Finding the Perfect Pair of Glasses

If you’ve been wearing glasses for sometime, chances are you have faced this problem over and over again: how to find the perfect pair of glasses? Don’t worry, let us assure you that you’re not alone. This indeed is a difficult task, for one your image is tide closely to the shape of frame you wear. There are some general guidelines to finding the perfect pair of glasses. Instead of jumping straight into the wide collections of glasses available in the market, ask yourself few questions:

Instead of jumping straight into the wide collections of glasses available in the market, first, ask yourself a few questions:

  1. Do I wear glasses for casual or for work?
  2. What face shape do I have?
  3. What is my prescription range?
  4. How do I like to wear?

What’s next?

As you can see, the occasion of wearing glasses is the first question you should ask yourself. Well, at least this is what we believe. We believe that everyone can pull off every kind of glasses, the matter is for what occasion one wears the glasses. Round glasses will definitely give you geek and artsy look, while a more rectangular one is more acceptable in professional line. Oversize glasses are normally for casual wear. With regard to the face shape, the normal and easy guide is to follow the contrast rule. Round face square glasses and vice versa. How about heart shape, or oval? You see, it’s kinda hard to tell what kind of face shape you have if you have neither square nor round. The good news is, every other shape suits you (don’t be so rigid and complicate your life) Next, prescription. This is easy. The higher your prescription, the smaller frame you should get. By doing so, the lens will be thinner and lighter too! So what’s the range of prescription? Ask your optician (or us, we are happy to assist :D) Lastly, put on your usual outfit before you go to the optical store. You can immediately visualize how that pair of glasses matches your daily outfit. Matte color can normally blend in easily while glossy finishing frames give you a fresher look.

While these guidelines may help you find the apple of your eye, you could seek suggestions or help from our staff in the store, we are more than happy to help in finding your perfect pair of glasses. Make an appointment with us now!









ATTENTION PLEASE!!! 不要被模特的脸蛋吸引而忘了正在看这篇文章的你!!!




磨砂黑质的镜款一直以来让人感觉莫名利落,而圆框镜款又因为STEVE JOB的佩戴导致人们都认为搞创意的创作者们最适合佩戴圆框眼镜!其实不然?!

一直认为运动型男们戴上圆框眼镜一秒变成“书呆子” ! 这一款运用磨砂质感的圆框眼镜的佩戴效果非常之好。眼镜版型上面的调整让此圆框非彼圆框,热爱运动热爱黑色系列单品的你绝对不能错过! 镜框的版型调整让佩戴后的整体感达到上升,利落干净的圆框弧度能够很好的与多种脸型进行完美搭配。





看了几种不同系列的搭配后,让小编为各位作出一个总结!最后的最后你是否发现了原来你一直以来缺的就不是一条多昂贵的裤子或裙子、也不是衣柜里永远缺一件的衣服!你真正缺少的是那最适合也最凸显你性质的眼镜!没关系,现在发现还不算太迟,拿起手机去到 NEW COLLECTION


Transparent glasses in Malaysia 2019

Transparent glasses or clear frame is the most popular eyewear trend in 2019. It is made of either Ultem or cellulose acetate. Because the trend just started, it can be difficult to find transparent glasses. You may also find it difficult to match with outfit because there are not many fashion references. A famous person who wear this glasses is Liverpool coach, Jurgen Kloop. Klopp transparent glasses   In this post, we have gathered few inspirations on how to pull off transparent glasses as well as the designs available here. But first, let’s understand some cool facts of transparent glasses or clear frame.
  1.  made of acetate will not turn yellowish, but the one that is made of ultem or plastic will
  2.  are viewed as contemporary and even futuristic glasses
  3.  were once popular 10 years ago and make a comeback this year
  4.  are more popular in Western countries than Asian countries
Now, let’s check out more about transparent glasses.

