What glasses is suitable for me?

suitable glasses

What glasses is suitable for me? This article will inform readers of Malaysia about eyewear glasses decisions. Suitable for all age group, please read on.

Intro: What glasses is suitable for me?

Finding a suitable glasses should never be a life wrecking decision, but rather a very fun experience ever.

The thought of you going to join the specky unit should never override your excitement to finally assist you in your poor eyesight.

Wearing glasses nowadays are even more fun, since people are even regarding it as fashion essentials. If you are finally thinking on getting a glasses, do make sure to consider a few things before consulting the expertise.

Question 1: Are you a Nobita or Suneo?

  • How much do you need your glasses?
  • How worse is your eyesight?
  • What is it for?

By considering these questions you will become much clearer on what type of glasses that you need.

When it is for a constant use for the whole day, you should consider something that is simple but always ready on the go.

The frame should also of something that attune to everything that you wear. If it is just needed for reading or studying or only at certain times, something exquisite would be quite experimental yet authentic.

Question 2: Adudu, Doraemon or Phineas?

Know your face shape.

Wrong choice on specs style will override your face complexion a lot, if you don’t really pay much attention to it. You will either look like the next genius or just another unfit guy in the class; so better be aware of this.

The easiest way to know your face shape is by taking a picture of yourself and analyse it. If you are still unsure of it, look at yourself in the mirror and use a lipstick on anything to draw the outline of your face.

There even got online website that can advise you on the best frame for your face shape. With this way it is much easier to identify the frame that matches you very well.

Question 3: Killer B or Kisame? Or what’s your skin tone?

Important enough, for you to find something that blend very well with your skin tone.

Those with fairer skin can surely fit with any colour but it doesn’t mean you can just simply pick on any colour with eyes closed.

While on the other hand people with darker skin tone also has the same opportunity to be creative but both parties should consider to present with their best and warm look later on. Unless if you want to stand out with a fresh look, there’s always room for creativity. Experiment at its best.

Question 4: Sarada, Denki or Kabuto? How daring are you?

Any preferences in your mind? If you are those type that like to experiment on thing, then it will be good enough.

Try out exotic colours or even unique and one-of-a-kind frame and be bold and different. Like, who knows yellow will be the next trend right?

But make sure to keep in mind to not overdo it, if you don’t want to looks like a clown missing its birthday party invitation *wink*

Question 5: Are you Lilo and Stitch? (Did you need a UV protection or not?)

Truth is, everyone does. It is much more important if your eyes is sensitive to UV rays, so you better have your glasses that darken when you are out exposed in the sun.

Even the all hail Lilo the Hawaiian beach girl knew that she need to take extra care of her eyes when going out exposed under the sun.

Question 6: Ok I have decided. Where to next?

Now you are all set to pay a visit to your trusted store.

Consult the expertise and brief them with your preferences.

And never feels scared to voice out your obscure feeling on finally getting yourself a pair of glasses. Certainly it is a new feeling but it is worth of your lifetime eyesight.

You should feel free to talk about your concern and they will surely prescribe you with the best pair.

You can also consult our expertise here at Pott Glasses.

Alternatively you can make an appointment to have your eye tested and consultation. From choosing glasses to thorough eye test, we strive to give the bespoke recommendation. In addition, you get RM 35 discount when you make an appointment online. Why not?

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How to Style Round Glasses

Read on to find out how to style round glasses in this article that is Suitable for Malaysians aged 16 to 36.

Intro to: How to style round glasses

No doubt we love to love the vintage style.

Everything vintage seems to be making a comeback in the world of fashion nowadays. There is no exception to the oh-so-versatile round glasses, which typically suits just about anyone with any style.

Think about Harry Potter, do you think every glasses can rock in both the wizarding world AND the modern day muggle world? I guess not. As versatile as round spectacles are, here are some of our favourite ways to style the timeless piece.

Style Round Glasses for: Sophistication

how to style round glasses 1

Show your sophisticated business side with an oversized black round sunglasses, as black is always classy, always.

For a pop of colour, pair the glasses with a coloured blazer.

