In Pott Glasses, we believe every glasses has different needs and requirements for glasses. Some want the glasses to be super light, some want the glasses to match their outfit and some want subtle and comfortable design.

There is no a “one-size-fit-all” solution. That is why we focus a lot on personalised service and lifestyle oriented eye check. We make sure every customer walks out with their problems solved and feel confident in wearing glasses. We encourage you to make an appointment with our optical stylist and optometrist so that we can allocate a good amount of time to serve you.

AI Siew

Can I just say that Pott Glasses have officially raised the bar with optometry customer service. Old timers ought to learn a thing or two from these guys. My vision may not be 20/20 but third customer care sure is.

Rin Zhen

Found out about Pott Glasses through my brother. Made an appointment as I was concerned about my vision lately. With a very thorough and detailed explanation by Sunny, I found that I’ve understood more about my eyes than I did before. He was very honest about the prices(affordable af and worth every dollar, btw), and gave me a real rundown on all the lenses, allowing me to choose instead of forcing me to get something without explaining to me why. Before, I’ve never found frames that fitted my face but through reccie by both Sunny and a friend, I finally found a frame that I actually liked and looked good on me. The service was great, and I appreciated that this trip to the SS15 branch was comfortable, informative and not overwhelming. The frames were done a day earlier than promised, and that gets an extra A++

Kudos to the team! A brand I’d recommend to friends and family. #sapotlokal

Choose aN outlet

During this period, we put safety first in operating the outlet. Thus we’d love that you can make appointment in advance so that we can control the number of people in shop at a time.

We adhere to all the safety precautions which include proper sanitising, daily disinfection, temperature take and making sure number of people in a shop is controlled.

Kindly choose the outlet that you prefer to go and fill in the appointment form in the following page.