For every pair of glasses sold, we donate one to those in need.

Have you ever lost your glasses and suffered the entire day? Only feel everything back to normal after getting your glasses back.

However, there are many underprivileged ones who cannot afford to buy glasses.

We have been touched by many YouTube videos featuring acts of kindness, restoring our faith in humanity. From the bottom of our hearts, we too want to do good for others. Inspired by others, Pott Glasses aspires to take consumerism a step forward, by intertwining such acts of kindness into our business.

We often ask ourselves what is the change we want to make in the world? Hitting closer to home, we wonder what it is we can do to make the region we live in, a better place. The recent East Coast Flood in Malaysia kindled an idea of helping the victims. We visited many ‘kampungs’ and schools, and found out that many could not afford a pair of glasses. Not only are glasses shops distant from where they stay, the price of glasses is are beyond their financial capability, especially after the cold-blooded flood devastated them.

So we thought, why not do something for this community? Pott Glasses came up with the idea to pioneer the social movement of providing a solution for these victims who are unable to afford glasses – a necessity yet an item of luxury unaffordable to them. “A Pair for Those in Need” is our kickstarter campaign. To ensure a successful campaign, we are looking at a long-term plan of sustainability. We have opted to pair the purchase of a pair of glasses with a donation of a pair of glasses to these victims. We also acknowledge that the flood victim community will not be the end of the campaign, as there many more in the country who are unable to afford a pair of glasses. We will be liaising with other communities to continue this campaign in the near future.