Rectangular transparent glasses

It is simple and easier to wear. This is an ideal choice for you who want a subtle change from your current glasses. You can even wear it with formal attire. After all, it is still rectangular and suitable for workspace. 
source : instagram Clarence
source : instagram Bryan

Round transparent glasses

Unlike other round glasses, a transparent one resembles not only creativity and artsy, it is also fashion forward. If you are bored with the ordinary round frame and looking for something cool, try changing to a transparent one. It definitely adds freshness to you look. Compared to black or turtleshell round glasses that gives wearer a bold look, transparent glasses adds brightness to the face and create happy vibe.
source : instagram shannon, tammy

Browline transparent glasses

Browline glasses is also known as clubmaster. The design itself is already classic and timeless. When the material used is transparent acetate, this design become even more of a fashion accessories than just an ordinary glasses. This design is recommended for people who dare to be different or want to create a unique personality. People who wear brownline transparent glasses is definitely the new hipster.

Check out more glasses designs here We also have blog on Different Type of Round Glasses and Factors that Determine The Lens Thickness  

Optical Stylist and Styling Event from Pott Glasses


This is the first Optical Styling Event in Malaysia with Shang Times and The Alley. Here in Pott Glasses, we believe that a pair of right glasses can enhance one’s look. It is not true that only certain people look good in glasses, in fact, by choosing the right pair of glasses, you can look good in glasses too.

How optical stylist chooses glasses

We practice 4 Dimensional Optical Styling guide to recommend the perfect glasses to our guests. By taking consideration of face shape, skin tone, occupation, frame fitting and lifestyle, our optical stylists help glasses wearers to choose the best suited glasses.

This event gives our guests the chance to experience the service by optical stylists to create a magazine cover image. Together with The Alley, we hope to bring young and trendy vibe to the guests.

Optical styling

Get a 1-to-1 Optical Styling Service from our optical stylist. We assure you in getting the perfect pair that not only comfortable to wear but also look good on you.

Make appointment with our optical stylist here

Types of trendy round glasses in Malaysia

Round glasses have been around for many years, in fact it was the shape of the first glasses invented by Benjamin Franklin. It used to be viewed as old-fashioned or vintage glasses for the elderly. However, in the past 5 years, we see that the younger generation especially young adults are eager to try out round glasses.

Round glasses nowadays resemble creativity, artisan, geek, and strong personality. Rather than finding glasses that match the face shape, round glasses are meant to create unique look as mentioned earlier. The fun part about round glasses is that regardless of face shape, occupation, age or gender, wearing round glasses turn you into another person.

Let’s see the different types of round glasses and the image it helps to portray.

Perfect round glasses

Perfect round glasses is among the hardest to pull off. This is because this type of glasses is generally narrower and smaller than the average glasses. For perfect round shape, the diameter has to be similar, thus if the horizontal diameter were to be wider, the vertical diameter will be taller, making it looks funny. Therefore, most of the perfect round frame comes in narrow size. Because of this size issue, it makes you look nerdy and geek. However, there are people who like this type of look. The iconic celebrities who pull this well are Steve Jobs and Harry Potter.

Unless you are keen in creating the exact look like Steve Jobs or Harry Potter, we suggest you to choose round frame that is not perfectly round. It can be oval, flat top or with some edges. We will show them in the examples below.

Thin metal round glasses

This type of round frame is very famous among the Asians. Thanks to Korean pop community and Japanese minimalist style, thin metal round glasses becomes a trend in past 3 years. Thin metal round frame is the most versatile among all. It is suitable for almost everyone to portray a clean and minimalist look. Matching this type of frame with plain outfit, be it formal or casual give you a pleasant look.

trendy thin round glasses

From left to right : Aida, Leslie, Roanne

In recent year, 2019 in particular, thin metal round glasses come with more decorative elements and finishing. We start to see titanium as material, rose gold, mixed color and even some with acetate. These more decorated thin metal round frame is suitable for louder outfit. It is not as minimalist compared to the uni color design.

Decorated thin metal : Bath

Transparent round glasses

Transparent or clear round frame ride on the trend of transparent glasses. Generally transparent glasses portrays a modern, contemporary and even futuristic look. It is suitable for people with light skin tone as it blends well with the face. Since transparent glasses itself is not very suitable for formal occasion, with round shape, it adds even more fun to the glasses. So transparent round glasses are really for you who want to be in the frontier of fashion or want to match your streetwear outfit.

