Reading Glasses Malaysia: Why do you need reading glasses?

But first, what is reading glasses? Was it the same usual glasses but with different names?

Well, practically you are correct but theoretically speaking reading glasses is slightly different as to its functionality. As you grew older you will start realising its importance when you start seeing words like ‘book’ as ‘hook’, ‘split’ as ‘spit’ and even more to the point that you might think that you are reading a ridiculous book.

What are reading glasses?

Reading glasses, as apparent as its name was, is a glasses specially worn when you are reading. It is to help people to read comfortably by magnifying the text on the page.

The most popular style of reading glasses is absolutely the old fashioned glasses that comes with a semicircle finish complete with thin fragile-looking frame. People usually wear it at almost end of their nose which is just nice with their eye level when they are reading. So what’s it too different compared to the usual prescription glasses?

Bifocal reading glasses
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How is reading glasses different to prescription glasses?

Of course, a reading glasses is more necessary especially for close work. As we age, our eye muscles that allow us to focus become less elastic and focusing particularly close up becomes more difficult. This aging process, called presbyopia, happens to us all and it is too bad that it cannot be prevented. Even those who have never worn glasses may suddenly find they cannot read small print without it being at arm’s length as time passes by.

When this point is reached, denial is useless; you need to consider reading glasses! However as much as a normal glasses or a prescription glasses is concern, it helps you to correct Myopia, Hyperopia, Astigmatism and some Presbyopia but it is not as good as reading glasses at correcting Presbyopia so that is why we need a reading glasses. It specially assist those with presbyopia for a short range reading to have a clearer and sharper reading experience.

So which one should I buy? Now who says that you have to choose? You can just simply have both!

Bifocal glasses, its benefits and hacks

Introducing, the bifocal! It is a glasses that comes with two types of lenses.

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How bifocals work

While reading glasses can help correct problems related to close-range vision, they are not made to correct long distance vision problems. Intelligently invented by Benjamin Franklin, this glasses use two lens powers for distance and close range problems.

Bifocals allows convenience of both clear vision without having to take on and off your glasses. The lower part of the glasses is specially crafted to suits you at eye level when you want to read while the upper part of the glasses is for you to look at a long distance vision.

However, you can always opt for two different pairs of glasses instead of combining them into a pair, whichever you are comfortable with. But the point is, do we need to wear a reading glasses? Does the trouble to actually have one is necessary?

The consensus is yes. Everyone at some point will need different optical corrections to see far than to see near.

What happens to our eyes as we age

This is a normal aging process. The proteins that make up the clear, intra-ocular lens harden as we age. This hardening causes loss of lens flexibility. As the lens loses flexibility, the muscles attached to the lens have a harder time stretching and compressing it. This leads to the eventual inability to focus the lens at the near distances. Once you can’t focus at the near distances, you start needing corrective lenses to read, or “reading” glasses. This loss of ability to focus at the near distance starts happening around one’s early 40’s. To some, it starts sooner, others later, but it happens to all.”

-Ruben Moctezuma, Visionworks of America

Reading should be a very relaxing activity to do, which comes to the importance of a comfortable posture along the session. Reading glasses will tremendously prevent you from those unnecessary strain on your neck muscle when you lean on forward to see the words much clearer.

Make your reading time much more enjoyable  by preventing certain bad habits. One common bad habit is constraining your eyes which lead to eventual headache and even nausea, so prevent it!


Summing up, reading glasses without us noticing it, is actually an essential in our everyday vision.

Why we should wear reading glasses?

Picking out the first pair of your reading glasses involves finding something that feels comfortable and look great at the same time. But then it is surely fun!

Reading glasses especially for those hard-core reader is somehow your much best companion at all times, so you must be wanting to have a good one in your possession.

Fret not, you can always consult any eyewear store and they will surely can offer you the one that matches you the best. Reading glasses is relevant for all different readers’ age and nothing is to be shameful about if you really need to wear one when reading. Since the thing that matters the most is for you to enjoy your reading time very well while having your creative imagination runs wild.

What we can do for you?

We can perform a proper eye test and prescribed the reading power according to your reading habitual. For instance, you may hold the newspaper slightly further than your husband or wife. Here is where customised reading glasses comes into place, to provide adequate power for you to read clearly and comfortable. Best of all, you have plenty of frames to choose with.