard to keep up to the movement. Same as our eyes, the eye muscles are working hard to keep image in focused. We now go slightly deeper on how our eyes work. Read more here.

What is happening in our eyes now?

When this happen, computer vision syndrome (CVS) will kick in. You may start to feel headache, eye irritation and eye fatigue. This all due to too much work done by the eye muscle.

Here is where a computer lens with intermediate prescription comes handy. Computer screens more often than not are situated 35 to 55 cm from the user’s eyes, which is considered the intermediate distance.

Solution – Protect eyes from computer with Computer Glasses

Computer lens eyeglasses come in ideal intermediate distance, with less negative power. When the overall negative power is lesser, your eye muscle do not work so hard to stay focus on near object, thus reducing the computer vision syndrome symptom (CVS). In fact, this prescription is sufficient to work well within the office area.

However, if you are looking for a single pair that can work well for every range of vision, you might be better to stay with the distant power with blue coating lens. At least that helps to cut off the harmful blue rays.

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What causes people to be short sighted? Ways to prevent shortsightedness

Short sightedness is Malaysia’s growing problem. In 2017, new spectacle shops increase tremendously at popular places in Malaysia to cater to the demand for eye glasses.

Short sightedness although common, is regarded as a shocking news on top of blurred vision, but why? That’s because what comes next will change your appearance forever! (To girls especially)

Short Sighted although stereotyped as being Nerdy / Computer Geek / Study too much, is now not the case unlike before; thankfully glasses is now considered part of the fashion.

Shortsighted Tip – What to do when I have myopia?

Glasses, one of humanity’s greatest inventions, allowing those with eyesight problem to have a crystal clear vision. In recent years, glasses are actually becoming one of the fashion accessory, thanks to talented eyewear designers. But still, who wouldn’t want a perfect vision?

One of the most common vision impairment will be short-sightedness a.k.a myopia or in Malay language – rabun dekat (where you can’t see objects in the far clearly). It usually starts early in a person’s life, so it will be best to take preventive actions from young. So let us take a look at some of the ways that prevent or slow down short-sightedness.


Causes of short sightedness

Shortsighted tip : Have some good reading habits

Let’s start with the obvious, as short sightedness is often linked with doing extensive close visual activities, such as reading, it is best to start by having some good reading habits. This is not limited to books and reading materials only, but also includes the TV, mobile phones, and computer. Here are some good reading guidelines that people of any age should start practicing:

  • Your reading material should be at least 30cm away from your eyes.
  • Sit in an upright position while reading, not lying down (though comfy).
  • Your TV should be at least 2 meters away.
  • Your computer screen should be at least 50cm away.
  • Make sure your room is well-lit for these activities (reading, watching TV, using computer).
  • Rest your eyes by looking away and focus on far-distance objects every 30 minutes.
  • You should not rub your eyes frequently.


Engage in more outdoor activities

Listen to your mom when she yells “go out and play!”, really. Research like this actually suggest that, by increasing the time you spend outdoors, you can actually be preventing short sightedness along the way. As to the exact reasons why being outdoor prevents the development of myopia, scientist are yet to be sure, but there are some theories suggesting that:

  • Being outdoor increases the chance of you looking at distance objects, hence relaxing the eye muscles.
  • Being outdoor triggers the release of a chemical in your retina called dopamine, which inhibits the growth of your eyeball (short-sightedness is because your eyeball is too long people!)


Shortsighted Stages – Early detection

It is always best to detect a condition early and take preventive actions for it, same goes for short sightedness. The condition usually becomes apparent during school-age, so it is important for parents to check their child’s eyesight frequently. For me, I came to know I have myopia at the age of 11 when I can’t see the McDonald’s menu clearly, sad. Well, back on topic, if you discover the problem early enough, your child’s myopia might be well controlled and does not get worse. A progressive lens can help to maintain the myopia; it’s commonly known as myopia control lens.


Although there are no evidence that good nutrient intake helps prevent short-sightedness 100%, but there are foods that will boost your overall eye health.

  • Lutein and Zeaxanthin: which aids in absorbing harmful sunlight and blue light. These nutrients can be found in dark leafy greens like spinach.
  • Magnesium: helps to ease the muscle in our eyes and also repairing protein. It can be obtained from peanuts, almonds, avocados, and whole wheat bread.
  • Vitamin D: helps protect and boost corneal health, as well as lower eye inflammation and boost visual sharpness. Tuna, eggs, and cheese are a good source for it.
  • Vitamin C: a powerful antioxidant much needed by our eyes. The cornea of our eyes also contains collagen, which is what vitamin C is known for boosting. Food rich in vitamin C are like citrus fruits, tomatoes, and broccoli.


So now you know, the ways to prevent short-sightedness. Start doing it for yourself, your child, or the people around you. Nothing beats having a good eyesight without having to wear prescription glasses or contact lenses. After all, if you still wish to make glasses a part of your OOTD, you can always go on and buy a pair of trendy frames, the best of both worlds, I guess.