5 Celebs Who Make Wearing Prescriptive Glasses Cool

Beauty and the Geek.


Just when you thought you had a serious case of geek with your prescriptive glasses and braces on, these celebs prove that you can look stylishly chic in them as well. Whether it’s on and off screen or at the oscars, we feel so much better nerding out now that we’re not the only ones who chose to be labelled four eyes.

eonline-comPhoto credits: eonline.com

Thick frames, check. White tee, check. Red lippie, check.
Is there really anything else you need?

evoke-iePhoto credits: evoke.ie

I’m not sure if it’s just us, but we think Cara is acing her
fiercely chic look.

http-celebrity-kapsels-hairfinder-comPhoto credits: celebrity-kapsels.hairfinder.com

Whoever said you couldn’t look flawless behind glasses
surely hasn’t seen this gorgeous brunette in it.

likes-co-krPhoto credits: likes.co.kr

We don’t know about you, but Emmy Rosum’s monotone
pair is giving us the chills.

thesmileissue-cafeblog-huPhoto credits: thesmileissue.cafeblog.hu

Is there ever a shot where our American sweetheart doesn’t
looks sweet even in a pair of oversized glasses?