Korean Glasses Trend 2018

In this eyewear style guide, you will know what fashion is trending in Korea in 2018, and get basic knowledge about the Korean glasses trend and how it played a significant role in pop culture in Kpop.

Eyewear Culture In Korea

Korean idols and celebrities are known to start trending the latest fashion starting from clothes, hair or even accessories. Influenced by great fashion figures such as G-Dragon, Lee Minho and Suzy, eyewear fashion has swept Korea fashion industry by surprise.

The Korean starts pairing up their clothes with an eyewear that stands out, pushing the presence of glasses on their image as an avant grande culture in Korea. Let’s take a look at a few example on how this culture turn lifestyle amazingly evolve in Korean glasses trend.


Culture #1 : Most essentials part of Korea airport fashion


First popularised by Korean celebrities to escape in disguise from paparazzi and mad fans, airport fashion has now unintentionally become an embedded culture especially in South Korea. Other than those fashion runaways and lifestyle tabloids, airport styling emerged as a novel platform where many fashion ideas are born, cultivated and culture made. Eyeglasses culture is the most vital part of the whole picture, which intensify the culture werks in airport styling in Korea.

Glasses trend in korea 2017 by Malaysia Pottglasses shop
Image credits : www.ceci.co.kr

Culture #2 : Idols and celebrities setting the Korean glasses trend

Round retro glasses are worn by many Korean celebrities. There comes a wave of oversize round Korean glasses.

People are quickly picking up this style, making the round Korean glasses the next biggest trend that swipe the whole fashion industry in all countries. Idols and celebrities being the greatest trendsetter is no doubt one of the biggest contributor in ascending a new eyewear lifestyle culture in Korea citizen respectively.

round korean glasses

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Culture #3 : Make up escape


As a country where both men and women are both concern with their looks, it is not something unusual for the men to also be seen applying make up. One way to recognised if they are just being carefree with their face or even maybe too-late-to-dress-up day, eyeglasses would be the best hack to cover their nude faces.

That is why in any Korea reality shows the guests and even the hosts appear so fashionable in the early morning despite just waking up from their sleep. Fret not, they are willing to look nerdy even it is too early in the morning to be able to provide good entertainment to all of us.

Korea Eyewear Fashion 2017 by Malaysia Pottglasses shop
Image credits : Facebook.com/KSHOWNOW.net


Culture #4 : Thin metal frame, the everybody Korean glasses


We can’t deny that the Koreans make thin metal frame a trend. It started off from lady as an accessories to look scholarly and decent. After all, they get to portray a new look. Korean guys later picked up the trend too. They wear thin round frame plain tee. It has becoming the Korean male glasses signature. This is coherent with the minimalist style. Now, thin metal frame is considered artsy and widely acceptable everywhere, including workplace. 

eyewear glasses trend in Korea by Malaysia Pottglasses
Image credits : www.raddestlooks.net


korean male glasses

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Final words on Eyewear Glasses Trend in Korea

Summing up, eyewear culture in Korea is not something new anymore. Nevertheless, it is one of the most emerging profiting industry and is still growing in quantity and also quality. Koreans have proven to us how an evolving lifestyle can turn into an amazing culture. Korea’s fashion-forward culture has managed to take the eyewear world by storm.

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