Do note that apart from high quality transparent glasses that are made of acetate, the plastic or ultem transparent glasses will turn yellowish as time goes. So it is worth to invest in a higher quality glasses.

lady transparent round frame

From left to right : Shannon, Tammy | By Pott Glasses : Daventry , Harrow

Transparent round glasses

By Pott Glasses : Gateshead

Thick round glasses

If you are looking for old-school look, thick round frame will be the ideal choice. This type of round frame is generally wider too. At one point of time, it was very popular among mens as it portrayed vintage and classic look. It was also popular among the ladies especially when they did not put on make up or on a casual outing, ladies loved to wear thick round frame. It is however a little behind the trend now. Nonetheless, it is still a good option if it’s your first time trying round frame because it is always safe and conservative.

View other glasses collection

We also have blog about transparent glasses and lens thickness.

If you are not sure which type of glasses suit you, or you would like to try out the glasses shown here, feel free to make an appointment with out optical stylist. Our optical stylist helps to recommend glasses based on your face shape, occupation, prescription and lifestyle.

Make an appointment

Guangzhou International Optics Fair


The 2018 Guangzhou Optical Fair took place from 3rd November to 5th November. We’re honoured to receive invitation from the organiser to visit the fair. We’d like to thank them for taking care of our transportation and accommodation. It was indeed an eye opening event.

We thought it’d be interesting to share with you some of the highlights of the exhibition. After all, it’s always good to know the manufacturing side of glasses and what’s the latest tech in optical industry. As consumer, the more you know, you become more aware when it comes to buying glasses.

Here are the 5 highlights of the exhibition :

1. Acetate, the main material of eyewear frame

Many think that eyewear frame is made of “plastic”. It’s actually not the case. To be fair, frames are made of few materials i.e ultem, TR, stainless steel, specialised alloy, aluminium and acetate. Different material has unique characteristics. Some are sturdy, some are ultralight while some are flexible.

The material that we’d like to cover here is called acetate. It’s basically a cellulose based material that is allergic free. That is why many eyewear brands love this. In the photo below, you see how acetate supplier display the material to ease us in selecting the material for our eyewear frame.


You can see the beauty of acetate lies in its unique fine pattern and vibrant color. Since it’s made of melted cellulose, the color and pattern will stay and do not fade easily. Even after years of wearing, the frame requires minor polishing to restore its beauty.

2. Better insights for computer lens

Computer lens, also known as anti blue light lens has gained popularity these few years. From the first version which is extremely yellow to what we have today, mild yellowish based, we can see that the demand plays an important role in pushing the innovation forward. In the exhibition, we see multiple lens manufacturers come out with latest anti blue light lens, some with no blue refection, while some can cut blue light higher than the usual range.

We sat in a talk on this topic. The talk is about the data and research gathered over the years from consumers on the effect of wearing anti blue light lens. One of the more important slide is what you see here.

Basically it shows that although computer lens claim to protect the eyes, wearers feel even more tired after wearing. Besides, due to the yellowish based, the object lose its natural color. To get the best effect of anti blue light lens, the speaker shared 3 points.

  1. Make sure that the lens is not yellowish that wearer cannot accept
  2. Make sure that anti blue lens really cut of the harmful range, and not the non harmful range
  3. Never overuse the eyes after wearing the anti blue light lens

3. Interesting prescription lens manufacturing

There are many ways of many prescription lens. This one is quite interesting to us because we witnessed the process of making a prescription lens from scratch in less than 15 mins.

Step 1 : inject liquid into the mould.

Step 2 : place the mould filled with liquid on a conveyor belt and pass through a UV light. It gets hardened here.

Step 3 : Dry it with multiple fans, and the process is complete!

It’s actually not as simple because there are lots of calculation before hand to calculate the curvature and abbreviation. It also requires precision in the process. Nonetheless, it’s really satisfying to watch.

4. Eyewear frame making process

Ever wonder how the frames are made? Here are some sneak peek.

What we see here are a lot of polishing work.

This for instance is polishing the nosepad. We did not manage to capture clear video because some equipments are too high and huge to capture the entire process. Let us know if you want to know more, we’re happy to share.


Exhibition like this provides a lot of insights to us. We see what latest trend is and what latest technologies are there. Knowing all these help us to be more aware of what’s happening in optical industry and also know what are the best thing we can provide to our customers.

Hartamas Optical Shop – Pott Glasses 4th Outlet!