Go for colours like navy blue, grey, burgundy, or like Korean pop star Suzy pictured above, match with ocean blue blazer with a cream top underneath.

However, don’t feel restricted, as black glasses go well with anything.

If black is not your thing, tortoise shell delivers sophistication just as much as black glasses.

Tortoise shell glasses instantly add a splash of colour to the otherwise boring black and white business outfits.

Just be sure to go for the more subtle and darker variety of tortoise shell for a more polished, classy look.

Style Round Glasses for: Chic Casual

Trust me when I say round glasses are great for casual wear.


Just about any type of round glasses add sugar and spice to your everyday look.

Some of our favourites are thin framed round glasses for that minimalistic look.

Celebrity fashion: Check out Kendall Jenner sipping coffee while looking good on a casual day out. On the other hand, her fellow model friend Gigi Hadid also casually cruising down the street with a more funky looking thick plastic round glasses and circle frame.

circle frame

There really are no limits of styling with casual wear. Style with anything from leather jacket like what Kendall is wearing, or Gigi’s white blazer placed stylishly over the shoulders. Even if you are just wearing tee and shorts, the right glasses will always enhance your look.

Style Round Glasses for: Glamour

how to style round glasses 3

Who can forget Jeon Ji Hyun in “My Love from the Star”?

Celebrity Fashion: Her character in it is the epitome of glamorous. Like pictured above, go for oversized circle glasses with a pop of colour or pattern to be oh-so-glamorous while still showing a little bit of fun side.

Complete your glamour look by styling in preppy clothes: lace dresses, long maxi dresses, an oversized coat, or a tight little black dress.

Style Round Glasses for: Hippie bohemian

Metal frame and colour tinted lenses, the once dreaded hippie fashion is making a comeback.

Metal frame and colour tinted lenses, the once dreaded hippie fashion is making a comeback.

You can easily spot hundreds of people wearing one of these colourful rounded glasses every year in festivals like the infamous Coachella.

To complement its colourful lenses, style with bohemian inspired dresses, crop tops, floral, and laces.

Plastic frame with patterns such as tortoise shell works well for the hippie image too.

Celebrity Fashion: Like Johnny Depp pictured above, style with rugged clothes, a beanie, and long necklaces. Other choices are like a loose fit flannel shirt and jeans.

Conclusion – About round spectacles style

Round spectacles and circle frame are fun and cheeky which not only serve their designated purpose as an eyewear, but also acts as an versatile accessory to add an extra edge to your daily look.

Whichever style of round glasses you choose, remember to keep your personal style in mind, as finding the right pair of glasses can be a tricky business.

With the right glasses that complement your style, you can easily look like a fashionista every day!

5 Malaysian Icons Who Wear Glasses That We Are Proud Of

Malaysia glasses trend on famous malaysian icons

This article gives readers an overview of famous Malaysian icons and their Malaysian glasses trend. It is time of the year again, the time when exactly 60 years ago, Tunku Abdul Rahman chanted “MERDEKA!” three times at the Merdeka Square, signaling Malaya’s independence from the British colonization. It is a significant day for all Malaysians. A day we should all take a moment to appreciate and be thankful of the effort of our forefathers who fought hard for the people to be free of colonial powers.

Famous Malaysian Icons Who Wear Glasses

Here, as an effort to celebrate the most important day for all Malaysians, I will share my list of 5 Malaysian icons that I am proud of, and, who wear glasses! These people are an inspiration to a lot of us, their achievements are well-know and have successfully carry the good name of our nation internationally. Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Michelle Yeoh

Malaysia glasses trend on famous malaysian icons
Source: eco business.com

Michelle was born in Ipoh and moved to the United Kingdom at the age of 15 where she studied ballet at the Royal Academy of Dance. She did not give up when an injury hindered her dream of becoming a ballet dancer, instead, she got herself a degree in creative arts minoring in drama. Her resilient spirit eventually made her who she is today. At age 20, she won the Miss Malaysia Beauty Pageant and continue on to represent Malaysia at the Queen of the Pacific 1983 (which she won again) and Miss World 1983. From there on, her career as an actress blossomed. She got the chance to appear in a commercial alongside Jackie Chan, and eventually landed acting gigs with D&B Films in Hong Kong. Her acting career started with action and martial arts movies. The remarkable thing about Michelle is, despite having no martial arts background, she did a lot of the stunts by herself! And her hard work sure paid off! Her role as a bond girl in Tomorrow Never Dies and Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon brought her fame to the international level.

