For men, transparent glasses work well regardless of shape or size because it is easier to accept the fact that man wears eyeglasses. Since transparent glasses trend is picking up, one can try the full frame or clubmaster design. Transparent glasses carry the contemporary element, when turned into prescription glasses, it becomes not only trendy but functional.

Thin metal frame can also be turned into prescription glasses. The round shape definitely gives you a “John Lennon” shadow, classy and artistic. Squarish one, be it double bar or single bar is more suitable for work, while keeping it minimalist. 


Transparent is the new black. The lack of color makes it easy to match with any outfits. For lady, transparent frame with prescription lens can be really trendy and suitable for work. Cat eye and oversize frames are some easy shapes to start with.

Metal frames will never go wrong for lady. 2016 trend was all about round glasses. 2017, aviator shape will take off. For lady, smaller shape is suitable to wear for work, while bigger frame is more for casual outing.