Hartamas Optical Shop

Hey guys, we are coming to Desa Sri Hartamas! And we are super excited about this!

sri hartamas optical shop

Artist impression of Hartamas Optical Shop (Pott Glasses 4th outlet) If you have not heard about us, here’s a brief introduction about us.

Pott Glasses is a local eyewear brand founded by two young guys who are passionate about eye glasses. Hau, one of the co-founders believes that everyone can look good in glasses, and even more presentable in glasses. He believes that wearing glasses can help to portray a clean and smart image of oneself. Hoong, a senior optician and also the other co-founder is very particular when it comes to performing eye check and dispensing glasses. 9 years in the optical industry teaches him the importance of performing eye test based on wearer’s lifestyles and focuses on solving problems.

Stylish and trendy glasses for Asians

Most of our eye glasses are of Asian fit. Meaning to say, they are designed to fit well on Asian’s complexion. We want our customers to feel comfortable wearing our glasses and be confident wearing them. We often look for latest trend and inspiration so that we are up to date with the current trend and equipped with knowledge on how to help customer to choose the right pair of glasses.

Apart from thorough eye check and optical styling, we strive to provide a peace of mind to our customers. To achieve that, we have a 14 days “prescription guaranteed” policy. This policy comes in place where customers get to try out the prescription glasses for 14 days. Should the customer encounter any issue, we will re-do the eye check if necessary and remake a new pair. Essentially, this is to ensure customer satisfaction with their glasses.

One pair for you, one pair for the underprivileged

On top of all these services and stylish glasses, we also give back to society. For every pair of glasses sold, we donate a pair to the underprivileged community.

We go to the rural schools to perform eye check for the students individually, obtain the prescription that suit them, and prescribe the glasses for them. We believe that clear vision is vital in a child learning journey, thus should have a pair of themselves if necessary. To date, we have donated 1556 pairs of glasses. Our upcoming campaign, “Back To School” aims to help 100 students to get glasses in January 2019 so that they get to enjoy the learning throughout the year. Our Desa Sri Hartamas optical shop will be opening in December 2018, ready to serve the community!

Review from our customers

AI Siew

Can I just say that Pott Glasses have officially raised the bar with optometry customer service. Old timers ought to learn a thing or two from these guys. My vision may not be 20/20 but third customer care sure is.

AI Siew


Rin Zhen

Found out about Pott Glasses through my brother. Made an appointment as I was concerned about my vision lately. With a very thorough and detailed explanation by Sunny, I found that I’ve understood more about my eyes than I did before. He was very honest about the prices(affordable af and worth every dollar, btw), and gave me a real rundown on all the lenses, allowing me to choose instead of forcing me to get something without explaining to me why. Before, I’ve never found frames that fitted my face but through reccie by both Sunny and a friend, I finally found a frame that I actually liked and looked good on me. The service was great, and I appreciated that this trip to the SS15 branch was comfortable, informative and not overwhelming. The frames were done a day earlier than promised, and that gets an extra A++�� Kudos to the team! A brand I’d totes reccie to friends and family. #sapotlokal

Rin Zhen


Jason Chong

Very satisfied with their service and professionalism. I bought a spec from them, however I accidentally broke the nosepad. Went back to the shop, their friendly assistant, replaced my nosepad without any charges. Would highly recommend for those who wants to get high quality specs with an affordable price.

Jason Chong

Mother’s Day Gift

5 thoughtful gifts for Mother's Day

Mother’s Day Gift : 5 thoughtful gifts that will make her happy!

She has been your unwavering cheerleader and the biggest supporter throughout your whole life. She was there by your side when everyone turn their back to you. She gave her all for the best of you and she is no one else except, your one and only Mum. This upcoming Mother’s Day, give her something that shows how much you appreciate her and everything she stands for.

Mother’s Day Gift 1 : Massage package

Massage mother day

Figure out something to help ease all those muscle stiffness! Being a Mum means that you are working 24 hours a day, 7 day a week; no vacation at all! Nobody can imagine how much that small body is enduring all these while. Hence, present your mum with a whole day off from all those restless housework and instead a relaxing spa treatment. See how much she’s enjoying all those pampering, especially when it is Mother’s Day! Change the role; let the Mums all pampered at the spa, and you siblings instead clean up the house.