Dato’ Jimmy Choo

Malaysia glasses trend on famous malaysian icons

Jimmy Choo shoes are like the holy grail of shoes, not many of us are lucky enough to own a pair because they come at a hefty price. Dato’ Jimmy was born in Penang into a family of shoe makers, and was taught by his father the wonderful skill of shoe-making. To help support his college tuition fees in England, Dato’ Jimmy worked as a part timer in restaurants and as a cleaner in a shoe factory. After graduated with honors, he remained in England to further his dream as a shoe-maker. In 1986, he successfully opened his first shop which soon gained attention in the fashion industry. Vogue featured his exquisite designs and craftsmanship in a full eight pages of the magazine. The late Princess Diana seemed to adore his shoes so much, that she was always seen with a pair of Jimmy Choo’s. What is admirable about Dato’ Jimmy Choo is that, he has a firm stand on his beliefs and motto. Despite eventually growing his business rapidly by entering into a partnership and diversifying his brand into different fashion accessories like handbags, Dato’ Jimmy had doubts about the shoes that they were mass producing at a factory that time. So, he sold half of the company and returned to his roots of making custom-made shoes in a small shop in London. Though he does not always wear glasses, his love in glasses fashion is reflected in his designer eyewear merchandise.

Yuna Zarai a.k.a Yuna

Malaysia glasses trend on famous malaysian icons
Source: pinterest.com

Yuna is Malaysia’s homegrown singer-songwriter. This talented young lass began writing songs at the young age of 14, and even more admirable, she learned to play the guitar by herself too! While attending law school, Yuna did not give up her passion for music. She started performing in shows and events as well as sharing her music online. Soon after her popularity soared online, an indie-pop record label in the US discovered her and ultimately gets her a contract with Fader Label which is based in New York. That opened up a window that allowed her music to reach a greater audience. In 2012, her single Live Your Life produced by Pharrell Williams was debuted on iTunes. It served as an introductory to her first self-titled full length album. She was often dubbed “Pharrell’s protégé” because of this. Since then, there is only success for Yuna. Her latest album Chapters made it into the Billboard Top 10 Best R&B Album of 2016. Yuna’s music is often soulful, as if she is trying to speak to you through her songs. All thanks to Yuna’s persistent in including the elements of melody and meaning to her songs, she refused to give into popular genres nowadays which seem to have forgo these crucial elements which define good music.

Tunku Abdul Rahman

Malaysia glasses trend on famous malaysian icons
Source: britannica.com

No one can ever talk about inspiring Malaysian icons without mentioning our Father of Malaysia and our first Prime Minister Tunku Abdul Rahman. Without him, there will be no Malaysia, and maybe even no you and me. Tunku Abdul Rahman was born in the royal family of the Kedah Sultanate in 1903. After graduating from Cambridge, he returned to Kedah where he served as a civil service cadet, doing what he enjoyed doing, which is to help the people with their problems. His political career started when he was appointed the president of the United Malays National Organization (UMNO), which ultimately formed an alliance with the Malayan Chinese Association (MCA) and Malayan Indian Congress (MIC). Ultimately, in 1956, Tunku Abdul Rahman headed a mission to London to negotiate for Malaya’s independence from the British.

The negotiation was successful and Malaya was granted its independence by 31st August 1957.

As Tunku Abdul Rahman believe, unity between the different cultures is an important key in achieving a better nation. This believe holds true even till today, where there should not be any division between races, there should be only ONE Malaysia. From there on, Tunku Abdul Rahman leaded the nation as its first Prime Minister and the rest is history.