Mother’s Day Gift 2 : Spectacles

hard to read

Almost all parents do enjoy having their me-time, to enjoy the quiet time by their own selves. Reading at their age is among the relaxing things that they sure enjoy to do, but as they age, the presbyopia is also slowly affecting them. With their vision getting blurry, struggling to read is just too much for them. Glasses is just the perfect things as a gift, since you surely don’t want them to ignore your text as they can’t read it, right?

Mother’s Day Gift 3 : Full medical check up

  1. What’s better than making sure your beloved mama is in her pink of health, or maybe putting a swift halt to any health problem at its early stage? This year Mother’s Day how about getting your mum a thorough body check-up package as early prevention is the best of any cure.

Mother’s Day Gift 4: Bird nest

bird nest mothers day

High in active protein, birdnest is one really nutritious dessert for your mum. Packed in small bottles, the birdnest is easy to carry and consumed. Yan’s Society is also having Mother’s Day promotion. Time to get something sweet for mama!

Mother’s Day Gift 5 : Manicure and Pedicure

posh mothers day

Woman loves this, regardless of age. Not only that it makes mama feels like queen to have someone to serve her, the manicure and pedicure also have anti aging effect. Mama has been working hard to raise us up, why not pamper her with this service. Check out what Posh! has to offer.


Presenting her those thoughtful gifts surely meant a world to her, showing that how much you care and conscious enough with all of her workload all these while. So grab your chance now to prove your love to her. Happy Mother’s Day to all those brave and tough mothers out there!


We are also running a promotion on mother’s day! That’s 20% discount for all mothers, and additional 10% discount if it’s a gift to your mother! So bring them to our outlets for eye test! What other better gift than having a great vision!

Bring mum for eye test today

Eye Care Program with Magnum

It was 4pm on a slow Sunday when I received a message to inquire about glasses donation. “Hi Tai, is your company involved in any charity?” “Yes.” “We have an eye screening project around KL and Selangor area, and we are looking for an optical shop as our partner. Are you interested?”

That’s how we got started to work together on the eye care program for underprivileged schools.

The Eye Care Program in Malaysia

The name of program is “I Can See Clearly Now“, a Magnum staff-initiated project. The team we engaged with a team called Magnum 3-in-1, lead by Mr Cheng from the I.T department. There are four schools altogether to join the program namely SJK(C) Pui Chi,  SJK(C) Tanjong Karang, SJK(C) Pui Teh and SK Methodist Port Klang. Cheng and Team would first research on the schools that need the support. Upon getting the schools on board, they would come up with creative idea to raise fund to support the program. Some of the activities they did include selling freshly roasted almonds, cashews, peanuts, walnuts, hazelnuts and cranberries.

Magnum fund raising

Fast forward to 30th March where we carried our first program. We arrived at SJKC Pui Chi at 8:30am. After having a quick breakfast, we started to do eye check for the primary school students. I have to say that they are so charming that they remind us a lot about our younger days. We had done a lot of eye care program and glasses donation to various schools, but this was the first Chinese vernacular school to have this program by us. It’s definitely reminiscing to visit the school to most of us as we studied in SJKC before.

Eye care program with Magnum #1

After we had completed doing screening for 60 over students, we went to SJKC Pui Teh which is 15 mins drive away. As we had gained momentum from the previous screening, we took even shorter time to perform eye test to another 40 students. We were able to complete all the eye test without causing much interruption to schools.

Eye care program with Magnum #2

2 weeks later, we went to SK Methodist at Port Klang. This possessed huge challenge as we needed to do screening for over 900 students. Thankfully with the help from Cheng and Team, we were able to cover more than half on the first day. By 3pm the next day, we were able to complete the eye test.

Eye care program with Magnum #3

Eye care program with Magnum #4

A heart full of gratitude.

When we first started the glasses donation program, we have never thought that it’d lead to where we are today. We’ve never imagined that other organisations would recognise our effort in helping the society and even wanted to work together with us. The fact that we have been helping more than 1000 underprivileged ones is definitely very fulfilling and rewarding! We look forward to more glasses donation and eye care program this year! For more information about the program, you can look up this link. If you’d like to join the program, feel free to drop us an email at [email protected].