Tun Dato’ Seri Dr. Mahathir Mohamad

Malaysia glasses trend on famous malaysian icons
Source: scmp.com

Served as the fourth Prime Minister of Malaysia, Dr. Mahathir is no unusual name to all Malaysians. In fact, he was the Prime Minister that served our country the longest, from 1981 to 2003. Dr. Mahathir started out as a medical doctor. He later joined UMNO and eventually got into the Parliament and becoming the Prime Minister. Since then, the man has made tremendous contributions to our nation’s development, he is not known as “Bapa Pemodenan” for no reasons. He had successfully turned Malaysia from a country that relied much on agriculture into a country that thrive in trading and high tech industries. Among that, he established the Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC) and initiated the National Car Project, which was given the name “Proton” subsequently. Dr. M’s other large scale projects include the construction of the north-south highway, which took more than 10 years to complete. The highway cut down the time to travel in Peninsular Malaysia tremendously. Other notable projects of his are like the port of Tanjung Pelepas, Petronas Twin Towers, KLIA, Formula One Circuit, and the list goes on and on. Sure, a lot of people might have mix feelings for Dr. M, but his contributions to the greater good of the entire nation are undeniable.

Famous Malaysian Icons And Their Glasses Trend!

There you go!

My list of Malaysian Icons that wear glasses and makes me proud. Time to come up with a list yourself!

Specs or no specs, which Malaysian icon makes YOU proud?

Do glasses make you look smarter in an interview?

The debate is over, peeps! Wearing glasses DO make you look smarter! You lucky people with a perfect vision, it’s time to get yourself a nice frame to fit in with us! For once, the stereotype of people wearing glasses being more intelligent might not be so wrong after all. Lots of studies actually finds people who wears glasses are perceived to be smarter and more professional than those who don’t.

smart in glasses
Smart in glasses

Intro Question: Do Glasses Make You Look Smarter?

If you think harder on it, you will find that it isn’t very hard to understand where this stereotype came from. For most young people, the need to wear glasses is often because of short-sightedness. Like what we had mentioned in this article before, short-sightedness is caused by doing extensive close visual work, like reading. Let us put aside TVs and smartphones being the cause for a moment, as we don’t have those back in the days right? So yeah, those people who does a lot of reading are more likely to be smarter than those who don’t. Adding to the point, back in the days when glasses are not readily available to anyone and is often seen as a luxury, only those who need to see meticulous details will opt to wear glasses. So, generally, those with a profession with high regards such as doctor and banker will definitely need glasses more than those with common professions.

Do wearing glasses make you look smarter in an interview?

Now now now, I know you are still doubtful about this, so let us dig into numbers to convince you even more. According to a research done by the British College of Optometrist about how wearing glasses makes you look smarter and even increases your opportunity of getting a job, it was found that:

  • A-third of the participants think that people who wears glasses appear to be more professional.
  • 43% of the participants believe people look more intelligent with glasses.
  • 40% of the participants will consider wearing glasses even if they don’t need it just to increase the chances of landing the job.

Now, you know that glasses makes you appear smarter, it is time to choose some frames that bring out the best in that, looking “hot, trendy smart” rather than “nerdy smart”. When you want to look smart and professional, you might want to avoid glasses with funky colors or have bold patterns, and go for something more sophisticated. Here we had gathered up some of the styles that will deliver that “smart-stylish” look well.

Glasses That Make You Look Smart

The below are styles of glasses that enhance the way you look in a smarter and more attractive way.

1. Thin Metal Rounded Frames

Thin frames are not only trendy right now, but also do the part just right as if offers a minimalistic, clean, sleek look. You can’t go wrong with so little material on your face. Use this type of frame if you are a more “toned-down” person and want to show your features more. Check out styles like Dacorum and Bexley to achieve this look.

2. Thick Rectangular Frames

Quite the opposite of the above, thick frames really make a statement. The rectangular ones are a more traditional choice but still allows the wearer to exude sophistication. You can go either all black like one of our flagship model Spinningfields or play a little with subtle patterns, just like Sandwell with a little hint or tortoise shell and Cherwell with wooden finishing.

3. Clubround/clubmaster shaped

Why wear reading glasses

Another popular trend are these vintage looking beauties, which means another way of looking smart while staying trendy! And what’s better? This shape of glasses instantly up your glamour game with minimal effort. For the ladies, you can opt for Clubround which is kind of a more subtle version of the cat eye, while for the men you can go for Clubmaster with a little more masculinity. Go for Harrow for Clubround and Trafford for Clubmaster.

4. Transparent Frames

Why wear reading glasses
Why wear reading glasses

It’s there, but it’s not there? Transparent frames will make people wonder. Unlike its former counterpart, the rimless frame (which to be honest isn’t really popular among youngsters right now), transparent frames doesn’t try to hide the fact that you are wearing glasses, but instead gives and extra edge and specialty to it.

Verdict : Do glasses make you look smarter, but less attractive?

There you have it folks, our suggestion on how you can play with a little psychological fact to better your image. Feel free to drop by our stores and try on our glasses! You will never know which pair of glasses will make you look smarter until you explore our huge variety of glasses. If you need recommendation based on your profession and face shape, we can help you on that too! Get RM35 discount by making appointment with us!

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Buying glasses online: What to look out?

Online glasses store

Online shopping, definitely a familiar term to modern day people. We can buy almost everything online, groceries, clothes, electrical appliances, and the list goes on and on. But, have you ever considered buying glasses online? I bet most of your answers is NO. Why? Because getting a pair of glasses is one of those things that requires more of a “personal touch”, and a great element of customer service goes with it. However, imagine yourself in a situation like this: you are browsing websites for a new pair of glasses and you come across a designer that you really like. But, the designer is physically out of your reach. So, what can you do? Here’s where online shopping comes in handy. So, when you are buying something that usually is being bought at a physical store, more consideration has to be poured in. Here’s a guide of what you need to consider when buying glasses online:

Buying glasses online step 1 : Know your face shape

source:eyeweardock.comYou might like it round, rectangular, or clubmaster, but the question is, does something you like really suits you? You will not want to buy something that doesn’t look good on you right? So basically there are four different types of face shapes, namely

  1. i) round-shaped, ii) square-shaped, iii) heart-shaped, and iv) oval-shaped.

Now, go look into the mirror and determine which category that best describes your face. Then, you can follow this general guide on how to choose a pair of glasses based on your face shape. Other than the style of the frame, you might want to consider the size of the pair of glasses too. So remember to check out the size specifications of the glasses when buying online.If you are still hesitant which shape to go for, you can always go to your nearest eyewear retailer, preferably those with an open concept where you can just try on the glasses on display, decide which shape of glasses best suits you, and then go back to your desired designer online and choose that shape.

Buying glasses online step 2 : Get your eyes checked

After you have chosen your ideal frame, the lenses are what you need to consider next. When buying glasses online, you will have to fill out your prescription form, so make sure you get your eyes checked by an optometrist to obtain the latest prescription reading. Here’s all the readings you should know and get from your eye examiner:

  • SPH/Sphere: the spherical error that is needed to rectify short-sightedness (-), or long-sightedness (+). The higher the number, the stronger is your prescription.
  • CYL/Cylinder: it is needed to correct astigmatism which cause distorted images. Most people have a reading between 0.5-0.75. If you have a reading more than 1.5, it is when you will need prescription lenses to correct it.
  • AXIS: is a degree, between 0 – 180, of where the astigmatism is located on your cornea.
  • ADD: which is the additive power if you go for a bifocal lenses. It is added to the lower part of your lenses.
  • PD/Pupillary Distance: the distance between your pupils. Having a PD reading will allow your lenses to be placed at the most ideal spot. Find out how to measure your PD here.
  • PRISM: it is used to rectify double vision and ease eye strain by tricking the brain into thinking the eyes are working well together.

Buying glasses online step 3 : Decide what type of lenses you need

There are generally three types of lenses:

  1. Single-vision lenses: which only have one power and is the most common type of lenses for short/long- sightedness and astigmatism.
  2. Bifocals/multifocals: have two or more power which allows you to see both near and far objects clearly.
  3. Progressive lenses: it is a more advanced version of bifocals/multifocals. It allows a smooth transition for the user to see objects in the far, intermediate, close, and anything in between.  

Next, you will need to know what type of lens material and coatings you require. Here are some common and popular ones:

  1. Standard plastic lenses (CR-39): lightweight and economical, however, it might not be suitable for people that requires a high prescription.
  2. Polycarbonate: more durable and impact-resistant. It suits children and people with an active lifestyle.
  3. High index lenses: which can be either 1.56, 1.6, 1.67, or 1.74, the higher the thinner the lenses.
  4. Blue light lenses: this coating protects your eyes against harmful rays from your digital devices.
  5. UV protection: as its name suggest, this coating blocks UV radiation from reaching your eyes.
  6. Light-adjusting coating: this lenses change its degree of tint depending on the amount of light you are exposed to. So it doubles as a sunglasses when you are outdoors.
  7. Anti-reflective coating: reduces glare from digital devices and nightlights. It also reduces reflection of your lenses and thus letting others see your eyes clearly!

Buying glasses online tip 4 : Look out for return policy and warranty

At last, when you are buying glasses online, you will want to have a peace of mind if anything goes wrong. Make sure the glasses that you are buying online has a return policy that allows you to return and get a new pair if what you get is not what you asked for, or if you find it uncomfortable to wear your new glasses. Also look out for warranty period that allows you to get a new pair if certain damage is found within the warranty period. So there you go! Things you should consider and look out for when you are buying glasses online. In this digital age you shouldn’t let distance be an obstacle from getting something you like. Buying glasses online definitely allows you to explore different designers from around to world and how much variety of eyewear they can offer. So go on, explore!  

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Ways That Fathers and Glasses are Similar

When I say the word “Father”, what image often comes to your mind? Well, other than your own father, I believe most people will associate the word with the image below…

Yes. They always seems to be wearing a pair of glasses (probably because of their long-sightedness, hahah). But have you ever wondered that there are actually a few ways that fathers and glasses have their similarities? Weird, I know, but it is actually quite true! So what do both of these seemingly unrelated things have in common? Let’s see:


Source: theupbeatdad.com

Why Fathers Day Glasses?

They both symbolize wisdom

People often associate glasses to wisdom. This common stereotype probably stems from thinking people who wears them read and study so much until their vision deteriorates and need a pair of glasses. Same goes for fathers, but before suggesting why Fathers Day Glasses as a gift for this coming Fathers Day 2017, here is an overview.

Fathers… they had gone through all the hardships in life trying to make a living to provide for his family. All these life experiences are the building blocks of a Fathers wisdom.

They let us see our path clearer

For those who does not have a perfect 20-20 vision, glasses do help us to see clearer, literally. As for our fathers, they often help us to see a situation clearer by providing us with their expert opinions and allowing us to view the matter from a different point of view, which, admit it, saved us from tons of wrong decisions.

They guide us when we need it

And when we are lost and had no idea what to do, fathers guide us patiently. Teaching us what to do and how to act. While glasses do not really “guide” us, but face it, we cannot really proceed with anything without being able to see clearly right?

They protect us

At last, fathers and glasses both protect us in their own ways. Needless to say, fathers protect their children from every possible harm in life while glasses protect, no surprise, our eyes. Do you know that glasses can come with Sun Protection Factor (spf) and blue light control? The former might be more familiar to all, which is protection from the harmful UV rays of the sun. The latter is to control or block the rays emitted from your IT devices like mobile phones, computer, and TVs.

So there you go, a few examples of why fathers and glasses are so similar. Don’t forget to show appreciation to your fathers this coming Father’s Day. Whether it is a fancy dinner, a gift, or even just a simple “I love you, dad”, will show them that you cherish them and appreciate them.

Lastly, don’t forget your Fathers Day Glasses

So there you go, an overview of a Fathers Day Glasses a few examples of why fathers and glasses are so similar. Don’t forget to show appreciation to your fathers this coming Father’s Day. Whether it is a fancy dinner, a gift, or even just a simple “I love you, dad”, will show them that you cherish them and appreciate them.

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